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Does Shower Curtain Need Liner

Does Shower Curtain need liner? Read Before Buying A Liner

Small things always make a huge difference. Thereby, the smallest room in a house is the bathroom. Likewise, in a shower curtain, the smallest part is the liner. As we know, a  shower curtain liner helps in preventing mildew and watering. 

So if you have a non-water-resistant curtain, you’ll need a liner for protection. You can even use it for your sole shower curtain. We have looked into this and have found out some importance. Keep reading!

Shower curtain liners provide flexibility and strength

Shower Curtain Liners Provide Flexibility And Strength

A shower curtain with a liner is a great addition for many aspects. They are washable, and materials are inexpensive and disposable. A curtain liner extends the shelf life of a shower curtain. And also reduces water jetty outside of your shower. This extra protection is pleasing and very effective as well.

How do i choose a shower curtain liner?

We know a shower liner is a sheet that goes inside the bathtub. And it prevents shower water from getting onto the floor. It also guards the shower curtain and stops mildew from growing. So choosing a shower curtain liner should be in your touch. Here is some researched knowledge that may help you.

  1. Use an extra wide curtain if needed.
  2. Try to use cotton.
  3. Try vinyl for a cheap, low-care option.
  4. Try to get the organic option.
  5. Emphasis on microfiber curtains.
  6. Select the best liner material.

Give your shower a fresh look with a liner

Some homeowners feel that having a shower while taking a bath loses the luxurious look of their bathroom. However, you do not need to install a large soaking tub or a separate shower to upgrade your bathroom. Here are some ways for giving your shower looking good.

  • Replace Mirror.
  • Cleaning grouts.
  • Repaint current grout.
  • Add Towels.
  • Attach a Wee Shelf.
  • Design the entire wall.

Including the above, here are some extra for more details.

Give the Window Some TLC:

Maximum shower-tub combos have a window remains above. Some have more.  It is very common for the windows above tubs that soap scum glued up and water spot to the glass. So, you can brighten up by cleaning or scrubbing.

Note: If you feel that windows are extremely dull and dirty, do replace them.

Address Structural Issues:

Do you keep cleanser bottles in the corner or on your window shelf? If you found yes, then cover up all those. Bring a shower organizer. If you are not interested in shower organizers, you can install a corner shelve. Even installing towel racks is also useful storage for looking fresh.

Put in a New Tub and Shower Surround:

If you’re using a liner, you can install a new tub liner and shower surround within a day. And suddenly you will see your bathroom with a new look. But, tubs and showers get dingy, even you clean them daily, replacing them with your extra efforts.

What types of shower curtain liners are available?

Sometimes it is better to say; shower curtains are incomplete without a liner. Liners can use alone or with a shower curtain to retain excess water from walls and floors.

Besides, you need to know what type of shower curtain liner is best for your home? Here is the recommended list of shower curtain liners.

Fabric Shower Liner:

A fabric liner is a trendy style, and the patterns are made from vinyl, polyester, cotton, or linen. There are plenty of benefits to installing a fabric liner. When it is time to clean your liner, you can easily give it to the laundry and evade severe cleaning agents.

Fabric Shower Liner
Neutral Shower Curtain Liner

Interior Design: Readers Favorites

  • Non- polluting.
  • Materials are free from VOC and PVC.
  • Plenty of options with lucrative colors.
  • Cons
  • Need regular wash.
  • Plastic Shower Liners:

    A plastic shower liner is full of convenience and versatility, and even it is changeable.  On the other hand, this plastic shower curtain doesn’t contain VOC’s as well.

    Plastic Shower Liners
    Durable Plastic Liner
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Handsome looking.
  • Cons
  • Prone to tears.
  • Magnets Based Shower Liners:

    When you have a magnet shower liner, the magnets will keep the liner in place and weight. Usually, pools of water collecting on the floor and preventing slip and fall accidents.

    Magnets Based Shower Liners
    Eco-Friendly Curtain Liner With Magnets
  • Retains the liner in place better.
  • Reduces excess water escaping tub.
  • Cons
  • Occurs unforeseen problems for magnates.
  • Mildew Resistant Shower Liners:

    Washing a shower curtain liner is a good practice, especially if mildew buildup is a problem. So, you can reduce the need to wash your shower liner if the mildew-resistant shower liner is there.

    Mildew Resistant Shower Liners
    Classy Shower Curtain Liner
  • Reduces mildew and particulates.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Cons
  • Materials may contain VOCs or strange odors.
  • Heavy Duty Shower Liners:

    A heavy-duty shower curtain liner provides multiple benefits, like resistance to bacteria and mildew; the weight keeps it in place when showering, and many.

    Heavy Duty Shower Liners
    Premium Heavy-Duty Curtain Liner
  • Not sticking to your body when showering.
  • Resistance of bacteria and mildew.
  • Not blowing around in showering.
  • Cons
  • It may have a chemical odor.
  • PVC Free Shower Liners:

    Shower liners that are PVC-free don’t emit toxic compounds when showering. Even it resists water, mildew, mold and looks beautiful. A PVC-free shower liner will reduce your contact with potentially harmful chemicals.

    PVC Free Shower Liners
    Ornate Shower Curtain Liner That Is PVC-Free
  • No health concerning issue released when showering.
  • Soft.
  • Less mildew buildup.
  • Cons
  • May emit an odor
  • Extra Long Shower Liners:

    Most shower curtain liner’s length is 70 to 72 inches, but you will want an extra-long liner when your curtain rod is set high. However, you can manage fabric or plastic measuring 96 inches in length.

    Extra Long Shower Liners
    Frosted Extra Long Liner
  • Exceptional looking.
  • Fit for higher shower curtain rods.
  • Gives additional exposure to moving water out.
  • Cons
  • The liner may grind on the floor.
  • Extra Wide Shower Liners:

    It is an old-school bathtub shower combo with an extended curved shower. It curtains rod or a shower that needs a lot of coverage.

    Extra Wide Shower Liners
    Wide Shower Curtain Liner
  • Enable specific gap.
  • Gorgeous Looking.
  • Various colors, styles, and fabrics.
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for a low set shower curtain rod
  • Waffle Shower Liners:

    A waffle shower liner will feel you a spa-like shower experience. This shower-liner provides visual appeal and reduces water from the fugitive.

    Waffle Shower Liners
    Hotel-Style Waffle Shower Liner
  • Reduce water from escaping the shower.
  • Elegant looking.
  • Machine washable.
  • Cons
  • Limited customer.
  • Do you need a shower liner with a polyester shower curtain?

    Do You Need A Shower Liner With A Polyester Shower Curtain

    Generally, you don’t need to buy a shower liner if you have a polyester shower curtain. It depends on the quality of the polyester shower curtain and the combination of the shower curtain. Because a shower curtain with 100% polyester offers the best performance, and you don’t miss having a shower liner. But, if you feel that water is coming outside the curtain, fix a liner immediately.

    Which side of the shower curtain liner faces out?

    When you look at your shower curtain liner, you will see one side has a more kind look than the other. The textured side runs the risk of letting soap scum adhere but prevents water. The smoother side of a liner, especially a fabrics liner, reduces the amount of water that stays overdue after every shower. Note: a moist environment inspires the growth of mildew and mold via spores.

    How often should you change your shower curtain liner?

    Yes, a dirty shower curtain liner endangers the skin, eyes, and throat. But you don’t have to change or replace curtain liner until glaring tears or mildew or mold appears. So, as long as your shower curtain liner is good going, nothing is necessary there. However, the shelf-life of a liner heavily depends on the material’s strength and performance. That is why low-priced shower curtains are always a wastage. Relatively, expensive one can last up to a year with regular washings.

    How often should i clean my shower curtain liner?

    The normal thing is, if you observe streaks, dots, marks, or scum buildup, you need to wash your shower curtain liner. Suppose you have less time; you may call for a cleaner and repel mildew, mold, bacteria, and water buildup. Because keep your skin well and especially shower looking’s best,  do care at least once a week.

    What should i use to clean my shower curtain liner?

    If you are worried about cleaning, then you have many solutions. But be careful about harmful chemicals. So, you can spray bleaching powder with water, baking soda, and white vinegar, or even skin-friendly dish soap as well. Here it is more details.

    1. Open rings, then lob the curtain along with the liner in the washing machine. Give some towels that will provide scrubbing for better cleaning.
    2. Then, give some detergent and ½ to 1 cup of baking soda on it.
    3. Wash in warm or hot water at the peak level.
    4. Add ½ to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle.
    5. Let fabric curtains run through the spin cycle. And then hang to dry. Note: No need to use a dryer. If you have a plastic curtain, hang it in the bathroom right after it rinses.
    6. For removing further heavy mildew from a white, colored, or clear shower curtain, use OxiClean, Clorox 2, or even bleach.

    Every shower curtain is washable. And for your safety and hygiene, you need to be smart with your decision. Using vinegar is also used for cleaning shower curtain liner.

    Spoil your shower with a shower curtain liner

    Many shower curtains are attractive, waterproof, and do well without a liner. But, added a liner is an improvement for curtains. Additionally, shower curtain liners are inexpensive and reduce excess moisture in the bathroom. Even it prevents unwanted bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. That is huge. Right? But at the same time, a shower curtain demands some care, like wiped down once in 7 days.

    So, choosing a quality shower curtain liner will give you a boost to your bathroom. Moreover, it brings satisfaction and increases the performance of your shower curtain.

    How do i keep my shower curtain liner from mildewing?

    A shower curtain liner is made from a quick-drying substantial. So if you think of a liner that is sterile, waterproof, and even mildew-resistant, surely, that is a good idea, but still, a scrub is needed. Choosing a sponge, wipe down your liner with a bleach solution or an appropriate cleaner once a week. After a shower, increase the airing in your bathroom to help your liner speed the freshening process.

    What kind of shower curtain does not need a liner?

    There is a burning question about liner, “Do I need a liner for my cloth shower curtain?” The biggest answer is, No! Tightly woven or even medium-weighted shower curtains like Cotton  Canvas & Nylon Canvas can do the trick. Revealed!

    By the way, these are the alternatives to vinyl and plastic shower curtains. Besides this, the auto mechanism watered downwards through the fabric into the tub. The solid fabrics help the water stop and spraying outside of the shower using a liner.

    Do shower curtains go inside or outside the tub?

    Do Shower Curtains Go Inside Or Outside The Tub

    Tubs and showers are lives with moisture. Leakage of water from a bathtub or shower can cause various problems like mildew, structural damage, and so more. The shower curtain liner is resistant to moisture leakage.

    However, a shower curtain liner can do a great job keeping water where is necessary. All the time, it ensures the liner is inside of the tub basin, even though the curtain is outside. If water splashes, it adjusts the height of the curtain rod. Even in an emergency, it ensures the curtain liner is long and wide enough when it spans the entire area.

    Do shower curtains come with rings?

    Do Shower Curtains Come With Rings

    Usually, shower curtain tops have some buttonholes for fixing curtain rings. However, some curtains do not need any rings or hooks. It depends on your choice and intention. Cause curtains are great for designing, and rings are for stability. To get better, low maintenance, and easy to assemble, the decision should be yours. 

    Shower curtain liner installation?

    1. Place the shower curtain where you have space.
    2. Now place the shower curtain liner on top of the shower curtain.
    3. Then use shower curtain rings.
    4. Now install it to the shower rod placing the rings one by one.
    5. Adjust it properly and placing the curtain liner inside the bathtub and the shower curtain outside.

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