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6 Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews

Moen magnetix showerheads are elegantly designed with robust, durable, and stain-resistant finishes making it the best shower head for your bathroom. Most of them are convenient and reliable for all your showing needs.

However, Moen is known to manufacture plenty of magnetix shower heads, which in the long run, most users who love Moen’s products find it hard to choose the best Magnetix shower heads.

With the help of the buying guideline and intensively explored reviews, you will not hesitate to pick the best product for your shower room.

Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews 2020

Without wasting your time let jump directly into the 6 Best Moen magnetix Shower Head Reviews. That we pick from the market.

01. Moen 26100EP Magnetix Showerhead

Moen 26100EP Magnetix Six Function Showerhead

Moen 26100EP Magnetix Showerhead is a high-class handheld shower head that not only snaps into the magnetic docking system easily but also offers six different customizable functional settings meeting all your shower room experience. Besides, its mirror-like but stainless chrome finish makes your bathroom beautiful and comfortable.

This showerhead has a magnetic docking system that permits easy detaching and using the showerhead effectively and returning it to the dock effortlessly with a snap.

Featuring six functional settings, a customized shower room experience is ultimately provided, allowing you to select massage, relaxing, rinse, soothing, wide-coverage, and the pause options as desired to enjoy your shower fully.

Also, the 3.5-inch showerhead diameter provides the perfect and optimized spray force while reaching out to hard to wash body areas using a long hose pipe.

The 26100EP magnetic series has a 1.75 GPM water flow rate allowing less water consumption, and Watersense certifies it for environmental conservation.

It’s the small size of 4 by 2/5 by 8 inches, and a lightweight of 1.6 pounds makes it of no doubt for easy and flexible showering activities.

  • Easy to install and use
  • The chrome finish makes it attractive and durable
  • Multiple showering options for customization
  • Backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Less water consumption meeting WaterSense standards
  • Lightweight allows easy and flexible showering
  • Cons
  • The hosepipe and showerhead are constructed with plastic materials thus lasts for shooter periods
  • The 1.75GPM water flow rate gives less water to satisfy all showering needs
  • 02. Moen 26009SRN Magnetix Showerhead

    Moen 26009SRN Engage Handheld Shower

    This 26009SRN Engage Handheld Showerhead is an exceptional and elegant Magnetix shower head that has a larger diameter of 6.5-inches plus a 60-inch long kink-free hose giving you the best rain shower ever as well as flexible and extended reach. It’s customization settings are explicitly stress-free and straightforward to install plus using

    This Moen Multifunctional Showerhead is another combo product finished by brushed nickel, which beautifies your shower room and resists fingerprints and water spots from sticking on the handheld showerhead body.

    Its magnetic base allows easy removal and snapping back the showerhead with relative ease and simplicity while your eyes are closed.

    It has six optional shower settings to choose from encompasses the rinse, massage, pause, wide-coverage, and soothing massage.

    This gives you the freedom to control all your shower activities while at the same time enjoying the best showering experience you always wished to have.

    Besides, the massive spray head with a diameter of 6.5-inches offers an excellent rain shower spray face.

    The Moen Engage handheld shower has a lightweight of 3.04 pounds, small dimensions of 7.2 by 6.5 by 17.8 inches and a 60-inch long kink-free metal hose all engineered to offer an extended showerhead reach plus flexibility giving full body shower.

    Being designed with strong brushed durable and stainless nickel plus a limited lifetime warranty from Moen, sustainable performance is assured.

  • Durable performance and stain-resistant nickel finish that is also easy to clean
  • High water flow rate of 2.5GPM for excellent showering
  • Backed by Moen’s limited warranty
  • Flexible showering and an extended area coverage is enhanced by the long metal hose pipe
  • Six customizable shower settings for a perfect shower experience
  • Easy to install and use thanks to the magnetic dock included
  • Cons
  • The mirror-like nickel finish may be slippery causing difficulties while showering
  • The plastic showerhead may not last for long
  • 03. Moen 26008 Magnetix Showerhead

    Moen 26008 Magnetix Handheld/ Rain showerhead 2-in-1 Combo

    Featuring an innovative magnetic locking mechanism, this Magnetix has two different showerheads. The handheld showerhead is connected to a 60-inch kink-free metal hose for extended reach and flexibility.

    Besides, six shower setting options are included to effectively and comfortably customize your shower experience. Alongside the six functions is the user setting, which stops water flow with the push of a button.

    While the rain shower head features a 6.75-inch spray face diameter plus 2GPM water flow rate releasing substantial amounts of water ideal for all your showering activities right from massage to rinsing.

    The magnetix docking system included gives an added advantage to your shower as the spray face of the shower heads is always facing forwards, avoiding splashing of water outside your shower room.

    As a result, water is saved, and also your bathroom is kept clean. If you are looking for a double magnetix shower head that will give you a rain shower sensational feeling at the same time adding an elegant look in your bathroom, the 2608 Magnetix series is designed for you.

    It also gives three shower options, including using the handheld shower or showerhead separately or all of them together for more coverage.

  • Gives a flexible shower experience with the two showerheads
  • The chrome finish adds attractiveness to your bathroom
  • Customizable settings help to meet your shower needs
  • The long metal hose provides an extensive reach plus shower flexibility
  • Easy to install plus docking your showerhead for simplicity in use
  • Cons
  • It’s challenging to find an exact replacement
  • It may not last forever
  • 04. Moen 26100EPSRN Magnetix Showerhead

    Moen 26100EPSRN 3.5-Ich Handheld Showerhead

    Yet another fantastic handheld showerhead from Moen with a magnetic docking system with which, detaching and using your handheld showerhead or getting it back on to the dock system is more comfortable with just a snap of a magnet.

    Brilliantly, this series has a spot resistant nickel finish, which repels fingerprints and water spots from sticking on the handheld showerhead body, making it easier to clean.

    With six shower setting options and a 3.5-inch spray head diameter, a customized and flexible shower experience plus a maximized water spray force are assured.

    Moreover, water is sprayed at the rate of 1.75GPM facilitating water saving. An additional A sixty-inch hose pipe provides a flexible and broader reach, helping in the whole body clean.

    The 26100EPSRN Magnetix handheld showerhead guarantees high quality and long-lasting performance aided by the stain-resistant brushed nickel finish.

    Giving a transitional shower style and wall mounting installation, this shower is straightforward to install plus use with only an instructional guide being provided in this set.

    The lighter weight of 1.59pounds and smallest dimensions of 4 by 2.5 by 8 inches makes it easier to carry all your showering flexibly.

  • Six functional settings allow customization as per your needs
  • Durable and stain-free
  • High-quality handheld showerhead
  • Easy docking of the showerhead in and out
  • Easy and faster to install plus use
  • Less water consumption with only 1.75GPM water flow rate
  • Cons
  • The showerheads mostly designed with plastic material which may not last for long
  • 1.75GPM water flow rate reduces water flow speed for all shower needs
  • 05. Moen 3662EP ORB Engage Magnetix Showerhead

    Moen 3662EP ORB Engage Magnetix Showerhead

    Get a perfect and unique shower experience right from a relaxing rain shower to a more vigorous rinse while showering. This Magnetix Engage features multiple optional settings giving you a personalized and flexible shower experience with just a push of a button.

    Its magnetix system has an innovating magnetic dock that permits easy release and safer snapping back the showerhead in position with relative ease.

    It features unique oil rubbed bronze texture, that renders a rich dark brown old world finish plus a beautiful, stunning glow plus a faint accent.

    This gives an elegant look to your shower room at the same time, ensuring a more extended period of performance by your showerhead without getting easily corroded or catch stains.

    A 59-inch double interlock metal spiral hose allows flexibility and broader reach while showering. Plus, it’s designed with a very lightweight of 1.87pounds and small dimensions of 5.2 by 5.5 by 11-inch for additional flexibility and maneuvering of the showerhead while in the bathroom.

    With a low water flow rate of 1.75GPM while showering, water-saving is ensured. Furthermore, WaterSense certifies it for environmental and water conservation.

  • Multiple settings give personalized shower experience
  • Durable performance thanks to the oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Lightweight, compact size and long spiral hose allows for broader reach
  • Backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty
  • A long metal hosepipe allows extended and flexible reach while showering
  • Its made of great quality and best value
  • Cons
  • Reduced water flow rate restricting active showering activities
  • 06. Moen Magnetix 26013 Combo Showerhead

    Moen Magnetix 26013 Combo Showerhead

    Have you been looking for a double showerhead that has three shower options plus six other different customizable settings in the market place?

    Well, Magnetix 26013 Combo Showerhead is designed to satisfy all your needs. You can use both the hand shower and rain shower separately or combined to achieve the maximum spray coverage.

    Besides, you can choose from the six functional settings as either soothing massage, wide-coverage, down pouring, pause, rinse, and relaxing massage options provided by the hand shower.

    The pause setting allows momentarily stopping of water flow as required to give room for intensive cleaning. While the handheld shower has a 3.5-inch spray diaper, the rain shower head has a 6.5-inch spray head with which all spray water is differently reaching different areas of coverage.

    It comes with a sixty-inch kink-free metal hose for flexibility, as well as the extended reach of the showerhead while cleaning. The combo showerheads have magnetix technology, which gives a powerful magnetic dock system allowing easier release and returning of the handheld shower back in place even while your eyes are closed.

    It’s finished by beautiful chrome, lightweight, and compact size for better bathroom performance.

  • Two showerheads facilitate three shower options
  • Multiple shower settings allow personalization depending on showering desires
  • It gives a durable and excellent performance
  • Increased water flow rate of 2.5GPM
  • Flexible showering experience plus a full area of coverage
  • Cons
  • Water wastage is possible
  • Some users find it too expensive
  • Features to Look For in Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head


    The design of a magnetix showerhead should be the first important factor to consider. A fantastic magnetix showerhead, of course, should have a magnetic docking system that is easy to detach and attach your hand shower even while your eyes are closed.

    Besides, it should be designed with the best nozzle spray face diameter that will allow excellent showering at the best water discharging rate without compromising performance.

     Also, you need to check if there are any customizable settings if you want the best showering experience. You should, therefore, choose a magnetix shower head with the best design that will offer excellent shower room experience but within your budget limit.

    Magnetix showerheads with the most advanced designs tend to be costly, but from the reviews above, the products are reasonably priced.


    Another crucial factor that should determine the kind of showerhead to choose and which one to leave. Quality is best defined by the materials and finishes used to make the magnetix shower head.

    Magnetix showerheads constructed and finished by nickel, chrome, and bronze materials are not only known to give a shiny and attractive appearance but also incredible strength and durability hence considered as high-quality showerheads. 

    Besides, the hose pipe should be made of metal material for durability. A high rate of spraying with customizable settings and a wider area of coverage provided by a showerhead all are the attributes of a quality showerhead.

    You should avoid purchasing showerheads with poor material construction, reduced water flow rates, and lacks the essential shower settings since performance will be affected.

    Coverage options

    The area to be covered by a magnetix showerhead should also be taken into account when making purchases.

    In this case, the diameter of the spray head, length of the hose pipe, and shower settings all determine the coverage surface of a magnetix shower head.

    This may vary depending on the size, height, and age of your family members. Besides, you should select the best showerhead that will spray effectively without splashing water outside your bathroom.

    If you want a showerhead that will give you maximum area of spray, you should consider selecting those with overspray face diameters, long hose pipe for extended and flexible reach, and one with adjustable shower settings to give desired shower patterns.

    On the other hand, if you want a showerhead with small diameters, short hose pipes, and few shower settings probably for your little kids at home, such showerheads will be the best.

    Style options

    A stylized shower experience is all everyone wants while inside the bathroom. Magnetix showerheads are designed to fit different shower styles as desired by the user.

    Such styles include rain shower style, transitional styles, and showerhead styles, including others.

    Additionally, the customizable shower settings availed on every handheld shower also allows customization of shower experience to suit beat the style and needs of the user.

    Flexible Hose pipes and finishes applied on a showerhead also gives a stylized bathroom and shower experience.

    With the inclusion of the magnetix docking system, a stylized shower manipulation has been made easy for users.

    It’s therefore essential to go for the best magnetix showerhead that will perfectly fit your bathing style, giving you a comfortable feeling you always craved for regardless of heights.


    Since all showerheads do require installation, the time is taken, and the simplicity of setting up your shower is another factor anyone should put in mind while purchasing this kind of bathroom equipment.

    Most of them are installed by mounting you’re the shower head on the wall with the help of mounting brackets included.

    Also, we’ll elaborate and simple to read installation guidelines, plus necessary hardware tools must be included in the item packaging.

    You should select the best magnetix showerhead, which will take less of your time and effort to set up in your bathroom.

    Any product which requires experience or technicians to install tends to be expensive.

    Therefore, if you want a reliable and convenient performance of your showerhead, avoid such products.

    Why Should You Choose Moen Magnetix Shower Head?

    Moen company is a leading and dedicated manufacturer of faucets and showerheads of high quality plus reliable performance.

    The latest technologies have been incorporated in most of the products with exceptional and customizable settings.

    Moreover, other gorgeous features are included by Moen to provide ultimate comfort in your bathroom.  Below are the reasons why you should choose Moen Shower head.

    Integrated Magnetic System

    Moen’s latest showerheads have magnetic docking technology allowing easy detaching and safely snapping back into position even while your eyes are closed.

    Showering has been made easier and comfortable with this technology included. Besides, this mechanism helps to keep the showerhead facing forwards preventing it from splashing water outside your shower room.

    As a result, no messy spillages minimizing water wastage.

    Special Spray Functions

    Moen’s handheld showers come with six unique spray settings from which, you can make your preferred personalized shower experience.

    They include soothing massage, rinse, wide-coverage, relaxing massage, pause setting, and down-pouring options.

    They all work to ensure both exceptional performance and reliable water consumption while in your bathroom.

    Kink free Hose Pipe

    A long a flexible metal hose pipe is included in most Moen’s showerheads to provide an extended reach while conducting all the showering activities.

    It helps in washing hard areas to clean giving you a full-body coverage and excellent shower experience.

    Besides, it helps you accommodate all family members including home pets. It is designed to resist any stains or corrosion for incredible durability.

    WaterSense Certification

    All Moen showerheads and faucets are designed and verified by the WaterSense association for environmental and water conservation.

    Their nozzles and spray face are all designed to help in the excellent discharge of water with the least 1.75 GPM and a maximum 2.5 GPM water flow rate without compromising the performance.


    Moen’s bathroom products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer.

    Its meant to allow showerheads with defects like broken, or cracks and missing parts after purchase can be returned for replacement or refund as desired by the user. Besides, the Moen

    Magnetix are always of high quality and built with durable materials for a longer period of excellent performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?)

    Why Choose Moen Magnetix?

    Well, choosing Moen Magnetix will give your bathroom an additional advantage. They facilitate easy releasing and returning back into position with a snap of a magnet.

    This means that you can safely use your showerhead and then attach it to the dock system even while your eyes are closed. Also, a long metallic hose pipe is added to ensure a flexible shower experience.

    Unlike other brands, Moen Magnetix comes with six optional settings giving you a fully customized shower experience.

    Besides, quality and durable performance are always guaranteed when using Moen Magnetix showerhead. It’s certified by WaterSense and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Moen Shower Head?

    A flow restrictor can be so distracting to your shower experience by reducing the flow of water.

    Turn off your water supply first, then, you can remove it by removing the showerhead from its shower arm by turning it counterclockwise direction using a piece of cloth.

    Use a screwdriver to open the bolts on the cover tip of the showerhead. Locate the flow restrictor and extract it carefully.

    Screw back the bolts and return the showerhead onto the shower arm. Open your water supplies and test your shower.

    How To Install Moen Magnetix Shower Head?

    Installing a Moen Magnetix is simple than other ordinary showerheads availed in the market.

    The first thing you should do is switch water supplies to your old showerhead to prevent water wastage.

    Then, remove your old showerhead by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction. Replace the old Teflon tape with the new one.

    Ensure that the Teflon tape tightly fits on the threads. Screw back your new Moen Magnetix showerhead.

    Attach the showerhead hose to the upper attachment. Then, turn on your water supply and start to enjoy a new shower experience.


    Moen Magnetix are no doubt the best brand manufactured by a trustworthy and reliable company in the market. They are designed with the best quality products with elegant finishes that gives not only a mirror like appearance but also durability to your showerhead.

    With plenty of merits, it gives its users, right from customizable shower settings to warranty, Moen Magnetix stands out as the best of all.

    However, with varied shower Magnetix produced by Moen, finding the best Magnetix that will suit your showering style is always a hard task most users face.

    From our reviews and buying guide above, you will be able to choose the best moen magnetix shower head that will suit your shower style, design, and budget.