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How To Keep Tension Rods From Falling Down

How to Keep Tension Rods from Falling Down or Slipping

There are very few homeowners who like to drill their home walls. Many may be compelled but want to solve it without making a hole in the wall. So for them or new users, it is better to have a tension rod. But everyone thinks about how to keep tension rods from falling down or slipping on the wall.

Using a tension rod is a great help, however, it is also easy to fix from falling. But sometimes, the falling of tension rods happens for many reasons like overweight and wrong set upon the wall.

In this reading, we discuss how to Keep Tension Rods from Falling.

The Reasons behind the tension curtain rod of falling or slipping

The surface of the wall:

In every hanging, there needs support. Likewise, tension rods can collapse for the surface of the wall support. When walls remain dry, it provides slackness and less support.

So, using glue shelf rubber lining on the wall is the remedy to this problem.

The extra weight of the curtain:

Here balancing is the main mechanism. So, if you are creeping up the curtain’s weight, no one can stop the tension rod from falling. However, weak materials are also responsible for this falling.

Although curtains like blackout shades, velvet are relatively heavier, they need strong curtain rods. So, you should ensure the proper weight.

Poorly installed tension rods:

How to adjust tension road is a basic question. But the point is, an angled placement of rods should be above few inches. This installing ensure the shower curtain tight. So, no doubt that faulty or poor installation provides frequent falling.

How to keep tension rods from falling down or slipping?

As you read above, the factors behind the tension curtain rod of falling. So now you are alert and want to keep the rods from falling. Well, there are some options for this. If you hate further engagement, you can look at 7 best shower rods for tile walls that won’t fall.

However, you also need to know how to keep tension rods from falling.Here are some notes:

Take an adhesive shower curtain rod holder:

This special holder ensures the right balancing to both sides. You can also say it as a rod retainer. If you are interested, Adherion rod retainer is for you.

Choose felt pads or non-slippery rubber pads:

It is a sleep protector and waterproof pads that tightened the tension rods from any incident.  

Giving glue rubber shelf lining on the wall:

The glue rubber shelf provides durability & tightness. So you treat it as an anti-wetted glue. It builds the right combination between rod and wall. However, the tension rods balancing will remains for a long period.

Moreover, it ensures the non-scratching and original place of the wall.

Use closet pole holders if dry:

Closet pole holders ensure the tension rods strengthen and free from falling. However, no matter how much the wall dry, it helps to hang on tightly. Besides this, if you think of a heavier shower curtain, then closet pole holders’ are better.

However, it provides great support and some fixed attachment for tension rods.


This article is all about the tension rods falling. Even using different things has clarified the answer, like can tension rods hold clothes or not. However, also rendered how you can keep your tension rod from falling or slipping. So, all you want is nothing more but to look to the state of the wall and weight. Here you have also found the easy fix of falling shower rods as well. Happy reading!!

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