Effects After Stop Showering For One Month

Effects After Stop Showering For One Month

Ever had the feeling of stop showering every day? And ever thought about the consequences of not showering regularly? It’s really gross even to think about it. We can’t even think about doing so in real life.

What would happen if you stopped showering for weeks or months?

Let’s have some discussion about what will happen if you stop showering for one month.

7 Effects After Stop Showering For One Month.

Let’s break down the details. Here we will be discussing the effects after we stop showering for one month.

1. Body Smell

Human body smell is a crucial thing when it comes to not showering. Normally a person tend to take shower 5-6 times in a week. You can feel the change by yourself while not showering. After skipping shower you will not feel refreshed as well.

Skipping showering for a month, your body smell will be unpleasant. You might get along with the smell but not your surroundings can. This stinky smell won’t go away even if you use perfume. You will be excluded from any kind of hangout due to bad odor of your body.

2. Itching

Itching is the most irritating thing to tolerate. This will come up after skipping showering for one month. Compact dirt and pollutants in your skin will cause the irritation of itching. Your skin problem will increase if you don’t take shower in a month too. You will be scratching your dry skin for days and nights.

Over time, itching and scratching will lead to infection. Your body can easily be affected by bacteria also. Itching will cost you discomfort and unpleasant feelings as well. Sweat produces fatty acids that feed the skin bacteria. Thus itching will take place on your skin gradually.

3. Infections

You cannot imagine a day without coming into contact with bacteria and germs. There are tons of bacteria & germs incorporated in our daily life. From mobile phone to door handle, office seat to restaurant chair, you will definitely encounter bacteria. Whatever you touch you will come in contact with new bacteria and germs.

These germs and bacteria will not go away if you don’t clean your body. These germs can enter the internal system as well.  If you don’t shower for a month, these germs are going to harm your body. Entering the internal system, these germs will cause vicious infection.

4. Acne

Specialists &Beauticians suggested that you need to wash your face to prevent acne. So, if you try to live without taking shower, think about the risk of getting acne! You cannot demand a smooth body without taking a regular shower. Acne will be welcomed if you don’t wash your face properly.

Bacteria will affect not only your face but also your body! Existing bacteria will produce sebum to your body skin. As a result you will see pimples appearing to your body as well.  So you cannot spare from any kinds of acne and pimple without taking showering for one month.

5. Dead Skin Cells

We all lose dead skin cells every day. Normally, a person sheds millions of dead skin cells regularly. These need to be cleaned regularly as well. By taking a regular shower, one can scrub these dead skins easily. Give it a thought how many dead skins will remain after not showering for one month. This number might surprise you!

Dead skins are a suitable place for growing germs as well.  Without showering, germs can easily grow with the help of dead skin. One can easily eradicate the dead skin of the body by having regular showering experience.

6. Brown Marks

Dirt and dead cells will appear in your body due to not showering. It will appear as brown patches eventually. These are really hard to get rid of. You will notice these big brown patches after a few days of not showering.

If you don’t take shower regularly, dirt and dead cells are going to appear no matter what. These brown patches are known as Dermatitis neglecta. This problems are really severe to recover.

7. Hair Problems

Your hair is the crown of your beauty. Hair symbolizes personality and can tell people a lot about you. Without taking shower for long will turn your hair into a nightmare. It will become stinky and oily. Scalp will fill with the dandruff. Good hair days will be over. Gradually, you will see that you are losing your hair too easily. Greasiness of hair will ensure that.

Dandruff will cause itchiness to your scalp as well. Irritation of itching will take away your concentration too.


Problems incorporated with not having showered daily are quite severe. These 7 problems are very basic problems indeed. They may seem simple, but they can make a serious impact on the human body too. Not showering for one month is a really gross and hazardous thing to do. With temporary illness, it can give you severe illness too. So, try to take shower regularly as needed.

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