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American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max

American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max

American standard company provides high-quality and tidy toilet services. It comprises fittings and fixtures with the latest innovations and maintains quality as well.

Therefore, we have highlighted American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max with head to head comparison.

Here, we have brought out the strength and weaknesses of these two products. The following information will help you to pick the best one.

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American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max: Head to Head Comparison

American Standard Champion 4
American Standard Champion 4
American Standard Champion 4 Max
American Standard Champion 4 Max
 Water consumption
Water consumption1.6GPF1.28 GPF
 Toilet type
Toilet typeOne-piece modelTwo-piece model
MaterialPorcelainVitreous china
 Flushing Technology
Flushing TechnologySiphon jettedGravity-fed technology
 Bowl height
Bowl heightHas standard heightNormal chair height
 Color option
Color optionLinen, white or boneWhite colour
 Flushing type
Flushing typeNot ApplicableHas single flush
 Bowl Height without seat
Bowl Height without seatHas 15 inchesHas 16.5 inches
 Map performance rating
Map performance ratingNot applicable1000 MaP
 Model weight
Model weight119 total weight104 total weight
Dimensions29.8 x 17.8 x 29.531.125 x 30.25 x 17.37
 Seat included
Seat includedNot includedSeat, completed kit
DiameterHas 2.37 inchesHas 2.12 inches
warrantyLimited to 10 years warrantyHas a warranty of 10 years
CertificationNo applicableCompliant to ADA
PriceBuy On AmazonBuy On Amazon

1. AT A Glance American Standard Champion 4

American Standard 2004314.222 Champion 4 Normal Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, Linen

The champion 4 model is one- apiece model available in three colors, such as white, bone, and linen. American standard company manufactures this model. This model has appropriate height; which is near to the floor. You can sit comfortably without squatting.

The size of the model reflects to the height of an ordinary chair. This is compatible for aged, disabled, and taller individuals to use. So this is more efficient for using in the working environment.

There is no break between tank and bowl holding wastewater. One-piece design makes it easier to clean. It comes with a toolbox containing installation devices. The model is faster and simple during installation. Self-closing seat on the model helps to increase performance. It also provides a comfortable sitting position.

  • Offers cleaner toilet.
  • Siphon jet flushing system.
  • Standard height and tripe lever facility.
  • 10 years service warranty
  • Replacement is easier.
  • Comfortable
  • Substantial flushing system.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Simpler Installation with the given toolbox.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • The model has no level base.
  • Do not come with a wax ring and seat.
  • California does not allow Champion 4 Model.

2. At A Glance American Standard Champion 4 Max

American Standard 221CA104.020 Colony 1.28 GPF 2-Piece Elongated Toilet with 12-In Rough-In, White

A Champion 4 Max toilet is an elegant product from an American standard company. It design is being highly recommended by many users.

The toilet comes with slightly more weight with a 1000g Map score. This toilet can move bulky waste efficiently.

This model comes with a 1.28 flushing system. Toilet has less water consumption system to remove large wastes easily. You can save water bills as well. And Chrome trip lever finishing improving its performance.

Therefore, for an efficient flushing system, champion 4 Max from a standard American company is your choice of the dream.

  • Durable.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • Parts replacement facilities.
  • Clog-free Model.
  • Reduction on seat slamming.
  • Resistance to antimicrobial and chemicals.
  • Comfortable standing and sitting.
  • Easy to install due to its dual design.
  • The toilet can move 70 percent by mass of waste than the industry standard.
  • Not convenient to the older people
  • Handle is stiff.
  • Require a lot of force to move the handle.
  • Louder flushing system.

American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max: What are the similarities


Both toilets come from American Standard Company with a guarantee of about 10 years.

The period given enables customers to do the replacement of the products. Both products maintain trust and trading. That creates a good relationship between the company and clients.

The warranty issued helps in providing security of each product. If the whole model gets destroyed, customers can obtain a new one from the company.

Certification Compliance

In both cases, the height is complying with Disabilities Act regulations on standard height.

Height is suitable for disable peoples inaccessible. Both models provide care to people of all categories. Public offices, restrooms, and working places can install any of the two products.


The two models do not seem to show significant problems. After that, the Installation it reduces the use of extra charges of the plumbers.

Additionally, both toilets have Ever Clean antimicrobial surface for outside and inside. This enhance simple cleaning and protection of the models against bacteria.

This reduces the burden of daily cleaning by the users. The EverClean surface makes both models remain clean for an extended time.


Both toilets can provide customers with outstanding performance. Champion 4 Max requires 1.28 gallons of water. It can remove waste amounting to 1000 grams in each flush. And Champion 4 model requires 1.6 water gallons in removing waste per flush.

Both toilets have innovative flushing mechanism. Both has well-designed rim and bowl materials. These rims enhance simple cleaning in a single flush.

The PowerWash improves the performance of the models. These features are responsible for simple flushing to facilitate quick cleaning. This can eradicate bacteria from both inside and outside surfaces of the toilets.


No single model framework comes with full high specification. One drawback regular to the two models is the absence of seats. The customer needs to incur extra charges to get the seats.

Champion 4 model is more problematic according to the complaints. This model makes a lot of noise.

Both systems also lack the incorporation of the light innovation used during the night. These toilets tend to get dirty easily.

American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max: What is the difference?

american standard champion 4 vs champion 4 max

American champion 4 modelAmerican champion 4 Max model
Uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush in removing wastes from the bowl.Use 1.28 gallons of water in each flush to remove waste from the bowl.
It is an expensive model in terms of water bills since it consumes a large amount of water.It is a cheap model due to low water consumption hence save on water bills
Produces high sound hence irritates the userProduces moderately low sound which does not irritate the user

American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max? Which is better?

After an extensive discussion and comparison between American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max, it is clear that both models are perfect toilet mechanisms.

However, the verdict is on champion 4 Max. It is more superior and efficient. This can improve the all-over performance. Champion 4 Max uses 1.6 water gallons in flushing. On the other hand, the champion 4 model that uses 1.28 water gallons. The toilet also removes a large amount of waste from the bowl using less water.

Additionally, the construction of Champion 4 Max provides an outstanding performance. That increases the perfection and comfort to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs? )

Which is the better Toilet?

The champion max 4 is better and more efficient between these two. This model comes with a 1000g Map performance. It can remove bulky waste efficiently using a small amount of water. It has a PowerWash rim flushing system. And also It ensures easy and fast waste removal from the bowl.

What are the best toilets to buy?

American Standard Toilet, associate with less water consumption can be bought. Such as American champion 4 Max models and those with high technology to facilitate easy flushing.

Among the best toilets include; American Standard Champion 4 and Champion 4 Max, Toto Neorest Dual Flush Toilet, and KOHLER Memoirs Toilet.

Is American Standard a good toilet?

Yes, it is a good toilet. The company uses the most innovative skills in manufacturing. Everclean surface prevents the growth of bacteria mold and mildew, thus keeping toilets smooth and clean.

What should I look for when buying a toilet?

Customers should go for models with high performance features. For each toilet, gravity and pressure are one of them. Gravity aided model smooth flushing and low sound. The pressure aided toilet ensures faster flushing.

Therefore, toilets with gravity and pressure features are the best. They are simple, effective, stable, and durable.

Which is better 1.28 or 1.6 gpf?

1.28gpf is the best model because it consumes less amount of water for removing waste. The low water consumption by 1.28 gpf helps in cutting the costs of water bills. The 1.6gpf model consumes a large amount of water in removing the same amount of waste. Thus this model is not cost-friendly.

What does the Everclean surface mean?

The Everclean surface is the double coat and silver-based coating. It restricts the growth of mildew, molds, and bacteria. Thus, the model remains clean with a smooth look.


American standard champion 4 max is more efficient than American standard champion 4 in a slight approach. With effective water consumption, less noise and flushing system, it distinguishes from the other one. The Champion 4 has easy cleanup system. This is a great choice in terms of budget.

After the American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max detailed Comparison, now you can find your desired quality of toilets easily.

You can easily find the best products according to consumer reviews and ratings. Our AI technology finds the best product and describes it according to customer reviews and ratings. Not all information on this blog is 100 percent accurate.