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Delta Vs Moen Shower Valves: Find the Best in 2021

Delta and Moen are market dominating shower valves in 2021. Both brands offer us flexibility in choosing best quality shower valves.

There are many shower valve manufacturers using different materials and technologies. But we have selected this two best shower valve brands for its quality.

Moen or Delta shower valves Faucet Comparison

Kind of confused and looking for advice on which brand is best? We got the full Comparison of Delta Vs Moen Shower Valves. Let’s find out the better/best one.

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Delta Vs Moen Shower Valves: Head to Head Comparison

Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions4.9 by 5.1 by 4.9-inches7 by 7 by 6-inches
 Item Weight
Item Weight1.5 to 1.85-pounds1.3 to 1.75pounds
StyleShower only valve with stopsNot Applicable
ColorMulticolored, chromeChrome brushed nickel
FurnishStainless steel, chrome-platedBrushed nickel, chrome-plated, stainless steel
 Ideal for
Ideal forThose who prioritize technological advancement Tight budgetersFocus on design aspect for full rain like feeling Cost is not a problem
 Power Source
Power SourceElectricityElectricity
BatteriesNot includedNot included
CertificationWaterSense certifies itCertified by ASSE
ReliabilityUp to date technology and design with the versatilityDurable performance giving an invigorating raindrops sensation
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Moen or Delta: Compare With Effective Matters

It is really tough to select one from this two. They are all designed using different materials &components. Pricing of these products are quite different as well.

You should consider certain factors in order to choose the best thing. Factors you should keep in mind selecting the best brand among the two:


The material quality determines how long the shower valve will last. These two brands have been designed with different materials.

Moen shower valves uses solid brass material of copper and zinc metals. It’s known to be the hardest and strongest materials. These materials can resist corrosion and any kinds of wearing. It also gives protection from calcification by hard water.

Moen shower valves are furnished with brushed nickel. These valves are shiny and have long-lasting performance. Moen shower valves are extremely durable and expensive than other brands.

On the other hand, most Delta faucet valves are made of plastic and brass metal. This does not ensure higher quality of products. This is why, this type of faucets cheaper as compared to Moen’s faucets.

They tend to last lesser periods of time. These valves require regular checking and fixing. Based on your choice, you should choose the perfect brand.


Moen faucet shower valves include M-PACT standard valve systems. Immersion Rainshower Technology ensures maximum and consistent water flow.

For Delta faucets, the story is different. They are driven by advanced technologies plus innovations.

They are usually designed with the latest gadgets like the H2OKinetic. This gadget ensures more coverage of water through wave-like pattern.

The Spot Guard keeps the faucets clean. The In2ion allows users to choose delta shower type.


Engineering involves the unique design of the shower valve faucets for their excellent functioning. In this case, Moen shower valve faucets are designed to provide their users with invigorating sensation of rain drops in their comfort of their bathrooms.

They are developed with Immersion Rainshower Technology that ensures maximum and consistent water flow creating amazing coverage using their self pressurizing channels.

For Delta faucets, the story is different. They are driven by advanced technologies plus innovations.

They are usually designed with the latest gadgets like the H2OKinetic which ensures more coverage by giving water in a wave like a pattern.

The Spot Guard keeps the faucets clean while the In2ion allows users to choose shower type.

Fixture option

Since these shower faucets are compatible for plumbing repairs. Moen shower valve faucets are expected for regular plumbing fixing problems.

No replacement of the plumbing behind the wall is required. 0.5-inch crimp ring, IPS, and PEX connection types limit the options for connection.

Delta faucets are uniquely designed with 0.5” of letting cartridges. Cartridges are varies from single, dual, and dual thermostatic shell. Besides, it has IPS, PEX, and UNIVERSAL types of connection.

No alteration of the plumbing behind the wall while installing. It’s suitable for tub faucet trim kits.

Budget Efficiency

Different quality of materials and technologies differ them in pricing.

Delta faucet brands are known to be affordable. Buyers choose this brand as it is super affordable than Moen. Delta shower valves have a wide range of functional options.

Moen faucets are relatively expensive. High quality of materials used in their construction makes them rich. Moen shower valves tend to be more durable. They are more reliable withstanding corrosion and rusting. They stand out as the most decent and brand in finishing.

It’s, for this case, why it’s highly-priced hence only suitable to those buyers who the price tag is not their priority factor.

This is suitable for the buyer, for whom price is not an issue. They tend to focus on the shower design. They witnessed a luxurious shower room experience through valves.

Editorial Recommendations – DELTA

Delta Faucet R1000-UNBX Shower Valves

Delta Faucet R1000-UNBX Shower Valves

You can use Delta Faucet for easy alteration of shower valve. You do not need to alter the plumbing behind the walls for that. Delta Faucets are very much compatible with many Delta trim. Thus, you can have multi choice universal connection like IPS, UNIVERSAL, and PEX.

All these connection options are possible with the 0.5-inch universal inlets. This fantastic faucet valve comes with mounting bracket. You can use a sturdier installation to prevent rocking. It’s lightweight and small dimensions makes it easy and faster to install.

  • Easily changeable functions.
  • Durable
  • Color variation
  • Easy installation and firm positioning
  • Allows various connections
  • Cons
  • Unfurnished
  • It can cause cancer, congenital disabilities, and reproductive harms
  • Delta Faucet R1000-UNWSHF Shower Valves

    Delta Faucet R1000-UNWSHF Shower Valves

    Delta Faucet R1000-UNWSHF is another most popular shower valve from Delta. It includes a back to back installation capability. It comes with mounting bracket. The bracket provides protection to the valve ensuring stable position.

    A heat resistant pressure test cap has been included. It determines the water temperatures and pressure before the installation is done. Trim kits are designed to suit single, dual, and dual thermostatic cartridges.

    Besides, screwdriver stop feature enhances optimum safety usage.

  • Easy to install with a snap.
  • Testing of water and air before installation.
  • Back to back capability.
  • Prevention from rocking.
  • Cons
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • No batteries included for backup power.
  • Editorial Recommendations – MOEN

    It is not possible to change shower head monthly. You should buy the valve that serves you for years. We found two best MOEN Shower Valves for your consideration. For safe and efficient plumbing, this recommendation will help you vividly.

    Moen 2510 Shower Valve

    Moen 2510 Shower Valve

    Moen 2510 is a standard shower repair tool for plumbing solution. It’s built on Moen M-PACT conventional valve system. It can change shower styles without replacing the plumbing.

    It is equipped with Posi Temp valve technology. By providing a generous flow of water, it also maintains the temperature. It features with four ports cycle valve. This allows a predetermined hottest temperature setting.

    The 0.5-inch connection sizes make it ideal for numerous fixing activities. Besides, it’s constructed with durable brass. It has a limited lifetime warranty from Moen against drips, leakages.

  • Suitable for shower fixing problems.
  • Maintain optimum water temperature.
  • Pressure balancing feature.
  • Cycle through the old and hot air/water.
  • Safe in use.
  • Cons
  • Relatively costly.
  • Moen 2580 Shower Valve

    Moen 2580 Shower Valve

    This remarkable shower valve features with 0.5-inch crimp ring. It’s designed for easy and quick installation. Without replacing the plumbing system you can change the styles. It is equipped with 1222 cartridge accommodates back to back installation. Water temperature is substantially maintained at optimum stage.

    The M-PACT valve system makes it super easy to install; hence it is liked by many users. With brass construction, longer performance can be achieved.

  • Temperature limit feature
  • Easy installing without replacing the valves.
  • Allows upgradation of functioning.
  • Discharges water generously.
  • Allows for back to back installations.
  • Maintain water temperatures.
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs? )

    Are Moen And Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

    No. It’s tough to put a Moen trim onto a Delta trim. These brands are designed differently to fit onto a specific trim. They have different inlets or connection types with different sizes.

    The shower trim kit you select should match with the valve. But, it’s possible to select various colors within same brands.

    It’s always better to select shower valves from the same brand.

    Moen Or Delta: What Is The Best Shower Valve To Buy?

    Well, it depends on customer requirement with the valves. There are wide ranges of products that can fulfill your desire. You should choose the best thing for better efficiency.

    Considering the factors based on your desires, you can easily decide between Moen and Delta.

    Delta shower valve offers you the updated technology. It also incorporates with wide range of design. It is suitable for buyer with limited budget.

    Moen shower valve comes with improved spray patterns. These valves have excellent performance and quality. Connection of Moen shower valves are long lasting. It is quite expensive. So, you have to pay more in order to get these valves. Also, it has decent finishes that make it attractive in your shower room.

    You can choose both brands for effective shower fixtures. You can choose one out of two in terms of your need, and you would not regret.


    All you need is the best brand shower valve, which will suit your plumbing repair desires. However, as we have seen, these brands are not that much different from one another.

    They are designed to enhance the best shower room experience. You need is to make a proper decision that fits your requirement.

    After reading the Delta vs Moen shower valves head to head comparison, We hope you can find the best one that you are looking for.

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