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10 Best Handheld Shower Head With Slide Bar Reviews

Are you searching for a handheld shower with slide bar? Then your choice is different from others. It is an occasional item. And from the many lower brands, you need to pick the right one.

After detailed research, we have identified and shortlisted the 10 best handheld shower head with slide bar. Let’s take a look at those products.

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10 Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

Here is the best handheld shower head with slide bar in our reviews, with the full buying Guide!

01. Delta Chrome 7 Spray Handheld Shower Head – Immerse Yourself in Relaxation

Delta Chrome 7 Spray Handheld Shower Head
Premium 7-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower
Weight:4.4 pounds
Dimensions:7 x 4 x 7 inches
Flow Rate:2 Gallons Per Minute
Installation Method:Wall Mounted
Installation Manual:Click Here

Delta Chrome 7 Spray Handheld Shower features with seven functional spray. It helps in cleaning your body smoothly. Thus relieves your body from pain or tight muscles.

It has an easy installation process & light in weight. It is combined with fine crisp-linens and brilliant chrome furnishes. That gives a fierce and unique appearance. Its water flow rate is 2 gallons per minute with a lightweight and small size.

The Delta faucet slide bar showerhead is certified by the WaterSense for environmental conservation.

  • Weigh is Flexible.
  • Various optional settings.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Chrome polished.
  • Water flow rate 2GPM.
  • Cons
  • Chrome appearance can fade out over time.
  • Leaking may also occur in the O-ring.
  • 02. Delta Faucet 57530 Vero Single-Spray Hand Shower – Best Shower Head System on Budget

    Delta Faucet 57530 Vero Single-Spray Hand Shower
    Premium Single-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower
    Weight:3.24 pounds
    Dimensions:31.25 x 6 x 3.3 inches
    Flow Rate:2 Gallons Per Minute
    Installation Method:Wall Mounted
    User Guide:Click Here

    Next on our list is another super functional slide bar shower head brand from Delta manufacturers. It is also known as the Vero Shower.

    This handheld shower head helps in washing away your day’s sweat by releasing water. Its Delta MagnaTite Docking feature helps in precise mounting on the slide bar. Users can adjust the settings according to their comfortability.

    Four sprinkle settings that offer a wonderful shower experience. This can also give you a hydro-body massage. It is designed with great style & brilliant stainless finish. It ensures the beautiful and elegant appearance with a long-lasting performance.

    Delta Faucet helps to use hand shower and showerhead both simultaneously and individually. Plus, it has an inbuilt backflow protection system. This ensures spraying water where you need the most for your comfortable relaxation.

  • Easy install on a wall.
  • Lightweight ensures flexibility in usage.
  • The Wall bar has an adjustable slide.
  • Elegantly polished by the chrome finish.
  • Includes hydro-body massage.
  • Cons
  • No batteries for power backup.
  • 03. Moen 3669ep Eco-Performance Hand Held Showerhead – Eco-Friendly And Watersense

    Moen 3669ep Eco-Performance Hand Held Showerhead
    Moen Handheld Showerhead with Hose
    Weight:3.34 pounds
    Dimensions:33 x 5.88 x 3.25 inches
    Water Consumption:1.75 Gallons per Minute
    Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Installation Manual:Click Here

    The Moen 3669EP is the better handheld slides bar shower head. It is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty to protect it against leakages and finish defects.

    It is elegant in appearance and durable in finish. Also, you can have the opportunity to use 30” adjustable slide bar. Four-inch concentrated showerhead provides ample body coverage of water, giving a luxurious shower feeling. It releases water at the rate if 2GPM.

    It is availed in the mirror-like chrome furnish, nickel brushed, and oil-rubbed bronze furnishes. Thus helps making your bathroom to have a compelling and elegant look.

  • Ensures beautiful appearance of your bathroom.
  • Offers multiple and customizable shower room tasks.
  • Certified by WaterSense.
  • Adjustable slide bar.
  • Long hose pipe allow extensive body reach.
  • Cons
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • It releases water at a slower rate.
  • 04. Moen Magnetix 6 Function Handheld Showerhead – Affordable Price

    Moen Magnetix 6 Function Handheld Showerhead
    Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Six-Function 5.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead with Magnetic Docking System, Spot Resist Brushed Nickel
    Weight:1.87 pounds
    Dimensions:6 x 7 x 13.63 inches
    Flow Rate:2 Gallons Per Minute
    Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Installation Guide:Click Here

    Moen Magnetix 6 is small & flexible. It provides a luxurious feeling and simplest to install. It has an easy release and returns Magnetix Docking system, which allows you to effectively operate it even when your eyes are closed.

    It’s a 5.5-inch diameter spray head. It has a push button that operates six customizable functions. Such as- relaxing massage, deep massage, full-body spray, downpour, and water intensity options. It gives you a dynamic and desirable coverage.

    Brushed Nickel finish keeps it spot resistant. Thus, protecting your shower faucet clean, inhibiting capturing of fingerprints.This ultimately gives this showerhead strong and durable performance.

    Most importantly, its dock always faces forward, preventing water from messy splashing outside your shower.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Six customizable functions
  • Durable and resistant to water spots.
  • Allows easy and fast customization on a push of a button.
  • Warranty is offered against leakages.
  • Cons
  • Not certified by WaterSense
  • Limited lifetime warranty is offered.
  • 05. Adjustable Drill-Free Shower Head Slide Bar – Effective Functionality And Premium Looks

    Adjustable Drill-Free Shower Head Slide Bar
    HotelSpa Instant-Mount Drill-Free Height/Angle Adjustable 30-Setting SpiralFlo 3-Way Shower Head/Handheld Showerhead Slide Bar Combo
    Weight:2 pounds
    Dimensions:4 x 4 x 24 inches
    Water Consumption:2.5 Gallons per Minute
    Hose Length:5 Feet

    The Hotel Spa handheld shower head gives ultimate luxury. This brand has a patented three-way water click zone. It allows swivel the showerhead in 360 (degree) for broader coverage.

    It has two handheld shower heads and oversized four-inch diameter face. Depending on your preferences, you can use them either separately or all together at once. This showerhead contains super flexible water-pipe & a double-conical robust brass nut.

    Besides, the stainless steel craftsmanship of the hose pipe ensures durable performance. This showerhead has a spiral Flo-dial design, and three zones click lever dials and a rub to clean jet for efficient spraying.

  • Six optional settings.
  • It’s effortless tool-free to install.
  • Can be adjusted to desired angles.
  • Suitable for children.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Cons
  • Slippery hosepipe.
  • Difficulty in grasping.
  • May not last long enough.
  • 06. Dream Spa 3 Way Shower Head Combo Plus – Best Dual Shower Head With Handheld

    Dream Spa 3 Way Shower Head Combo Plus
    DreamSpa 3-way Shower Combo PLUS Instant-Mount Drill-Free Slide Bar – Stainless Steel Hose for Ultimate Convenience!
    Weight:2 pounds
    Dimensions:22 x 4 x 4 inches
    Manufacturer:Interlink Products

    This handheld shower head is a unique three-way water diverter. This is a multipurpose shower combo. This combo gives you full control of what type of water spray you want. This excellent shower head disperses water to your desired direction as well as changing the angle of spray by rotating it up to 360.

    It’s one of the best dual shower head. It can be firmly mounted on the bathroom wall bracket. Moreover, the height and angle of the showerhead is adjustable. With seven-setting options for each showerhead, you decide what the function is best for you. Thus, you can customize your showerhead. Like- a pulsating massage or powerful rain massage.

    It is super light in weight and has an adjustable stainless steel hose. This offers you adjustment flexibility. With a free installation process, this three-way combo shower head with a slide bar is easy to set up. Enjoy the tremendous endless performance at the same time conserving water.

  • Quick and easy tool-free installation process.
  • Multifunctional with seven complete settings.
  • Adjustable height and angle.
  • Stainless steel gives durable performance.
  • Cons
  • Relatively expensive.
  • 07. 34-Inch Adjustable Drill-Free Slide Bar Showerhead Combo – Totally Adjustable To Your Height

    34-Inch Adjustable Drill-Free Slide Bar Showerhead Combo
    Spa Station 34″ Adjustable Drill-Free Slide Bar with 48-setting Showerhead Combo
    Weight:4.1 pounds
    Dimensions:8 x 5 x 34.5 inches
    Hose Length:5 Feet
    Installation Method:Wall Mounted
    Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The Spa Station stands as the best shower head with an adjustable slide bar. It also designed with an antimicrobial rainfall shower. This handheld shower gives optimum protection against mold & mildew. It protects from harmful moisture-related infections.

    This Hotel Spa Station handheld Shower head features a revolutionary overhead flowing. Temperature of the water can be noted via the LED display screen. It has adjustable height and angle slide bracket. Thus effective positioning of the showerhead confirmed.

    It’s a 3-in1 big seven-inch rainfall showerhead. This has six functional settings for each shower. These six settings include pulsating massage, most power rain pause strings & multiple mixed settings. All these settings allow you to customize your bathroom needs.

  • Give protection from bacterial infections.
  • Quick and requires no tool to install.
  • Steel structure offers maximum durability.
  • Modification possible.
  • Luxurious mirror chrome finish.
  • Cons
  • Not certified for water and environment conservation.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • 08. Shower System With 8 Rain Showerhead – Convenient For Users

    Shower System With 8 Rain Showerhead
    Shower System with 8″ Rain Showerhead, Homelody 5-Function Hand Shower, Adjustable Dish, Brushed Nickel
    Weight:8.67 pounds
    Dimensions:28.3 x 10.6 x 5.9 inches
    Material:Stainless Steel
    Installation Method:Wall Mounted

    These modern luxury handheld shower heads with an adjustable slide bar assure an endless performance. These showerheads have a sturdy brass, chrome, plus ABS plastic construction. Also, it’s structural high quality and durable materials.

    There are five selective functions of this handheld shower head. Those ares- comprising full massage water, ordinary shower water, spraying water, jet water column and pause settings. This gives you ample time to perform the entire necessary shower. Its convenient adjustable options like rail-mounted shower tube modification.

    The 59-inches shower hose in stainless steel accommodation is fluffy and flexible. Also, it has a unique rainfall showerhead with 8 inches. The plastic top spray is durable and corrosion-resistant; it is easy to clean annually after long periods of use.

    With an included Safe Stop button, users are protected from inconveniently setting the water temperature too high while bathing or showering, ensuring optimal safety of this shower.

  • Easy and tool-free installation.
  • Gives protection from rusting or corrosion.
  • High-quality stainless steel soap plate.
  • Full water flows without clogging.
  • User friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Cons
  • Relatively expansive.
  • Plastic components are not suitable for rough usage.
  • 09. Delta 57014-Rb Faucet 3-Spray Wall-Mount Slide Bar – Ultimate Showering Experience

    Premium 3-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower
    Weight:3.39 pounds
    Dimensions:31.2 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches
    Flow Rate:2.5 Gallons Per Minute
    Installation Method:Wall Mounted
    Certification:Certified frustration-free

    This gorgeous, Venetian Bronze 3-setting sliding bar with handheld shower head enhances comfort and refinement. It’s fully fitted with a 70inch long hose that maximizes shower flexibility. Having three water spray settings, gives you total control of your shower experience.

    The full body spray setting provides a steady & ample coverage. This releases forceful jest of water, excellent for every shower desire.

    The massaging jets are ideal for removing sore and tired muscles. A stretchable 60 to 82-inch long metal hose ensures excellent and wider reach.

  • Adjustable to fit all users.
  • Easy and fast hands wipe cleaning.
  • Gives ultimate comfort and satisfaction.
  • Sensational massaging.
  • Stretchable metal hose.
  • Cons
  • Flimsy.
  • Wastage of water.
  • 10. Kes F205-2+Kp150-2 Hand Shower Set With Adjustable Side Bar – Durable And Rust-Proof

    KES Hand Shower Head Set with Adjustable Slide Bar Wall Mount ALL Metal SUS304 Stainless Steel Brushed Finish, F205-2+KP150-2
    Weight:2.94 pounds
    Dimensions:19.29 x 5.39 x 2.4 inches
    Material:Stainless steel
    Size:w/ Hose & Hand Shower Set A

    Last but not least, on our lineup, it is the best shower head with an adjustable slide bar brand. This is fully designed with quality industry-leading multilayer finish. This engineered to resist against daily blemishes, corrosion, and tarnishing.

    The height and angle adjustments of the showerhead are made possible with this adjustable bracket. This allows you to adjust to any desired height and angle. Also, you can easily adjust to fit both children and adults. That gives the perfect shower experience to all the family members.

    With the wall mounting hardware, installation is done within no minutes.

  • Incredibly strong and durable.
  • Height and angle can be modified.
  • Easy and tool-free installation.
  • Brushed with a multilayer nickel finish.
  • Cons
  • The showerhead and hose metal are excluded in this package.
  • How To Choose The Best Handheld Shower Head With Slide Bar?

    Material Quality

    The quality of materials used to construct is an essential factor. You need to know about the material quality before purchasing a handheld shower head with a slide bar.

    This determines the beauty, strength, and durability. Showerheads and their slide bars are crafted with different materials with varied qualities. So it is hard to choose the best product with the right quality.

    Handheld shower heads crafted with silver, copper, stainless steel, nickel, or even gold furnishes are better. They tend to resist corrosion, rusting, or contracting brushes and stains. Thus offers a long-lasting performance to their users. Besides, some furnishes give the product an elegant look decorating your shower space.

    On the contrary, showerhead products made of inferior quality materials always disappoint their users. And also these are really expensive.

    Selection of the best handheld shower product will give you durable and cost-effective performance. Our reviewed products are above 100% designed to serve longer. You can select the one that interests you the most.

    Water Flow Ratio

    This factor will help you select the best product and water flow rate. It will help you to satisfy shower room needs. You can also conserve water wastage, which will save you from raised water bills.

    Most handheld shower heads are designed with different water flow patterns. Some releases 2 gallons of water per minute, while others 2.5gallons of water per minute. Basing on your preferences, you need to select the best product which will deliver water at the best rate.

    Ease of Use

    Most of them are operated using simple control buttons. Instruction manuals are simple to read and follow for an excellent performance.

    Some may include levers and knobs for smooth controlling water flow. Please select the product with buttons that are easy to operate. Buttons and controls make the shower experience smoother.

    Shape & Design

    Various shapes and designs of showerheads scatter in the market. It is developed to suit shower rooms of varied sizes and shapes. They are also designed with diverse styles like a small curvature handle. This handle stays right above the shower head for convenient spraying.

    Some have a ring and cube-shaped designs to give adequate grip. Modern brands come with a flat paddle and also cylindrical showerheads. You should choose the best shower head with the right shape and design.


    Naturally, you would be sensible about your budget. This is not a bad thing to consider. There are versatile companies’ offers different handheld showers. They all come at different prices depending on nature, type, and general design.

    You should make a decision after considering these various aspects. Ultimately, cheap products will not remain operational in the long run.

    Installation Method

    The method applied while setting up a showerhead also matters a lot. This involves how easily you can install both the showerhead and the slide bar.

    Most showerheads come with a mounting bracket. It can be placed on the walls of your shower room. You should check whether the product chosen has the correct mounting bracket. Check the hardware tools that may be required during installation. A user manual would be better which states the step by step procedures to follow.

    Warranty / Certifications

    Like any other product, warranty back-up is another factor to consider. Most manufacturers provide a particular period of warranty. Any showerhead with leakage, drip problems can be returned back to the vendor for a refund.

    They have one to five years while others have a lifetime warranty. You should select a showerhead with a reliable warranty.

    Safe Grip Slide Bar

    More than anything else, we should always consider the safety of our family. So, it’s imperative to get a good grip handheld showerhead in a bathroom. Due to slippery floor, It’s quite dangerous, especially for young and elders.

    Also, make sure the handheld addition has a good grip surface all -round. This will cause less difficulty in maneuvering to your entire body. A sliding grip bar that with ergonomic design is the best to select.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ?)

    How to install a shower head with a slide bar?

    Firstly, remove the existing showerhead(s) from the old slide bar. Use a sturdy suction cup to attach the slide bar to the wall. Next, connect the showerhead to a water system with existing showerhead attachment. Then attach a flexible water hose pipe to the showerhead.

    Finally, connect the shower head to a water system. You need to slide the showerhead for ensuring preferred heights and angles. Now it is ready to use.

    How to replace a shower slide bar?

    In order to change or replace shower slide bar –

    First, use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts to detach the showerhead from the existing slide bar.

    Next, unscrew the existing slide bar from the wall. Now you can place your new slide bar against the wall in line with the bolt holes. Carefully, screw back the clasps to keep your new slide bar in the best position.

    How do you fix a shower slide bar?

    The shower slide bar bracket has come with a screw. Remove the handheld showerhead from its holder. You need to find the fixing bolt. Use a cross screwdriver to tighten the bolts.

    How do I  head arm?

    First, you unscrew the showerhead arm from hose pipe using strap wrenches. Cleaning the arm threads, coat it using either the plumber’s joint compounds.

    Finally, screw the showerhead back on and use your hand to tighten it. Please remove any excess compound or tape.

    How do you tighten a shower head swivel?

    First, unscrew the showerhead from its swivel ball ring using a suitable screwdriver. After that, look for a ring that prevents water from oozing (O-ring).

    If it’s not there, look for a similar seal inside the swivel ball. Position it perfectly and then screw back the showerhead.

    How high should a shower bar be?

    Most shower grab bars are 33 to 36 inches (84 to 91cm) long; for the perfect holding of the shower heads in position.

    Final Verdict

    These 10 best handheld shower head with slide bar will change your shower experience significantly. Do not compromise in choosing the best one as per your requirement.

    With the proper selection, you will comfortably customize your desired functional settings.

    Choose the best one as per your requirement and budget. It is not possible to replace these products frequently. It is time to experience a lot of convenience and comfort in your shower room. Best of luck!

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