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Best Shower Foot Scrubber Reviews

The 7 Best Shower Foot Scrubber: Buying Guides in 2022

Foot Scrubbers are like knife sharpeners. They keep everything clean and good-looking. The best shower foot scrubber details every aspect relevant to foot hygiene. Why you should use it, how to use it, and its apparent pros and cons. Foot scrubbers have all the features necessary to be a part of your shower.

 It is a practical tool that serves its purpose almost every time. Your feet carry your entire body as long as it’s standing. It also collects the majority of the dust in your body. So dedicated care and proper washing should be on top of your shower list.

This article will highlight the best foot scrubbers and their associated features. It will be done in a way that should be easy to digest and easier to remember. So allow us to provide a framework that discusses everything you need to know about foot scrubbers.

Why You Need To Use a Foot Scrubber

We start our article with a reason. Why should you use a foot scrubber? Well, I will give you 4. Let us see what they are: –

Removes Dirt & Dead Skin Cells: removing dirt is a fundamental priority for us. When it comes to our feet, that becomes mandatory. Scrubbing also eliminates dead skin cells.

Become a more hygienic person: most people ignore the small details: hygiene is about the small details. You are not that person. You will feel much better when the small pieces are taken care of.

Essential tool for your shower: just like a soap or a shampoo, foot scrubbers are an essential shower tool. Soap and shampoo provide utility for your body and hair. A foot scrubber goes down and removes all the grime.

Overall comfort: After foot scrubbing itself, it is a feeling unlike any other. It feels intensely satisfying after you have scrubbed your feet. 

Types of Foot Scrubbers

Best Shower Foot Scrubber

If you are reading this section, we believe that you are convinced by the previous one. As we have dealt with the why not, let us look at the types of foot scrubbers.

Scrubbing Mats: It looks like a small doormat with different surfaces. The surface of the mat exfoliates and massages your feet. 

Foot Tile Sticks: It is a handheld tool that can be maneuvered accordingly. The surface is made from abrasive materials. This allows the foot tile stick to clean up the rough and tough spots.

Pumice Stone: It is a formation that consists of lava and water. It looks like a rock that has thousands of small holes in it. Its abrasive quality is responsible for removing dry & dead skin cells.

Scrubber Brush: It is a small, handheld tool that removes dirt accumulated in your feet. The bristles are made from silicon. The overall experience is much more comfortable with a scrubber brush.

Electric Scrubbers:  These are the fancy new gadgets in the market. Press a button, and it will rotate likewise. Hold the gadget to your feet and let the scrubbing begin.

Advantages of the Best Foot Scrubber

Here are all the advantages you can get from using a foot scrubber.

Softens skin: The scrubber operates in a way that softens and smoothens your skin.

Exfoliates Better: Foot scrubbers come with magnificent exfoliating qualities.

Removes dead skin cells: There is no place for dead skin cells in your feet with a foot scrubber.

Prevents cracks: Cracks occur when you are not exfoliating your feet properly. Foot scrubbers prevent cracks from ever occurring.

Feels like a massage: All of the linear and rotational movement around your feet provides a comforting experience.

Aesthetically pleasing: Your feet are a big part of your personality. A well-exfoliated foot is beautiful to look at.

Best Shower Foot Scrubber Guides

There are many foot scrubbers in the market. They are best, particularly for some specific reasons. Let’sLet’s see 7 best shower foot scrubbers among them-

1. Meidong Foot Scrubber – Shower Feet Cleaner With Suction Cups

meidong Shower Foot Scrubber, Feet Cleaner for Shower Floor with Dead Skin Remover File and Suction Cups (1PCS Blue)

You can go for this scrubber if you have a bending problem or need a relaxing foot scrubber. It is a sandal type of scrubber and also foot-shaped. That’s why it is easy to use and also secure. The suction cup which is attached makes you feel stable while using. Try to use the product while sitting. It will help you to clean your feet with relaxation.

As the scrubber is nylon made and the material is so soft, you can have a relaxing foot massage. And also, the size is appropriate to include in the skincare clutch. Most of the people will fit on this. You can buy a pair of meidong scrubbers and use regular bathroom footwear if you want.

  • The nylon bristle of this scrubber is so soft and also durable enough.
  • A sandpaper part is attached to the heel, and it helps to clean the feet properly.
  • The 6 attached suction cup makes the scrubber more flexible and secure while using.
  • The scrubber size is 12.4 x 7.56 x 5.55 inches, suitable for your bathroom and bathtub.
  • It might not work on texture surface and cause of the accident.

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2. Capspace Pedicure Foot File – Callus Remover For Dead Skin

Foot File for Dead Skin - 3 Pack Professional Pedicure Tools Callus Remover for Feet, Dual-Sided Feet Scrubber Foot Care Products to Remove Callous Dead and Hard Skin for Both Wet and Dry Feet

To have a home pedicure service, you can go for this one. It is a foot rasp and helps to remove thick calluses. The double-sided colossal foot rasp cleans dead skin and assists in having a smooth and soft foot. The micro sanding foot rasp surface is the key assistant to removing all the dead skin.

It also can be used in both dry and wet conditions. And the scrubber comes with a curved sturdy plastic handle. The handle is really useful and can reach any curved point of your foot. You can buy 3 pieces or 4 pieces foot set. Every penny is worth buying this pedicure set.

  • You will get spa pedicure service with this foot file.
  • The micro sanding foot rasp surface is good to remove dead cells.
  • The handle of the scrubber will give you comfort.
  • You can control speed and pressure with this like an electric one.
  • If you couldn’t manage speed and others, it can cause a scratch on your skin.

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3. Kinepi Foot File – Shower Foot Scrubber Pumice Stone

Kinepi Foot File Callus Remover Foot Scrubber,Professional Pedicure Foot Rasp Removes Cracked Heels,Dead Skin,Corn,Hard Skin,Pumice Stone for Feet Scraper File Brush Tools for Wet and Dry Feet

“Healthify Your Beauty” with this mission Kinepi brings all the beauty products. Suppose you ask me why it is unique from other scrubbers. Well, I would say the material. Yes! It is made with super quality natural Corundum stone. And the handle is made with nonslip Natural Beechwood. The sturdy design is also durable and not easy to break because of the sturdy design. So you don’t have to worry about sustainability.

To have its best result soak your feet for 10-15 minutes on the water and clean gently. It will remove all the cracky heels dead skin. However, you can use this in both wet and dry conditions. To get premium pedicure service at home, it can’t be replaceable.

  • Corundum stone is perfect for removing the dead cells gently.
  • The non-slippery wooden handle made it easy to use
  • Durable.
  • It comes with a hanging rope, which makes it easy to maintain.
  • None.

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4. Pefei Foot File – Professional Pedicure For Wet And Dry Feet

Professional Pedicure Foot File, Colossal Stainless Steel Detachable Foot Scrubber, Hard Skin Removers Pedicure Rasp for Wet and Dry Feet

If you want to pedicure at home with your family, you can buy this. This is a long-lasting and non-toxic foot scrubber. This scrubber is made with stainless steel, which made the quality of this scrubber great. It can handle high temperate. So overall, it is a package to give you a friendly vibe.

The design is also noticeable. With this scrubber, you can reach the curviest point of your feet. And also, the handle is functional and makes you feel more comfortable. And you can contact with customer service 24/7. So if you are facing any difficulties or have any confusion, you can make yourself clear.

  • A professional foot file kit.
  •  The surgical grade stainless steel made the scrubber more durable and non-toxic.
  • This is waterproof and can use both wet and dry conditions to remove dead cells and extra keratins.
  • They provide 24 hours online customer service.
  • As it is a metal-based scrubber, it may leave scratches if you use it harshly.

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5. Layuki Body Brush And Foot Scrubber Set – Foot File Scrubber With Pumice Stone

LAYUKI Body Brush for Dry or Wet Brushing and 2-Sided Foot File Scrubber Set, Body Scrubber for Bath or Shower, Exfoliating Skin, Cellulite Treatment, Foot File Scrubber with Pumice Stone

It is a 2 pieces brush set. Layuki brings a scrubber set as a body scrubber and also a foot scrubber. One side of this foot scrubber brush is made with a soft bristle, and another side is with Pumice stone. It is beneficial to solve the dead cell problem.

This is a complete brush set. It can be used wet and dry in both conditions. The handle of the brush is polished wooden made. That’s why it is easy to use. And also you will get 3 months satisfaction guaranty. The company is so sure about the quality of the brush, so they are offering this satisfaction guarantee.

  • 2 in 1 brush set both for body and foot.
  • The bristle used in the scrubber is perfect in quality for gentle exfoliation.
  • Pumice stone is excellent for rejuvenating skin and helps clean skin as it removes calluses and dead skin cells.
  • Layuki is also giving three months satisfaction guarantee.
  • Pumice stone may crack if it falls badly.

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6. Elmchee Electrical Foot Kit – Portable Waterproof Foot File

Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit, Elmchee Rechargeable callous removers 3 Grinding Heads Waterproof foot scrubber file, Professional Pedicure Tools kit Feet Care for Dead, Cracked Dry Skin

Elmchee brings this electrical foot kit as a professional kit to keep the foot perfectly. With this, you can clean your foot without any tension. Because of the 2 adjustable speed feature, you can control the motion as your desire. And if it hurts your feet, it will stop automatically.

It also has an LED display. You can check battery percentage and also speed with this. It has a 1200mAh battery. As it is an electrical kit, you must think it can only be used in dry conditions. But no. IT is waterproof. So you can use this machine also in wet conditions. Overall this is one of the best shower foot scrubbers with a professional touch.

  • It has two adjustable speeds. 1700x/min is the lower speed, and 2000x/min is the highest speed.
  • You don’t have to worry about pressure. Because if it gets without limit, then it will stop automatically.
  • It has 3 replaceable grinding heads.
  • If it’s fully charged, then it will last 4-5 hours, and in the LED display, you can monitor the battery percentage.
  • None

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7. Lovelers Foot File – Metal Scrubber For Dry & Wet Feet

Foot File Callus Remover & Heel Scraper - Filer for Dead Skin Professional - Pedicure Rasp Callous Grater - Metal Scrubber Tool for Dry & Wet Feet

It is a professional foot filer. Nothing can beat this scrubber. With this, you can remove dead cells from your foot very conveniently. You can apply this in both dry and wet conditions. The moisturizing silicon heel pad is the extra attention of this scrubber.

The quality materials also made the scrubber more effective. Because of the ultra technological stainless steel, it can resist corrosion. And the size of the scrubber is 10.83 x 3.19 x 1.02 inches. It is a suitable size, and it is portable and easy to use because of the size.

  • The ergonomic design and curvature make the scrubber convenient. Also easy to reach the hard-to-reach points.
  • It is a versatile foot scrubber—both for preventing calluses and removing dead cells.
  • A moisturizing silicon heel pad is also included with the foot filler.
  • The handle is made with ABS plastic, making it more durable and wear-resistant.
  • For left-handed people, it might be less easy to use.

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What To Consider When Buying a Foot Scrubber

Best Shower Foot Scrubber

Foot scrubbers come with various value propositions. But some inherent qualities need to be addressed. Here are some that require your consideration.

Needs to be Durable: Foot scrubbers need to handle a lot more pressure due to their somewhat heavy operation. Thus it becomes essential to have a product that can take all the beating.

Comfortable: Comfort should be a key priority when choosing a foot scrubber. It may have the best working capabilities in the world. But if it is not comfortable and hurts your feet, it’s best not to buy them.

Accessible to Use: The product should have easy guidelines to follow. If it is not easy to operate, it is not worth the effort. So be sure to consider the ease of using while purchasing the product.

Easy to Clean: Easier cleaning will make your life simpler. An excellent old washing should do the trick to clean the scrubbers.

Good Quality Material: The scrubbers should be made from suitable materials that do not have side effects. The material should be reliable and comfortable on your feet.

Best Shower Foot Scrubber: FAQs

What’s The Best Shower Foot Scrubber?

There are many foot scrubbers in the market. Meidong brings the best shower foot scrubber, and Elmchee brings the most convenient electric shower foot scrubber.

How Do I Get Rid Of Thick Dead Skin On My Feet?

Scrubbing your feet 3 to 4 times a week will do the trick. It will remove all the thick dead skin cells. Be sure to use a good-quality scrubber for this process.

How Do You Clean A Foot Scrubber?

You can clean them with some soap or detergent under running water. Be sure to hit all the nooks and crannies with the running water.

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Final Verdict

So there it is in all its glory. The best shower foot scrubber hits all the relevant checkmarks. It showed you all the products in detail and their associated features. It also made sure that I knew other variables about the product.

All of these will impact your buying decisions. So the next time you are in a store, you will find it easier to pick one. But at the end of the day, it all boils to your choice and preference. So be sure to choose the foot scrubber that makes the most sense to you.


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