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How To Clean Toilet Seat

How To Clean Toilet Seat: remove urine stains Easily

The toilet is an essential facility in any home used for the collection or disposal of human urine and feces. Therefore, how to clean toilet seat in just 5 minutes. It’s very crucial and necessary to clean the toilet seat in the general hygiene family. The toilet has a seat component that comes into contact with most of the people.  

The toilet seat is always exposed to urine, causing an irritating and an unpleasant smell as a result of stains, thus the need for regular cleanness. Accordingly, the cleaning process of toilet seats requires considerations for both under and on the toilet.

Ultimate Guide: How To Clean Toilet Seat

Such factors must have a certain level of attention during the cleaning process. Therefore, to remove the yellow stains from the toilet seat, specific reagents that can absorb the bacteria and the bad smell from the areas that are hard to reach are used.

How To Deep Clean Toilet Seat?

Wipe Down the Toilet with a Damp Sponge

Wipe Down the Toilet with a Damp Sponge

Wiping down the toilet with sponge involves moistening the damp sponge with boiling water and wipe it around the toilet seat, base, lid, and outside the bowl of the toilet. The down wiping helps in removing dirt from the container entirely without any special cleaning reagents or products.

 However, it is advisable to wear clean gloves and a plastic apron to avoid contamination by haven bacteria from the surface.

Apply Toilet Cleaner To the Inside of the Bowl

Apply Toilet Cleaner To the Inside the Bowl

Specially designed filters help in eliminating stains, mineral deposits, and rings from the toilet. The process involves dabbing a cleaner inside of the container enabling it to drip towards the bowl and into the water, preventing gross brown minerals from building up around the rim of the box thus, helps in ensuring that any stains that may build up are scrubbed away by cleaners.

Scrub the Bowl with a Toilet Brush

Scrub the Bowl with a Toilet Brush

The more firmly and durable the bowl gets scrubbed, the cleaner the bowl gets. The process involves using a bristled toilet brush in washing the whole bowl thoroughly. It helps in giving scrubbing extra power during cleaning, enabling the cleaning process faster.

Additionally, for safety purposes, one must observe special attention to any stains accumulating along with the level of water and back of the rim of the bowl.

Flush the Toilet

Flush the Toilet

The Flushing process helps in rinsing the brush and the bowl of the bathroom. Therefore, the process involves regular scrubbing of the container while draining water from the toilet since the water motion may not be strong enough in rinsing the dirt away.

However, when there are persistent stains, the cycle of applying toilet cleaner is done regularly by flushing and scrubbing until all the stains disappear entirely.

Clean the Rest of the Toilet with a Disinfectant Cleaner

The entire bath stands at high risk if not thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, it is essential to clean the rest of the bathroom using a spray bottle or a bathroom disinfectant to mist the toilet and kill the harmful bacteria that may cause unnecessary pollution.

Notably, a paper towel or a cloth requires light pressure in working and wiping away the cleaner.

How to Clean Under the Toilet Seat?

How to Clean Under the Toilet Seat

Grab Your Tools

The technique involves sampling all the requirements during cleaning. The items to be tested include rubber gloves, a toilet brush, clean rags, sanitary wipes, and toilet cleaner.

Consequently, an all-purpose cleaner is an additional tool necessary during cleaning found in a grocery store. However, making the filler locally involves adding one spoon of dish soap to six oz, of water.

Make the Outside Sparkle

Cleaning the entire toilet is a fundamental way of ensuring the general hygiene of the toilet seat. Therefore, it is achieved by gripping the disinfectant spray and sprit the exterior part of the toilet, including where the region seems to be hard to reach.

 Notably, spraying the walls beside and behind the bathroom is very vital and necessary, which enables the removal of any bacteria around the wall.

Cleaning the Bowl

Cleaning the bowl involves draining the water out from the toilet before the application of the cleaning reagents and solution. When water is out of the cleaner, ultimately, it is important now to use a milder cleanser for better cleaning with less work.

Accordingly, it is necessary to turn the water valve off and flush the toilet after use. The bowl cleaner used is applied under the bowl of the rim while waiting for the suds to function.

Wipe It Down

The process of wiping down the toilet is very hectic, especially when using durable towels. In the absence of the paper towel, a wet cloth may apply, but water is not necessary, especially when it comes into contact with a disinfectant spray.

The cleaning procedure involves using the paper towel and wiping the disinfectant off the toilet by working from top to the bottom while tossing the towels straight than letting them accumulate up.

Scrub Out Stains

Scrubbing process involves grabbing s stiff-bristled brush to scrub the bowl within and under the rim. However, when the rust-colored ring persists inside the edge. It is necessary to use a surefire way to remove such stains with a pumice stone. Pumice stones are soft, thus will not affect the porcelain surface. Lastly, for proper rinsing of the bowl, turning on the toilet water and flushing is necessary.

How To Clean Toilet Seat: Frequently Asked Questions

How does one clean the bottom of a toilet seat?

Cleaning the bottom of the toilet seat involves the use of a baking soda, vinegar, or a bleaching agent. For the bleach, it is necessary to remove the toilet seat and soak a bleach.

A solution of water into the bowl, after some time, scrub the surface until stains disappear entirely, rinse the toilet and return the toilet seat into the bathroom.

How does one get stains off my toilet seat?

The technique of removing the stains away involves the use of bleach by filling a bucket with bleach and water. Then, remove the toilet seat keenly and put it into the bleach solution and allow it to soak for some few minutes, then use a sponge to scrub the stains out from the toilet seat.

Does coke clean toilet seat?

Yes. Plenty of coke dissolves rust ring in the toilet. It involves pouring a full can of the soda around its rim to coat the bowl, then allow it to settle for one hour for the acid in the soda to break the stains down, scrub the toilet seat with a sponge or a brush then flush. However, bleach is the best in cleaning the toilet seat since it ensures complete removal of the stains.

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In a nutshell, contaminated toilet seats produce unnecessary droplets during flushing. Thus, research indicates that the droplets play a vital role in the transmission of various infectious diseases. Therefore, knowledge of how to clean toilet seat is crucial to any individual since it comes into contact with many people daily. Besides, proper and right tactics help in maintaining sanitation as well as giving your fresh toilet smelling. However, one must wear eye protection during cleaning to avoid damages of the eye by splashing chemicals.

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