Best Shower Back Scrubber

Best Shower Back Scrubber: Top 8 Picks in 2021

The best shower back scrubber is a comprehensive guideline for your daily showering. Have you ever wondered? Which part of the body is most neglected while taking a bath? For many, it is inarguably their back. It may be difficult for someone to reach their back completely.

It is because we focus much more on the front section of our body. You are not taking a proper shower lest you are washing your back. But if you are unable to reach it, who will you ever solve this problem? Your worries end here as we bring you back scrubbers that will help you out.

Back scrubbers are utensils that primarily have two main parts. A long handle that you can hold with your hand. And spongy brush at its end to do the washing. This list will showcase all the best features and qualities of the best back scrubbers in the market.

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8 Best Shower Back Scrubber Reviews

What are the best back scrubbers for you in the market? Well, if you have your favorite one, that’s great! Also, we are here to let you know. Here are all the products that you will find to be the best. Let’s have a look of those –

  1. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber – Best Back Scrubber For Shower
  2. Bath Blossom Bamboo Shower Brush – Best Natural Bristle Body Brush
  3. Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber – Best Men & Women Body Exfoliating Brush
  4. Greenrain Brush – Long Handle Back Scrubber For Shower
  5. Metene Bristle Scrubber – Double-Sided Long Wooden Handle Body Brush
  6. EcoTools Soft Bristle Bath Brush – Gentle Exfoliating For Back And Body
  7. Belula Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set – Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush
  8. Silicone Loofah Body Scrubber – Best Silicone Back Scrubber

Below is the full review of every back scrubber for Shower that will help you select the best one.

1. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber – Best Back Scrubber for Shower  

Aquis - Exfoliating Back Scrubber, Deep Clean & Invigorate Your Skin (4 x 30.75 Inches)

It is a two-in-one back scrubber. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber has 2 sides. One side has textured loofah types of surface. It will help you with deep cleaning. And another side has a soft microfiber surface. So if you want a gentle scrubber and a deep cleanser, then you can get both.

It is also quick-drying, so if you have issues with dumb smell, then go for this one. Because with this scrubber, you don’t have to worry about that. 

  • It has a good length, so it is easy to use.
  • Affordable and worthy enough to buy.
  • Durable because of its quality.
  • Machine washable, so it is easy to clean also.
  • Cons
  • For some, it is too soft as a back scrubber, and for some, it’s harsh. So it’s a matter of controversy.
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    2. Bath Blossom Bamboo Shower Brush – Best Natural Bristle Body Brush

    This scrubber is so brawny. For regular use, this is one of the best shower scrubbers. It has 2 sides. Both men and women can use this brush for dry and wet brushing purposes. This is hygienic and natural.

    The handle of this scrubber made it more useful. Natural 16-inches bamboo-made handle is, so handful to reach the untouched points of your body. For sensitive skin, it is really good. And also, this scrubber is easy to maintain.

  • It is a 2 in 1 brush and usable for both men and women.
  • The handle of this brush is 16-inches, and with this, you can reach tricky places of your body.
  • You can easily the brush as a dry brush or a wet one. Dry brushing help to improve blood circulation.
  • It can also be used as a cellulite messenger.
  • Cons
  • It is not replaceable. SO if any part of this scrubber falls apart, you won’t make it to fix this.
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    3. Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber – Best Men & Women Body Exfoliating Brush

    Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber - Men & Women Long Handled Exfoliating Bath & Shower Body Brush - Handheld Luffa Pouf on a Stick for Body, Face Washing - Spa Wash Lufa

    It gives you a body spa experience at home. Because of its soft mesh loofah brush, you can feel soft skin. It messages your back and helps to improve circulation. 

    It has a brush handle. And this will help you to reach those tough-to-reach spots. A cord loop is attached at the edge of the brush handle. And this makes it easier to hand the brush. Both men and women can use this back scrubber to exfoliate their skin.

  • It improves circulation of the blood because of its soft texture.
  • Easy to use.
  • The handle of those brushes is waterproof.
  • Because of the cord loop, it is quick-drying.
  • Cons
  • The material of the brush is not natural. It needs to be more firm.
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    4. Greenrain Brush – Long Handle Back Scrubber For Shower

    Upgraded Bath Body Brush with Comfy Bristles Long Handle Gentle Exfoliation Improve Skin's Health and Beauty Bath Shower Wet or Dry Brushing Body Brush (14 inch, White PE)

    If you are looking for a helping hand to clean the neglected reach point without any trouble, you should go for this Greenrain Brush. It contains a great quality bristle. This is helpful to exfoliate the skin properly and get rid of dead skin cells.

    The ergonomic design of this brush makes it different from the other existing brushes in the market. It also has a refundable offer. That means the manufacturer is so sure that you will love those.

  • It is hygienic and long-lasting.
  • Because of the curved handle, it reaches those unreachable spots.
  • It helps to improve blood circulation, which leads to getting a firmed skin.
  • Bristles are dense, and this is helpful to exfoliate the skin.
  • Cons
  • The handle of this brush is a bit slippery.
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    5. Metene Bristle Scrubber – Double-sided Long Wooden Handle Body Brush

    Metene Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles, Exfoliating Skin and A Soft Scrub, Double-sided Brush Head for Wet or Dry Brushing, Specially Long Wooden Handle Cleans the Body Easily

    This is one of the best shower scrubbers on the market. It is a double-sided brush with a long wooden handle. It is really useful to clean your body properly. And the bristle of this brush is the main attraction. Because of bristle properties, it can message the body, which helps to improve blood circulation.

    The soften feature helps to exfoliate the body gently. And also comfortable to use. As you can hang up this brush, for this reason, it is also easy to dry.

  • It can be used as both wet and dry brush.
  • The long wooden handle makes it easier to use.
  • Natural stiff bristle helps to message skin and get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Long-time use of this brush can stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and also promote blood circulation.
  • Cons
  • None but the long wooden handle can be difficult to handle for short-handed people.
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    6. EcoTools Soft Bristle Bath Brush – Gentle Exfoliating for Back and Body

    EcoTools Soft Bristle Bath Brush, Long Handle Shower Brush, Gentle Exfoliating for Back and Body

    This is an exceptional brush in the market. It is made from recycled material and renewable bamboo. And this body brush is eco-friendly with high quality. The bristle is really gentle for sensitive skin and a treat to your skin with your favorite soap.

    The bamboo handle helps to reach the tough to reach spots. It is so affordable. And from sales, the company donates 1% to an environmental organization. Buying this product means a contribution to our society.

  • The bristle of the brush is so soft for gentle exfoliation.
  • This is an eco-friendly product, and 1% of sales donate for environmental purposes.
  • It has a convenient hook to hang up after shower.
  • So affordable and also bamboo part of the brush is renewable.
  • Cons
  • You may find the bristle of this brush comparatively small.
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    7. Belula Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set – Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush

    Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set- Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush, Exfoliating Face Brush & One Pair Bath & Shower Gloves. Free Bag & How To – Great Gift For A Glowing Skin & Healthy Body

    To maintain healthy skin, it is a must have item. We all know dry brushing is really important for our skin. It helps to improve blood circulation and to reduce cellulite, which leads to having a rejuvenated and healthy skin.

    It also comes with a pair of gloves and a box. This dry brush set is perfect For gifting someone because it gives you all the spa facilities. They are so sure about the quality of the brush.  Because they run “Belula care 100% satisfaction program.” And under this program, you can have satisfaction guarantee.

  • Premium dry brush for detoxing ritual.
  • It will help you to enhance your body glow by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic systems.
  • If you want to buy a face and body brush package, then it is a nice choice.
  • It has 60 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Cons
  • None.
  • Check Price at Amazon

    8. Silicone Loofah Body Scrubber – Best Silicone Back Scrubber 

    Agirlvct 2 Pack Silicone Loofah Body Scrubber, Soft Rubber Loofahs,Sponge Scrubber Brush,Loofa Bath Shower Kit,Silicon Back Scrubber Eco for Gym Massaging Travel Baby Kids Men Family (Blue Green)

    The unique design of this Silicone scrubber makes it noticeable. It is made with 100% soft silicone material loofah. And for this without hurting you, it will help to deep cleaning. Also can message very generously, which promotes blood circulation.

    It is also very hygienic, and babies, adults, both men, and women can use it. Many reviewers said that it could be a perfect gift to make your loving one relax.

  • Because of the soft bristle, it is applicable for babies.
  • It won’t easily get Bacteria. So easy to clean.
  • It won’t hurt the skin and help to get a relaxing bath.
  • Portable in size.
  • Cons
  • It consumes much shower gel and soap.
  • Check Price at Amazon

    the Benefit of Scrubbing your Back & Body in the Shower

    What is a review without knowing  the benefits of the product? The following segments will help you to know all the benefits of using a back scrubber.

    Removes Dirt and Dead Skin Cells: proper scrubbing will remove all the dirt accumulated in your body. This dirt can come from eternal sources or dead skin cells. Removing them is quite important from time to time. So daily scrubbing helps to remove the impurities and dead cells.

    Improves circulation: the back and forth motion from the scrubber helps improve blood circulation in the body. Massaging increases the circulation of blood in the body. The scrubber acts as a massager when in contact with your backside.

    Better Product Absorption: unwanted dead skin cells can not gather in your body if you wash them daily. So if you are using a moisturizer or a lotion, then scrubbing becomes a benefit. The process increases the absorption of skincare products.

    Cellulite Reduction: Cellulite is the loose skin area commonly found in the back and thigh area. Proper blood flow from scrubbing will tighten up your skin. This will eventually reduce the look of cellulite in your body.

    Massaging: Many electrical scrubbers in the market offer excellent services. With the push of a button, you can massage your backside without any hassle.

    Clears Toxins: Often time many unwanted toxins can overwhelm the body if precautions are not taken. With proper exfoliation, massaging, and scrubbing, you can remove toxins that accumulate in your body.

    Types of Back Scrubber & Exfoliator for your Shower

    There are various renditions of scrubbers and exfoliators in the personal care market. Every product is different in its way. Here is a list that shows the majority of types.

    1. Long Handle BrushBack Scrubber Loofah
    2. Handle Brush with Loofah
    3. Hand-Held Body Brush
    4. Silicon Loofah Brush

    What Should you Look Before Buying the Best Back Brush for Shower?

    best shower back scrubber

    A decision-making process is guided by valid reasoning. Your valid reasoning should be based on the following criteria.

    Durability: The product should have a fairly long shelf life. It should be able to perform it’s intended purposes without getting damaged. A damage-free product with proper functional capabilities is a major checkmark.

    Cost: The cost of the product should be within the realm of reasonable pricing. It should have the bang for the buck aspect about it. Scrubbers generally do not cost a lot of money. So you should be aware of the price before buying this product.

    Skin Type: People have oily, sensitive, dry, or a combination of skin types depending on the season. People with sensitive skin should be extra aware of the product. They should look at the buying guides and see if this product will suit their skin or not.

    Reliability: The product must have the qualities to satisfy its customers. Whether you are using it for the first time or for the 100th time, the scrubber needs to be reliable all the time for the best customer satisfaction.

    Easy of Use: Ease of usage is a fundamental characteristic of every customer-driven product. You should be able to look at the item and understand it’s purpose instantly. Customer-friendly use is always a plus point.

    Best Shower Back Scrubber: FAQs

    Why You Need to Exfoliate Your Back?

    Exfoliation removes dirt By exfoliating your back. You can prevent pores and dead skin cells from accumulating in your body

    What’s the Best Chemical Exfoliators for Back & Body?

    Here are the top 3 choices

    1. Paula’s choice Weightless Body Treatment 2%BHA
    2. Anthony Purifying Astringent Pads
    3. The Inkey List P.H.A. Toner

    How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Back?

    You should exfoliate your back 2-3 times every week. If not 2-3 days a week, you should at least exfoliate once a week.

    Are Silicon Sponges More Sanitary?

    Silicon sponges do not retain soap very well. So it is easy to wash and clean them regularly.

    Do I Have To Shower After Dry Brushing?

    It is a choice, and you can go either way. Many people dry brush before going to the shower. Others do not think it is necessary.

    Final Words

    Back scrubbers are an essential tool for the self-conscious. Our list of the best shower back scrubber provides you all the checkmarks. It highlights the brand and its conception to the public. It focused on the product specification and what it offers.

    Back scrubbers have evolved throughout the years. They have gone from being an optional accessory to an absolute necessity in the shower. People who maintain proper hygiene understand why we have to wash our backs almost every day. Thus we have pointed out all the benefits that come from using a scrubber in detail.

    Our reviewing process is determined based on objective reality. So that the customer can be satisfied with the product buy from the market. In today’s world, hundreds or thousands of companies fight to get more and more customers. So it is our responsibility to showcase only the best products to you.