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9 Best Shower Tub Combo Reviews With Buyers Guide

A shower and tub is a necessary kit for any bathroom to be complete and functional. Many family backgrounds require both a bathtub and a shower for the daily cleanness. The technique requires a double act by having the shower fixed on top of the tub.

Accordingly, when the space is small, there is always enough room to squeeze to obtain a modern and decent bath size that is applicable in areas like bathrooms with a compact apartment and second bathroom.

However, having the perfect tub and shower depends on several parameters, such as materials used, fittings, palette color, and other necessary elements. Therefore, the essay aims at explaining ten best shower tub combo reviews

01. Dreamline Aqua Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Tub Door

Dreamline Aqua Frameless Bi-Fold Tub Door

Dreamline Aqua Fold is one of the best shower tub combo Di-Fold tubs having a decent design of flair from Europe.

Accordingly, Aqua Fold contains the outstanding features having] trackless style with a pivot that is self –centered that enables adding of style and open, allowing shower space.

Generally, the Dreamline Aqua model helps in transforming one’s bathroom with various techniques to fit its operation.

For installation purposes, Tub made of the screen is suitable for any straight tub though Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable for professional installation.

  • Dreamline Aqua Fold allows for a large, complete entry and great choice for tiny bathrooms.
  • The model is of high quality of 1/4 inches coated with a profile of aluminum wall.
  • Aqua Fold is flexible, rotating in all directions because it has a pivot that is self- centered.
  • The model is durable since it is made up of fiberglass, enhancing durability.
  • Cons
  • Dreamline aqua fold is resistant to code compliance.
  • The model comes with a threshold of low profile.
  • “Why choose Dreamline Aqua Ford model”

    Dreamline Aqua Fold 36 in. Wx58 is the best as it produces showers and doors of high quality used in the bathroom efficiently. Designing of Dreamline shower includes technology with the product made to last longer. Therefore the model is suitable for any shower space.

    02. Esnbia Shower System, Brushed Nickel Wall Mounted – Budget Friendly

    Esnbia Shower System, Brushed Nickel Wall Mounted Shower

    The system consists of a square of 10-inch rain head shower, shower arm with16 inches of brass, and a hose shower with stainless steel of about 304.

    Basically, brass ensures the balance of the pressure such that when using the toilet flush, the temperature of the water does not become hot.

    Consequently, the 10 inches shower square and the handheld raise the water pressure for 100 percent and offer regular shower even when water is at a low pressure that may result in unnecessary high pressure to water.

    The nickel brush improves the quality of the model shower and protects it against corrosion, resistance thus increasing its durability.

    Additionally, the model consists of the tub spout set of a storm that makes it convenient when using a bathtub.

  • The is one of the best tube shower combos with easy without acquiring any professional skills.
  • The model consists of high-quality materials such as nickel and brass that do not rust easily; thus, homeowners can use it for an extended period.
  • The system comes with a variety of measurements, thus enabling the buyer to choose the one that matches with the bathroom plumbing.
  • The system shower set has very high pressure increases the pressure of water by 100%.
  • Cons
  • The system has no indicator when using the handheld, faucet, or showerhead.
  • The valve and the nozzle may dislodge outwards when not handled carefully.
  • “Why choose Esnbia shower”

    Esnbia shower system is the best since the box arrives with all the necessary requirements for installation, making the plumber to enjoy during the installation process. The model also has weighty duty materials that are substantial. Additionally, the pressure of water is very perfect hence improves its functionality

    03. SR SUN RISE SRSH-D1203 Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo – Editor Choice

    SR SUN RISE SRSH-D1203 Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo

    SR SUN RISE SRSH is one of the acrylic tub shower combo units consist of a rough faucet shower in body valve and trim. The model has 12 inches with a 304 head shower of stainless rain and a 40cm shower arm of solid brass used to enhance its performance.

    Accordingly, the system has an inbuilt installation bracket holder of brass shower NPT1/2 of Brass solid. Additionally, the model consists of a Trim and rough valve for pressure balancing of shower valve mixer.

    The element of air technology ensures consistent strong rain shower at external pressure. The cartridge valve helps to monitor and balance the force of water, preventing one from the effects caused by some changes in cold or hot water pressure.

  • The system is resistant to corrosion since it has a robust stainless steel shower.
  • Balancing of the shower pressure is easy as it consists of trim and rough valve instead of 4 adapters.
  • Additionally, the model has ten chrome layers platted with a sleek look enhancing durability and corrosion resistance.
  • The model comes with a warranty limited to 5 years hence provides the user with an opportunity to replace any broken part in the transaction
  • Cons
  • The model requires expert plumbers since the poor installation of the model may hinder water from getting hot.
  • The shower comes with a warranty limited to 5 years of quality improvement and durability
  • “Why choose SR SUN RISE”

    SR SUN RISE is the best acrylic tub shower combo that covers a multiple waterfall surface area of 12 by 12. The handheld provides a wide area of streaming water in all directions.

    The installation process is very professional and direct, making the system better as it comes with all the necessary tools required for installation. The toolbox provides the user with a guideline on how to install the shower without calling for help from plumbers hence preventing the user from incurring unnecessary expenses.

    Additionally, the construction of the model contains rough valves enhancing smooth and efficiency in operation.

    04. My Plumbing Stuff R2200A Clawfoot Tub Shower

    My Plumbing Stuff R2200A Clawfoot Tub Shower

    Plumbing staff R2200A Clawfoot Tub shower is a model that offers quality solutions. The system consists of a rectangular shower combo having 33/8 inch chrome center diverter and brass faucet, a chrome riser of the two-piece shower head, a polish rod of the aluminum shower and 36 rods of shower ceiling support.

    Additionally, plumbing shower kits consist of flanges and wall supports, as well as curtain rings free batteries acting as a bonus. The R2200A consists of two-piece riser faucet, ensuring conservation of water and complying with water regulations.

    The piece riser also maintains the water sense allowing efficient water flow rate 2.0gpm. Furthermore, the system has a rod of aluminum shower rod with 27X 42 dimensions used to a support ceiling bracket.

  • The model contains a tub faucet diverter that comes with a free curtain ring shower.
  • The plumbing staff R2200A has a high-quality frame rod and durable shower.
  • It has an EPA water sense certified for water conservation and complying with water regulations.
  • The model comes with a shower rod of Aluminium, and a ceiling bracket used to provide support seamlessly fit rods.
  • Cons
  • The model package lacks attachment material on the curtain used for hooping on the wall of mounted rods.
  • Lacks guidelines to support the filling of a notch by providing an adequate seating of sets.
  • “Why choose Staff R2200A”

    Plumbing Staff R2200A is the betting model consisting of plumbing that is real and professional experts. The experts ensure bringing the products trusted and required by the potential buyers. Accordingly, the system helps in offering indoor fixture shower services that are up to date since it is the 4th generation.

    05. ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall

    ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall

    ASB 39240 vintage tub wall model consists of a tub surrounded by 60” W”x31” D. the system comes with five panels providing a simple installation process.

    The committees hold water very tight when joining the seals of the leak-proof together.

    Additionally, the model has a pair of bar towels and six shelves providing storage of shampoo and other materials white high gloss links with most of the showers in bathrooms.

    The five panels tub rotates in alcoves having the dimensions of 49”-60” expansive and others 28”-31” deep facilitating proper trimming to accommodate windows.

  • The model has a weighty gauge with five pieces used to enhance durability  
  • It comes with simples installation guidelines
  • The system consists of the panels that are easy to trim for opening windows.
  • The model comes with a warrant limited to 5 years hence provides the user with an opportunity to replace any damaged part during the transaction process.
  • Cons
  • The system has fragile walls and corners that may affect its efficiency in performance
  • Has inferior quality since they use cheap materials in making the model.
  • “Why choose ASB shower”

    ASB product is the best tub shower combo because it is readily available in the market with different sizes and fitting specifications. The installation process is simple and requires no professional knowledge. Accordingly, the presence of gloss material makes the model simple to maintain and clean.

    06. Dreamline Encore Bypass Tub Door

    Dreamline Encore Bypass Tub Door

    Dreamline Encore model has a decent frameless appearance look making the shower a vital point of the bathroom.

    The design gives the smooth and genuine sliding operational enhancing the access of the shower space in any direction.

    Dreamline Encore has a coat of glass treated with a repellant of ClearMax water and resistant stain for easy maintenance.

    The frameless glass helps in creating an airy open feel as the rollers smoothen the surface and ensuring basic operations.

  • The Dreamline encore model has special rollers for smooth gliding operation.
  • The model is prone to any adjustment, such as trimming up to 4 inches.
  • The profile walls can accommodate 3/8 inches of plumb out.
  • It has a coat of glass that is resistant to water
  • Cons
  • The model guide blocks the tub preventing the door from sliding into the profile walls.
  • The system has inadequate guidelines bringing confusion during installation
  • “Why choose Dreamline encore shower”

    Dreamline encore sliding shower is a fantastic model with special rollers that enhances the smooth operation of the bathroom. Simple adjustment of the system helps to obtain appropriate trimming inches. Additionally, the coating of glass enables the model to be a water repellant.

    07. American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub, Arctic

    American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub, Arctic

    American standard freestanding tub consists of a soaking tub bath having an extra and deep well. The model features contemporary styles in line with modern décor and classics.

    Accordingly, the model aims at the collection of comprehensive variety, linking toilets, sinks, bidets, whirlpools, and tubs for the correct designs.

    It comes with a complete tub shower filler consisting of a drain and spray. Freestanding installation is simple as it has a variety of comprehensive accessories of deck storage.

  • The fiberglass tub shower combo one piece of the model helps to provide acrylic reinforcement.
  • american standard cadet tubs provide a complete and variety accessory of storages.
  • The system has simple and direct installation guidelines.
  • The model comes with complete tub filler for spraying and drainage.
  • Cons
  • Freestanding tubs have a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The heating unit cannot be attached to the tub as it requires extra drilling.
  • “Why choose the American standard cadet”

    American standard cadet is vital since it provides a variety of accessory of storage and drainage, and the presence of high gloss fiberglass helps in reinforcing the model during installation process. It also consists of the complete tub filler supplementing the drainage.

    08. American Standard Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub

    American Standard Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub

    American standard Cambridge is one of the best tub shower combos with long durability and easily affordable due to low production cost.

    The model consists of America’s bathtub technology incorporating the top layer that is simple to clean and maintain.

    The top enamel layer has steel that enhances strength and an insulating layer that is thick, ensuring that water remains warm, thus making bathing enjoyable.

    Additionally, the American standard Cambridge front consists of a headrest beveled, supportive lumber, and a resistant slip of floor surface.

    The model comes with bathtubs of various sizes, configurations, and shapes, giving the consumer a variety of choices.

  • The model has an excellent and high-quality heat retention keeping water warm for a more extended period.
  • The model consists of high-quality materials that enhance durability.
  • The system has a textured slip-resistant surface for easy cleaning.
  • Has an Americas durable material that is lighter than iron cast for easier handling.
  • Cons
  • The model requires professional skills to install, therefore hindering self- installation.
  • The overflow up is too low, thus hindering one to soak to a few more inches.
  • “Why choose American Cambridge showers”

    American standard Cambridge is crucial since the model consists of heat retention of high quality that helps in keeping water warm for longer. The existence of high-quality materials also enhances the durability of the model, making it last for a longer time.

    09. AKDY Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub

    AKDY Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub

    AKDY 67 Bathroom smooth Glossy has different varieties of design and spaces with an economic appearance and shape making it to fit perfectly in any area.

    It has a decent white finish that suits the color of the bathroom and known among many designers for its attractive look.

    The system has too high capacity tubs that fit many families. It has dimensions of 36×20 wide and long, respectively, and can hold up to 79 gallons full of water.

  • The model is durable since it has an acrylic surface that enables it to stay relatively for many years.
  • AKDY holds a considerable amount of water, about 79 gallons.
  • The system has scratch-resistant preventing from corrosion.
  • In terms of the design, the model is versatile thus fitting to any place.
  • Cons
  • The system is relatively more extensive compared to other freestanding tubs.
  • The model lacks a bathroom faucet, although the company produces several and different needs.
  • “Why choose AKDY shower”

    The AKDY contains quality materials enabling one to create trust in the company. Additionally, the double insulating walls allow heat to withstand for a long time making one enjoy soaking in the tubs. Therefore the model is better considering its beauty, versatility, and value of the tub.

    How to Choose the Best Shower Tub Combo


    The material chosen when buying the best tub and shower combo depend on the comfort and price of the material. Consequently, different materials have various feelings.

    However, comfortable materials have a relatively high cost and quit heavier. The material selected should be significantly cheap and provide a comfort zone for one to enjoy.

    Purchasing of this material must meet the bathroom size and space.


    The construction of Acrylic involves heating and molding a petrochemical solid sheet, stabilizer, recommended dye, and the resin.

    The bathtub is obtained in the process and is reinforced jointly with fiberglass. Generally, acrylic is available in several sizes and styles.

    The acrylic tends to resemble fiberglass though its material is non-porous, making it to last much more extended period than fiberglass enhancing durability.

    Acrylic can resist to massive and chipping impact. Materials thrown around the bathtub should cease definitely.


    Durability is the ability of the material to last a relatively more extended period than expected.

    Generally, materials that last longer are useful in making an acrylic shower tub. With proper and careful handling, acrylic tubs are likely to take a long time.

    However, some materials, such as fiberglass and acrylic, are at a high risk of damages.

    Longevity includes coating the material with an enamel core panel, but a more substantial and durable material is necessary.

    Ease of installation

    Installation of the best tub shower combo depends on the shape and the size of the bathtub.

    Generally, the larger the size of the tub, the more the time it consumes, thus becoming hectic and complicated for installation.

    Drop-in and alcove require simple techniques for building compared to corner tubs and freestanding.

    Consequently, depending on the availability of the material in use, hiring of a professional plumber for installation.


    Fiberglass is a cheap material made from plastic sheets reinforced together and molded, forming the shape of the bathtub.

    Accordingly, the material used lasts for a more extended period enhancing durability-though prone to massive impact from chipping and has features of absorbing water all the time.

    Additionally, the extent of porous material regularly makes the material to warp with time, thus lowering the stability of the model.


    Different types of tub combo have different prices based on their sizes. The model of freestanding tubs ranges at an average price of $600 to 3000 without installation process cost.

    Additionally, bathtubs alcove ranges from $400 to 800 without an installation process that requires more charges since the cavity must be measured.

    Accordingly, there are corner tubs that have a more price since it has more features like a hot bathtub.

    Shower fixture

    Choosing shower fixtures depends on the availability of necessary materials and style. It gives one a chance of upgrading to a new bathtub, drains, and other items.

    Though brass metal has recently become known since it keeps water stains effortlessly, this makes the shower fixture a key factor to be considered correct.


    Polystyrene is another factor to consider when choosing the best shower for homeowners. The durability of the material depends on the type of acrylic shower.

    The cost of the kit ranges between $400-$600 depending on the construction materials with the stainless material having a high price.

    Accordingly, the specification can feel stiff than acrylic kits. Various shower models contain polystyrene of high impact with standard materials used in lowering the production cost and protect against wear and tear.

    Premium composite

    The composite is an essential factor to consider when purchasing any type of shower by homeowners.

    The battery made of premium composite costs up to $1000, which makes the shower most expensive in the market by people with low income.

    However, the material provides the model with the most extended lifespan and enables it to resist scratches.

    Notably, the material requires experience due to its difficulties in installation.

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs?)

    What is the price of a shower tub combo?

    The cost of a shower and tub combo incurs between $1400-$1600, excluding the charge of the installation process.

    However, the approximate installation cost is $1000, which includes plumbing maintenance, sinks, modifications, and fixtures.

    Fixtures in a shower play a vital role in modeling the bathroom, thus leading to cost reduction.

    Additionally, full showers’ prices range between $700-$800 to install. Lastly, the bathtub costs between $150 to $250 where the walls can be fixed with the liner at $320 with labor power

    What is the best tub shower combo?

    Although all tub shower combo reviews are right, My Plumbing Staff R2200A Clawfoot tub shower is recommendable. The model has many storage shelves offering enough storage for bath items.

    The model comes with easy installation guidelines simplifying the whole process, making the system easy hence moving it to home and install easily without any professional knowledge and skills.

    How much is a tub shower combo?

    Under normal conditions, the cost of putting a tub shower combo resembles its cost of installation ranging at an average of $2900.

    This cost composes of $400-$2000 for bathtub and an additional cost between $500-$1000 for the surrounding and $1000 for installation of the kit.

    The price for the new shower ranges between $750-$5750, bringing the total cost to $1200 to $6850 while removing the old shower costs between $50 to $100.

    What is the best way to clean an acrylic bathtub?

    The acrylic tubs are becoming known since the producers create unique shapes. Cleaning and caring are comfortable when using the required products.

    Cleaning of the acrylic involves using products such as lemon, baking soda, and vinegar. The area above the tiles is cleaned, making the space to shine and appear attractive.

    How much weight can acrylic bathtub hold?

    Generally, the weight of the model depends mostly on the measurements of the bathtub and the model equipment used, such as nozzle, piping, and compressor.

    Accordingly, the standard model of 170cm weighs about 25kg, but the addition of the same bath makes the weight to rise to about 45 to 55kg, making transportation a problem.

    Large bathtub standard models can withstand more weight above 500kg. The large capacity is from the components of the bathtubs that consist of the multilayers of the thickness 4 to 8mm.


    There are numerous shower products in the market, including one piece acrylic tub shower combo for the customers’ selection. They need to pick any of the above products since they come with the outstanding specification that makes them look elegant for the user and also specific installation procedures.

    Accordingly, some models come with stainless materials that help to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the shower since they make batteries remain clean regularly.

    Additionally, the industries release tub shower combo reviews into the market with warrants limited to a specific period, thus giving customers high-quality services and also enables replacement of any broken part of the models during the transaction process.

    Therefore, choosing the best shower tub combo of the best choice, customers require to read on features of each product before purchasing to avoid incurring maintenance expenses.