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Guide To Steam Showers

Guide To Steam Showers: All You Need To Know Before Buying?

Nowadays, there is a mounting attraction for Steam Shower in bathrooms, and why not? Showering with vapor is not just a luxury; it mainly relaxes muscles, calms aching joints, and stimulate tired bodies. However, before using any such commodity, it is better to know details first. And this article is the guideline of a steam shower that all you need to know before buying.

What Is The Minimum Shower Size For a Steam System?

Thinking of a new design, first, you need to look at your overall bathroom size and what standard shower sizes are accessible to it. Bathrooms with insufficient space will feel suffocating. So if you are determined to do renovation, it will be best to stand with your arms spread-out and then round in a circle. This turn will provide you a better idea of the size availability and comfortability.

The minimum size for a Steam shower should be 36″×36″×7′. Whereas you will see standard showers are sizes 32″ x 32″, most popular is 48″ x 36″ size shower. But if you have profound spaces, you should go for the minimum dimensions of 60″ x 36″. However, a steam shower over five square feet in size will need multiple showerheads to do the business.

How Tall should a Steam Shower Be?

A perfect steam shower is seven feet in height. And a shower shouldn’t be more than eight feet. Height is important as though a steam shower can accommodate a bench.  So, users can enjoy the stream flowing over the skin.

How Do You Size a Steam Generator?

The first step is to measure out the dimensions of the enclosure. And, the size measured includes the length, weight, and height. Multiplying all three measurements gives the cubic footage. Moreover, with the cubic footage’s value, we multiply by getting the total room volume.

Additionally, the factor used for rooms made with marbles and natural stone is 2.0. Ceramics, Porcelain tiles, and glass blocks all share 1.35 as factors. Manufacturers truly specify the multiplier for materials used in constructing Steam showers. So, choose a generator equal to the adjusted cubic footage measured.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Showers Installation?

About Steam Showers
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Can You Use a Shower Curtain in a Steam Shower?

Well, it depends on your decision. If you use curtains laced with liners, you may proceed to use a shower curtain in a steam shower. But it would help if you thought about this additional. As you know, steam maintains its conditions when temperature loss is minimum. So, for exchanging the conventional currents, shower curtains must contain insulative liners. And the function of the liner is to trap the steam produced by the shower.

DIY shower curtain ensures privacy in bathing and heat retention. No matter how the toilet is, but you need to mount a shower curtain. And even, sometimes, the shower curtain allows personal time with the bathroom steam. So, I am sure that finally now you are an expert on this question.

Does a Steam Shower Need a Vent?

Yes, it is quite relevant! A vent is important for many reasons while enjoying the shower. For example, a living room needs a vent for equal air progress.

So, removing moisture, especially smoke out, is essential to avoid mildew formation. Cause mildew can introduce viral or other fungal growth. Moisture removal is also necessary for shaves and makeup.

However, you don’t want to have water vapor all over areas where you shave. The hair follicles around the armpit and pubic areas are temperature sensitive. Female makeup items contain chemicals that can be altered by heat vapors. You don’t need the stream when applying body cosmetics.

Modes of ventilation include using exhaust fans and louvers. The Job of the exhaust fan is to channel the hot air away from the bathroom. Property owners should install it outside the shower enclosure. Remember, we don’t need anything that causes temperature loss, and that is equally important.

Louvers are shutters positioned at angles that allow the passage of air. Another effective way to allow ventilation is to cool down the room temperature with water. Cooling room temperature with water should involve turning on cold water. The water stays for fifteen-thirty seconds.

As the water flow continues, the steam temperature reduces. Excess steam condenses on door enclosures. The health of the entire Steam process relies on proper ventilation.

Does a Steam Shower Add Value?

Of course, yes. This additional makes your property stand out from others in a very competitive market. Property owners have become more interested in the value a property has to offer. The property’s value lies in the number of comfortable facilities it possesses.

People are looking for more ways to live comfortably and relaxed. When buyers hear that your property has steam showers, they will become more interested in negotiations. Imagine returning from a busy day; a shower bath sure does sound interesting. Real estate investors make sure properties have modern facilities like shower baths.

Shower baths are essential to the body for the following reasons:

  • Reliefs muscles stress.
  • Releases toxins from the body.
  • Purifies the skin tone.
  • Promotes sound sleep.
  • It alleviates allergy and symptoms, not asthma.

Another form of value-added is the minimized water wastage. In reality, you spend a lesser amount of water with a steam shower. A twenty minutes steam shower uses just two gallons of water. Now compare this with the regular five to ten gallons used in bathing daily.

Does a Steam Shower Use a Lot Of Water?

A steam shower is very economical with water usage. It ensures that your water bills don’t get inflated during use. Imagine a lovely family house with about ten people living and bathing every day. You can be sure that water bills don’t just come from bathing water.

You get billed for the amount of water used in the kitchen, toilet, and other house areas. It would be entirely inappropriate to allow vast gallons of water wastage while bathing. Steam showers ensure that minimal water gallons get consumed while washing.

A typical steam generator uses two gallons of water per steam session. That means for the ten persons staying in the house, and you spend fifty gallons every day.

If you were to use your conventional shower, you’d be consuming about five gallons individually. Now multiple this by ten persons, you have almost fifty gallons of water used. As days and months go by, water bills accumulate.

Can a Steam Shower Be Used As a Regular Shower?

Considering the situation, residents may convert a regular shower to a steam shower. All you need to do is to look for the fabricated parts that fit.

First, you need to contact the service of an experienced plumber to handle the conversion. Hopefully, professional plumbers would know how best to seal off openings that may exist. Little openings give room for the escape of vapor.

Most shower manufacturers use this in including flexibility to their regular shower designs. Doing this increases the compatibility of modern showers with steam shower components.

The difference between a steam shower and a traditional shower is in the heating and electrical part. In comparison, the installation of a steam generator considers two significant factors.

The first factor to consider is the size of the shower stall. And the other factor is the expected heat usage. Some steam units need to install under benches since they are waterproof.

During installation, a water line and an electrical breaker should connect to the steam generator. You would also consider creating heat vents. Supporting the generator, if the need arises, it doesn’t get damaged easily.

While converting a regular shower, ensure that the right electrical connections are in place. The steam units would determine the type of electrical wires to use.

How Much Does a Steam Shower Cost?

The cost of Steam showers varies from product to product. However, the standard price of a 3×3×7 steam shower talked between $2650-$6000. Most of the customers make purchases at approximately $4300. If you want to buy the components according to it, and you are welcome.

A standard unit generator costs $2270-$5350. The amount quoted excludes the installation fee charged by electricians and plumbers. At the same time, technicians may charge $500-$580 for the entire installation process. Installation takes up to seven hours.

The smaller the size of the steam generator, the lesser the cost. Below is a rough estimate of most steam generators and their prices.

Shower Type   Average Cost (After Fully Installed)

Prefab: $4,000 – $8,000
Corner: $4,000 – $10,000
Steam/Sauna Combo: $8,000 – $15,000
Steam/Jetted Tub Combo: $10,000 – $18,000
Custom: $10,000 – $18,000

Can You Use Ceramic Tiles In a Steam Shower?

As we see, different types of tiles fit with steam showers. The two tiles used mostly, whether the stone tile or the Porcelain Tile. Well, stone tiles can absorb the steam contents. And the absorption of vapor leads to the accumulation of moisture content on tiles.

The collection also affects the brightness of the tile as time proceeds. Instead of keeping heat trapped in the shower, the tile dissipates heat. However, the effect of stone tiles might not manifest immediately but grows continually.

Stone tiles require more electricity and large steam generators. Therefore, we do not recommend stone tiles as the first choice of shower tiles despite their fame.

The Porcelain tile is durable and non-porous. It has good insulating properties with the best use of ceramics. In the meantime, it ensures that steam generated is kept and closed when there is a need. We can recommend that the best choice for steam showers is the porcelain tiles.

How Much Electricity Does a Steam Shower Use?

The surprising thing is, steams shower consumes a minimum of electricity. Cost is very low when it utilizes a few gallons of water. The energy required to clean, collect, move, store and dispose of water gets minimized. A typical steam shower uses less than $1 for every shower bath.

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Final Words

Thus, the budget has a boundary in purchasing new materials. But In the world of landscape and technology, belief is your main happiness. Do many people frequently ask that why adding new steam to a shower is the best thing?  Here, the ultimate truth is that you’re adding value with luxury to your home with the best happening. Happy showering!

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