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Best Thermostatic Shower Systems

The 5 Best Thermostatic Shower Systems in 2022

You know that a warm water shower is how effective in starting your morning by relaxing or relieving fatigue throughout the day, especially in the winter season; a hot water shower is our daily routine. In this case, the best thermostatic shower systems can be a perfect option to make your daily shower more pleasant.

The thermostatic shower system is now much more popular for any modern bathroom. There are numerous special reasons behind this, which we will discuss step by step below. Nowadays, choosing the best thermostatic shower valve is very challenging, especially if you have no previous experience.

However, there is no reason to worry; our specialist team has selected the best brand thermostatic shower for the complete solution of this problem with a complete guide, which will help you find the suitable system for your bathroom.

Why You Can Choose the Thermostatic Shower System?

There are many reasons behind choosing a thermostatic shower instead of a regular shower system. Some of the vital reasons are highlighted below.

Convenient Temperature

In modern thermostatic shower systems, you can use both warm and cold water. There is also a wide range of temperature settings that helps to set the pre temperature, which helps always to get water flow at your desired temperature.


Almost all thermostatic valve has included temperature blocker systems and protectors, which is an effective system that protects against burn. Besides, it also shields from the side so that no accident happens accidentally. Moreover, the temperature blocker system is very useful for those children, elders who do not know how to control the thermostatic valve pleasingly.

Easy to Use

Compared to regular shower systems, thermostatic showers have a lot of easy and convenient settings, which anyone can easily understand at a first impression. Besides, its controlling system is much easier.

Best Thermostatic Shower Systems Guide

1. GROHE Shower System with Thermostat

Grohe 26128001 Euphoria Thermostatic Shower System, 2.5 GPM, Starlight Chrome

Introducing the GROHE 26128001 complete shower system, which comes with 360 degrees highly customizable rotation spray, also helps to get different shower experiences like jet spray, rain spray, and smart rain spray. One of the best advantages is the water-saving features. Nowadays, water-saving is very necessary for everyone. In this case, you can also enable water-saving features in the shower for water-saving.

The GROHE shower system is made of durable starlight chrome materials, which are higher resistant and more durable. Also, comes with an anti-scald thermostatic temperature control system to prevent over-temperature and supplies water at your desired temperature. An adjustable hand shower allows you to adjust to your preference.

The GROHE thermostatic shower system installation process is quite simple; you can easily install it by following the manufacturer’s user manual.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and installation
  • Scratch and tarnish-resistant finishes.
  • Anti-scald thermostatic temperature control systems
  • It comes with Rain, water-saving SmartRain, and Jet functions 
  • Great shower bar design with adjustable height hand shower glider
  • TurboStat instantly delivers and maintains desired water temperature.

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2. Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 62” Stainless Steel SPS88991 Thermostatic Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower Head, Body Nozzles, and Handheld Shower Head

Blue ocean is a very popular brand in the shower valve industry; though the price range of their shower panels is a little bit expensive, but they are much appreciated in terms of quality. The Blue Ocean 62 “Stainless steel thermostatic shower panel is designed with a combination of all the outstanding features, which is why we originally picked it up on our list.

It has a thermostatic valve with multiple shower systems, which will help you to get various shower experiences with different temperatures. Blue Ocean has used six body nozzles in their shower panel, along with a waterfall shower, rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, each of which works outstandingly.

The great feature of the Blue Ocean shower system is that the installation process of almost all their shower panels is very easy. In the same way, the installation process of this thermostatic shower panel is pretty easy; you can easily install it yourself by following the user manual. However, in the case of installing warm and cool water lines will need to access directly.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with stainless steel with brushed finish
  • Comes with multiple shower head design
  • Unique design for flat wall installation
  • Integrated with thermostatic valve
  • Easy to use and installation
  • The lowest pressure required is 28 psi, and the highest pressure required 72 psi

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3. JiaYouJia Thermostatic Shower Faucet

JiaYouJia Thermostatic Shower Faucet Flush Mount Rain Shower System with Hand Shower Square Rainfall Shower Head & Handheld Sprayer Shower Combo Set (16 Inches, Brushed Nickel)

Ceiling rain shower systems are very convenient in the shower field, with no need for any kind of extra adjusting. However, if you are looking for a thermostatic rain shower faucet, then you can take a look at JiaYouJia, especially its hassles-free control and durable construction will attract any consumer preferably.

It uses advanced technology thermostatic valve, which will supply water of your desired temperature, and special technology used to protect against an unwanted accident. The JiaYouJia thermostatic valve is made using high-quality premium brass construction and brushed nickel finishing, which simultaneously provides durability and higher resistance performance for a long time.

With consumers in mind, they include a highly adjustable handheld sprayer and a rain shower system, which aids in the water flow to your desired location during the shower. Also, according to users, the installation process is very simple. You simply connect the shower system with the thermostatic system and maintain the user manual properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting, durable performance
  • An anti-scald thermostatic valve offers constant water.
  • Comes with an adjustable multiple shower head design
  • High-quality solid brass construction and premium brushed nickel finish
  • The showerhead can be installed either mounted flush or exposed.

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4. RBROHANT Brushed Nickel Thermostatic Shower System

RBROHANT Brushed Nickel Thermostatic Shower System, 20x11 Inch Rectangular Dual-function Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Sprayer, Wall Mounted, Solid Brass, Rough-in Valve Body and Trim Included

RBROHANT has invented their brushed nickel finish thermostatic shower system to give a modern look to modern bathrooms. Every part of their shower system is made of SUS stainless steel materials, which ensures for long-lasting usability and the highest quality durability.

RBROHANT shower system comes with a dual function, which includes a powerful shower sprayer along with higher pressure rainfall, which helps you to get a different experience. The best part is its thermostatic shower valve which helps you to get water at a convenient temperature every time.

It also has secure technology to prevent scalding. Most consumers appreciate this easy application system because it has added separate buttons to control it independently, which can be easily used by all ages. The installation process is much simpler.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Dual-function 20 inches’ rain shower head
  • Convenient to use keeps the water at the desired temperature
  • cUPC Certified thermostatic shower valve
  • Brushed nickel finish ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Children and the elder-friendly designed knob

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5. Enga Thermostatic Mixing Valve Shower

Enga Shower Jets System with Wall Mount 12 Inch Rain Shower Head and Handheld (Can Run All Together), Matte Black Thermostatic Brass Shower Faucet Fixture Combo Set

Are you looking for a shower system where you get almost all the systems? And if you want, you can control separately and together? Then Enga thermostatic shower system is undoubtedly an excellent option for you. which comes with multiple shower systems simultaneously. As well as having a separate controlling system, you can control everything at the same water flow rate.

It comes with four pieces of body sprays, which are 360 ​​degrees rotatable that help you to get the perfect massage, and it is very effective in relieving fatigue. In addition, to make your shower more relaxing and romantic, LED has been attached with showerhead, which is an entirely unique feature, but you do not have to attach any kind of separate battery for the LED feature.

Enga has designed their thermostatic function to be kid-friendly, which makes it anti-scald and safe to use in both hot and cold temperatures. However, the installation process is a little bit difficult, which will be very challenging for beginners, so it is better to get an expert plumber’s help. It also comes with a five-year warranty, plus limited lifetime support, which ensures quality and durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Security stop at 38 degrees (100℉).
  • You can use all options separately
  • Made with solid brass & ceramic cartridge
  • 360 degrees adjustable shower wall jets
  • Anti-scald thermostatic functions
  • 12″ Large shower head with relaxation LED features

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Things You Should Know Before Buying the Best Thermostatic Shower Systems

Best Thermostatic Shower Systems

There are no complicated rules for choosing a thermostatic shower system. You can easily select the shower system. However, there are still some things that should be looked at in a special way, which we have highlighted below.


In choosing any bathroom systems products, durability and quality materials matter first so that they can last for many years after installing. In the same way, when you choose a thermostatic shower system, you must select a steel alloy or durable constructed stainless steel materials so that you get long-lasting performance as well as higher resistance features.

Types of Showerheads

The showerhead is another important factor, but most beginner buyers skip this part. To buy the right thermostatic shower system, you need to look at each of the features seriously. You can see three types of thermostatic shower heads in the market: rain showerheads, handheld showerheads, and nozzles.

In the case of showerhead choosing, be sure to prefer the head that is enough to cover your entire body during the shower. Again, adjustable flow rate you can control as much as you need. So select the showerhead suitable for you.

Fixing System

The fixing system is completely connected to the shower valve. While multiple people in your family will use it, not everyone will be the same size. So the fixing system should be fixed in such a way that everyone can use it ideally. In this case, you can choose an adjustable fixing system to eliminate height issues. As well as another option, you can choose a handheld showerhead, which is highly adjustable and much easier to use for everyone.

Easy to Installation

There are many people who like to do their own work. If you have basic knowledge about plumbing systems, then, of course, you can easily install your thermostatic shower system. In this case, your chosen shower system with easy to install feature.

Due to the difficult installation system in most of the cases, plumber’s also damaged various parts and attachments. So to avoid this kind of problem, the installation process must be accessible.

Thermostatic Shower Valves: How it Works

It would be best to use thermostatic shower valves because you won’t ever have to worry about the water temperature again. As the water pressure changes, this shower valve continuously adjusts to maintain the temperature throughout the whole shower.

In addition, thermostatic shower valves are the best choice if you want multiple body spray options. Your desired temperature is delivered instantly when you turn on the tap. Two handles are found on thermostatic shower valves. The volume of dispensed water is controlled by one handle, and the other handles control the temperature. 

 Water pressure does not react to thermostatic valves because they react to the temperature.

Advantages of Thermostatic Shower Valves

Advantages of Thermostatic Shower Valves
Image Source: bigbathroomshop

Using this valve, you can adjust the flow volume without changing the temperature, making it a great feature! Abusing this feature helps you conserve water while shampooing or shaving. Slow down the flow of water.

The shower valve continuously balances cold and hot water ratios due to a wax piece inside it that reacts to changes in temperature. It would automatically stop water flow from the other side of the valve if either hot or cold water stopped.

You can set your water heater to 140°F to prevent bacterial contamination by using a thermostatic valve, and you have total control over your shower temperature. Whenever you turn on your shower head, the water will be 100°F (in the settings of your shower valve, you can select your maximum output temperature).

This system has the advantages of increasing energy efficiency, improving flow rates, and possibly lowering water bills.

Difference Between Thermostatic And Manual Shower Valves

Differences between these products are found in their handling, pressure, safety, easy-to-use, and cost. However, the choice is completely up to you, considering your comfort and estimated budget.


A thermostatic system controls water temperature by setting a value and detecting the sensor’s measurement. These valves adjust their warmth based on the preset value and current water temperature. In manual systems, the water temperature is wholly controlled by the user. It can be set to any temperature at any time.


As thermostatic valves allow a backflow of water, they typically need high pressure. Manual shower valves can be used with either high or low-pressure systems, but the former is recommended.


Those of the first type shut off automatically if there is a problem with their hot water or cold water feed, preventing any serious injuries. Manual showers do not have automatic shutoff features. The drawback is that you risk sustaining accidental injuries in scorching or freezing temperatures.

Ease of Use

Due to two or more handles, they are more difficult to operate. With manual showers, the temperature and flow of the water can both be adjusted with one lever. However, there may need to be a diverter if there are two showerheads connected to the mixer. In each case, the diverter will select which of these will remain active throughout the action. As a result, both outlets may experience an undesirable flow of water.

Price Point

Because of their advanced valves, thermostatic showers are among the most expensive types. Conversely, manual mixers are much less expensive than other alternatives. They are affordable because they don’t have high-performance sensors like thermostats. They may also be less expensive due to their simple design and construction.

Best Thermostatic Shower Valve Manufacturers

We’ll now look at the top brands of thermostatic shower valves that you can trust!


Kohler has been known for its reliable brass valves for a long time.

 A higher price tag might come with a longer lifespan, but high quality is worth it. The pressure-balancing valves made by Kohler are particularly popular.


These valves are famous for thermostatic shower systems and digital shower panels, and they are durable and made of high-quality materials.


The company offers shower valves at a lower cost and a more straightforward installation process. Delta has developed a multi-choice universal shower valve with a wide selection of Delta trims and cartridges.

Manufacturers of reputable valves typically offer limited lifetime warranties.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How does a thermostatic shower valve work?

The thermostatic shower valve works much more simply. First, the valve stores high-temperature water, which kills bacteria and other germs. Then according to your recommendations, it mixes hot and cold water, and the water comes to the shower at your desired temperature.

Also, one of the best features is that if there is any problem of too cold or too hot in the system, then the thermostatic shower valve is turned off so that it can protect you from the injury of thermal shock.

Why do thermostatic shower cartridges fail?

This is a very common issue, and there are many reasons why cartridges fail, but the most common one is the combination of cold water pressure and heated hot water pressure. Due to their constant balance, the cartridge’s housing is damage.

How long does a thermostatic shower valve last?

This is a typical question, but depending on the quality and features of thermostatic shower valve systems, it normally lasts up to 2 years or more.

Are thermostatic shower wort it?

Yes, the thermostatic shower has many special facilities, especially for children and adults. You can also set the temperature according to your needs and use different water temperatures as needed. Overall, it’s worth it.

Do thermostatic showers reduce pressure?

Thermostatic shower valve works with temperature, not pressure. It basically monitors the water temperature; when the highest temperature value exceeds, the thermostatic valve will gradually reduce the water temperature.

Wrapping Up

The best thermostatic shower systems is very effective for regular showers, especially for kids and elders. Though its price is a bit expensive for its great temperature and system management, but it can be a worthy shower system for your home. Hopefully, our guide has helped you a lot in the thermostatic shower valve selection, which is suitable for your bathroom. You can also read our related article about the 


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