Best Utility Sink Pump Reviews And Buyer Guide

Best Utility Sink Pump Reviews And Buyer Guide

It is natural to have confusion about choosing the best utility sink pump. By fixing your requirements, different companies offer various sets of utility pumps. You need to choose outstanding features & efficient products from them. Utility sink pump is a compact system directly attached to the basement of laundry sinks, washing machines, utility sinks, and other project remodeling basements and used to drain off wastewater where the gravity system cannot work.

Connecting pumps near the drainage region enhance sink performance by allowing automatic basin draining when the sewer is full in the basin. Notably, the system is resistant to corrosion and economical for home water using applications, hence helps in water-saving bills. Purchasing sink pumps with a reputable portfolio is an ideal decision for customers since the company takes part in selling products of high quality, durability, best performance, and stable warranties.

10 Best Utility Sink Pump Reviews

To make the best choice, follow these 10 utility sink pump reviews. Let’s take a look at those products and grab the right one.

  1. Superior 91025 1/5 HP – Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump
  2. Simer 2925B Sump – Best Laundry Sink Pump
  3. Liberty Pumps 404l 1/3 Hp, 115v – Best Under Sink Drain Pump
  4. Flotec Fpus1860a – Best Utility Sink Pump System
  5. Burcam 300514WH – Best Laundry Tub Pump
  6. Fluentpower 1/4 HP – Best Portable Submersible Utility Pump
  7. Extraup 115volt 330 Gph – Best Portable Low Suction Electric Pump
  8. Lanchez Q9003 3/4 HP – Best Drain Pump for Swimming Pool Garden Pond And Basement
  9. ECO-FLO – Manual Submersible Utility Pump
  10. Wayne CDU980E – Best Submersible Sump Pump

01. Superior 91025 1/5 HP – Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Superior Pump 91025 1/5 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord

The Superior pump company offers high quality of utility pumps. They use high technology in construction to get efficient performance.

This pump comes with thermoplastic material which ensures durability.

Superior 91025 helps in lifting 1560 gallons of water per hour. Thus, it can save water bills to customers with low income.

The pump contains large 1-1/4 inch discharge facilitate high pumping capacity. Having 1/3 HP motor enhances superior power deliveries.

The pump comes with a detachable suction screen used for filtering debris. It also helps in filtering out large amounts of debris and handling large solids efficiently.


  • Vertical lifting capacity 1560 Gallons per hour.
  • Water-saving.
  • Cuts costs of plumbing services.
  • Work for a long time.
  • Durable thermoplastic development.
  • Has 3/4 adapter of garden hose to enhance the performance.
  • 1 year of replacement opportunity.


  • No automatic float switch.
  • It lacks access handle for holding.

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02. Simer 2925B Sump – Best Laundry Sink Pump

Simer 2925B Self-Contained Above-Floor Corrosion-Resistant Sump/Laundry Sink Pump, 1/4 HP, 115V, 1-1/2' Discharge Pipe, Handles Solids Upto 1/8', 6 Gallon Drainage Tank, Black

The self- contained Simer 2925B sink Pump comes with external shell foam. It has vertical Switch that makes the model resistant to corrosion. This sink Pumps come handy in cleaning clothes. It helps in pumping water into the sewage system as well.

The Simer sink pump comes with a stable thermoplastic cover. Its elevated base permits impeller that can avoid any scrap.

Laundry Sink Pump comes with 1-1/2 size of a discharge pipe. It flushes wastewater efficiently, thus preventing the sink from clogging. And a motor has 115-volts that manage up to 2880 water gallons in one hour.

  • The thermoplastic cover increases the operation period of the pump. Durable and hard foam help the model in keeping water at bay,


  • Best motor capacity with a remarkable shut-off point.
  • Efficient water flow mechanism.
  • Maximum use of the thermoplastic blades.
  • Easy installation procedure.
  • Suitable for laundry room.


  • Difficulty in moving.

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03. Liberty Pumps 404l 1/3 Hp, 115v – Best Under Sink Drain Pump

Liberty Pumps 404L Compact 1/3 HP Low Profile Drain Pump

The Liberty sink pump comes with 1.3HP and 115-volt residential draining pump systems. The application of drain pumps takes place in various sinks, including utility sinks. It has compatible features to clean clothes as well as pets.

The company designs pumps for wastewater draining mechanism.

Accordingly, the 404 system from liberty pumps contains float switch with piggyback plug. Check valve helps in preventing water from flowing back.


  • Prevents backflow of water in each cycle.
  • Strong rubber sealing.
  • Durable finishing.
  • Elegant design.
  • Pre-assembled factory for installation.


  • No backup case.
  • Relatively expensive.

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04. Flotec Fpus1860a – Best Utility Sink Pump System

Flotec FPUS1860A Utility Sink Pump System

FPUS1860A has a simple installation System. Sink pump can be attached to the basement of wet bar banks, laundry, and utility sinks. The system helps in installing service without draining access to plumbing.

Installed sink system helps in eliminating the cost of labor, vents, and traps. This offers a trouble-free and quite a performance. The sink laundry mechanism is affordable and has resistant to corrosion.

The construction of thermoplastic provides better performance of Floatec sinks models. 1/4 HP flowing power helps to increase the removal rate of wastewater. Having a stainless steel pump covering enhances long-lasting performance.


  • Ideal for basement use.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Does not produce extra sound.
  • Removes up to 2000GWH.
  • Heavy lifting duty.
  • Effective performance.
  • Great layout.


  • Loose valve threads.

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05. Burcam 300514WH – Best Laundry Tub Pump

BurCam 300514WH Laundry Tub Pump, Automatic Switch, 1/3 hp, 115V

This BurCam 300514WH sink pump has a maximum height of 10 feet, which can enable easy handling of grey wastewater. This laundry tub pump consumes relatively less water.

The installation takes small floor space. The motor starting procedure features with an automated switch. After starting the motor the water gets into the pump body. It has 1/3 HP Automatic Laundry Tub Pump system.

Burcam sink pump is durable, reliable, and has an easy installation process.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Not costly (affordable to low-income earners)
  • Has 140°F maximum water temperature.
  • Easy to fit under vanities, wet bars, and utility sinks.
  • Designed for corrosion-resistant.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Produces loud noises.

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06. Fluentpower 1/4 HP – Best Portable Submersible Utility Pump

FLUENTPOWER 1/4HP Utility Pump 1500GPH Submersible Sump Pump, Drain Clean Water for Basement Flood Cellar Pool Garden Pond and Hot Tub

FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Sink Pump is the best option for budget friendly customers. It has several inbuilt plastic hoses. FLUENTPOWER features with 5/8 inches hose discharging by a clamp. This utility pump can lift 25 gallons of water in one minute.

This sink pump comprises with 1/4 HP flushing power. It also has thermal overload protection. The utility pump system helps in lifting water to 16.5 feet.

Water flow rate 1500 gallons per hour, making it an excellent choice for home use, preferably in draining small amounts of water from water handling applications. Plug-in operation is comparatively easy. The sink is quite affordable.


  • Ability to lift water to a vertical height of 16.4 feet.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Efficient (1/4 hp) flushing power.
  • Smooth plug-in operation.


  • The model comes with fragile screws.

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07. Extraup 115volt 330 Gph – Best Portable Low Suction Electric Pump

EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH Portable Low Suction Electric Water Transfer Removal Utility Pump With Suction Hose Kit

EXTRAUP is an electric water pump that comes with a motor with 1/10 hp. Mostly used in removing water up to 1/8 inches.

The sink pump system has the ability to transfer up to 330 gallons/hour. It can be easily install in pools & flooded foundation. The unit is efficient in draining water heaters, washing machines & waterbeds.

EXTRAUP sink pump comes with simple manual instruction for installation.


  • Has 1/10 Horsepower.
  • Portable.
  • Sufficient For Draining Waterbeds.
  • Manual instructions for Installation.
  • Useful Mostly For Water Heater.
  • Easy installation.
  • Affordable.


  • Overheating

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08. Lanchez Q9003 3/4 HP – Best Drain Pump for Swimming Pool Garden Pond And Basement

Lanchez Submersible Utility 3/4 HP Pump with 4450 GPH Flow for Water Removal, Drain Pump for Swimming Pool Garden Pond Basement,Transfer Pump 25 feet Power Cord

Lanchez 3/4 HP Multipurpose sink pump system comes with a rugged thermoplastic resistant body. The body gives protection against corrosion and a 25 inches electricity cord.

Water flow rate is at 4450 gallons in one hour. It lifts water from a maximum submersible height of 17- feet. Vertically the pump can lifts water from the height of 40- feet.

The sealing of the body enables long term usage. Thermal overload cover helps in preventing overheating. Lanchez sink pump can be used as mobile pump.


  • Flushes at a high rate of 4450 Gallons in one hour.
  • Thermal overload cover.
  • Moderately cheap.
  • Electrically efficient.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Small and portable.


  • The modern does not come with the garden horse.

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09. ECO-FLO – Manual Submersible Utility Pump

ECO-FLO Products SUP80 Manual Submersible Utility Pump, 1/2 HP, 3,180 GPH

Manual submersible utility pump is an elegant device designed for various residential purposes. Eco-Flo is quite small with the dimensions. The machine is capable of pumping water from boreholes. Emptying clogged drains and pools are also important objectives of the device.

The oil-cooled motor can hook into a source of energy instantly. It comes with a 115V permanent split capacitor motor. The small size and low costs make the brand perfect for homeowners.


  • Efficient in pumping 1800 water gallons/hour.
  • Durable.
  • Versatile for residential use.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Lightweight for simple portability.


  • Requires regular monitoring.

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10. Wayne CDU980E – Best Submersible Sump Pump

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible is the model made of harsh iron cast and stainless steel. Strong body helps in preventing the pump from corrosion and decaying.

The flushing of water rate is 4600 gallons per hour. The sink can lift water up to 10 inch hence minimizes water bills. It consists with 3/4 horsepower to improve the model’s performance.

The construction of the model includes an 8-inch long power cord. It resistant to water and cannot break when submerged for a long time. The top suction used in eliminating airlock, thus minimizing clogging.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • The water flow rate of 4600 gallons/hour.
  • No overheating issues.
  • A simple installation procedure


  • Noisy operation.

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Guide: How To Choose The best utility sink pump?

Best Utility Sink Pump

There is a versatile utility sink out there. You cannot try all of them in order to get efficient performance.

You should consider some factors before purchasing any utility sink pump. By using the right analytical skill, you can easily find the desired utility sink from here.

Factors that need to know before purchasing any utility sink pumps.

Consider the material Quality

Material is the primary factor for choosing utility sinks for your homes. There are different material options to find in the market, including stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, and porcelain sink pumps.

Stainless steel is the best material used to build sinks. It makes the sink pump light in weight and easy to operate.

Sinks incorporate with cast iron can withstand high temperature. These sinks tend to have durability to wear and tear. These products need regular maintenance.

Ceramic sinks are stains resistant, sturdy and simple cleaning with the appealing shine.

Finally, Porcelain material design sink has classic shine & timeless beauty. Simple cleaning and heat resistance virtue makes them perfect utility models.

Ease of Use

You should get maximum efficient usage after installation of your utility sink. Keeping comfort ability in mind, you should choose the installation place. Moreover, homeowners should install the utility sink near the cleaning area.

Moreover, Customers need to choose a model that is most convenient for them.

Shape and Sink Design

There are wide ranges of utility sink pump out there. When choosing the utility sink, customers need to consider the space layout.

Customers require finding the perfect utility sink pumps in terms of usage. Some need to buy for daily activities, some for special. Design is another factor to look out before making the purchasing decision.

Getting a quality sink with sloped bottom design helps in allowing for better drainage. Rubber padding helps in lowering the level of noise.


The factor involves the cost of utility sink pump and installation cost. As price is the most important factor for purchasing, one should buy accurate sink pump for better efficiency.

The price varies from one model to another depending on the size and materials used in construction.

The cost of fiberglass utility sink is $50-$100. Stainless steel models are of high quality, and their costs range from $175-$500.

On the other hand, installation cost involves the amount of money required by the plumber to install the utility model. Installation price varies from $200-$1000.

Therefore customers need to ask for purchasing and installation estimates before the work starts.

Consider the installation style

The best utility sink pump mechanism comes with various choices of installation. There are four options related to installation styles, such as under-mount, wall-mounted, floor-standing, and drop-in.

The under-mount technique involves ultimately underneath counter installation.

The drop-in installation style consists in fitting the sink pump into a hole. The hole has a previous countertop cut.

Since any model chosen by the customer will stay for some years, therefore it is essential to select the model that can meet all the requirements in the long run.


A warranty covers all operational components making the product. It reduces cost burned of repair of a product.

The company has to offer various services fulfilling warranty. Such as- repair, replacement of the product, or materials under condition.

However, the certificate does not give some coverage services such as accidental damages, scratches, abuse or misuse, improper installation, normal wear of some parts, and inadequate maintenance damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?)

How do you replace a utility sink pump?

The procedure of replacement involves using the technical expertise as needed. The process of replacing the parts of utility sink pump is very complex. Non operational parts should be replaced by professionals.

How do you hook up a utility sink?

Hooking the utility sink pump involves using a plastic extender or a chrome tailpiece. This helps to connect the sink and faucet to the new PVC trap.

Plumbers use their putty in wrapping under the facet. By tightening the nuts they hold the model in position.


By using a little analytical knowledge you can find a perfect sink for your basement. In this best utility sink pump review, we mentioned some amazing and practical design oriented products. This review will help you to get a perfect product as per your requirement.

It is not possible to change utility sink pump once per month or a year. Considering the factors you need the most, you can pick one from this list very easily. Good luck!