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How To Replace Shower Tub Faucet

How To Replace Shower Tub Faucet: DIY And Save Money

Do you have any problem with how to replace shower tub faucet? Of course, yes. Okay, take a look here. The faucet consists of a shower tub, a showerhead, and a handle. Each component plays a crucial role in the overall workability of the valve.

The handles help in turning the water on and off hence dispensing water from the showerhead when water is turned on. However, with time, the shower tub faucet looks rusty and tarnishes hence the need for replacement with a new and modern valve.

Therefore, replacing a shower tub faucet is not a hectic process, but depends on your capability of plumbing and nature of the exact issues. Thus, the essay aims at looking at how to carefully remove the old faucet and install the new shower tub faucet.

Identify The Symptoms Of Faulty Tub Faucet

Clearly, before embarking for replacement of a shower tub faucet, it is vital to identify where the problem is by investigating the following parameters;

  • Check whether your faucet is too loose or tight tap to turn off or on. It usually helps to identify where the problem is on the shower tub faucet.
  • Identify any leakages in the tub faucet. In case you detect a leakage somewhere, quickly switch the running water of either from the tab or the mainline of the basement.
  • Investigate whether the faucet is too rusty and worn to drain water. Rusting of water pipes is generally dangerous. It may come as a result of the expansion of water pipes, causing them to tarnish and finally rust.
  • Check whether your faucet has a broken shower. The presence of leakages may dominate the shower to break, therefore rechecking is necessary.

So, How To Replace Shower Tub Faucet?

how to replace shower tub faucet

Please follow the steps below and successfully replace a shower tub Faucet…

1. Steps Involved For Removing The Shower Control Tape

Replacing the old shower tub faucet consists of doing away with the existing faucet carefully by following the steps below.

Turn Off The Water Supply

Before carrying any activities related to the water faucet, it is mandatory to turn the running water off. However, many houses lack the separate water line for switching off the water; hence one should ensure that the main basement is off from running water.

Notably, you may find out the expert plumber to help you locate you’re your main water line for an active process. Additionally, it is good to turn off when there is not any urgency need for using water because the flow of water ceases the entire house.

Remove The Plastic Cover

When running water is off, you can comfortably remove the plastic parts one after the other. With the help of the nail or the flat-shaped screwdriver, remove the small rounded like plastic coin by pulling it outside carefully. It is good to note that once you remove the cover, you should clean the top surface.

Take Out The Screw

When you have your cover out, it comes with a screw or a nut inside the cover. Therefore, for successful removal of the screw, using a screwdriver twisted and turned clockwise is applicable to loosen and pulling the nut outside. However, in the absence of the screwdriver, using the allen wrench screw is preferred.

 when removing the screws, it is good to ensure that the plug is put inside the drain of the shower tub to prevent the screw from falling inside. Additionally, plugging out should carefully so that you avoid other parts from any damages that may occur.

Take Out The Plate From The Faucet

When the screw is removed, it creates a room to remove the plate from the faucet shower successfully without straining since the whole system becomes loose. The plate is attached close to the wall and is taken out comfortably without damaging other components of the shower tub faucet.

However, the plate has two nuts on mounted to the walls, twisting it with screw-on clockwise directions loosen it thus removed quickly. Therefore, by following the above steps, one can easily and comfortably remove the control tape from the shower tub without causing further damages.

2. Steps For Installing The New Shower Control Tape

After successful removal of the shower control tape, it is essential to replace it with its corresponding components to ensure the effective operation of the shower faucet by following the steps below.

  • Insert the plate to its position carefully while ensuring that it fits its original space permanently.
  • Once the plate is well inserted, using the screwdriver, tighten the nuts or the screw over the plate to ensure it sticks permanently for the adequate workability of the model.
  • Next, carefully put the newly bought shower controlling knob to fit precisely its position.
  • Using the screwdriver, put the screw, and firmly tighten the shower faucet controlling knob while holding the knob.
  • Lastly, place the plastic cover keenly to ensure that it fits and matches with its initial position.

3. Steps For Removing The Shower Faucet

After successful replacement of the shower control tape, let’s take a glance look at the steps involved in replacing the shower faucet for the proper workability of the faucet.

Loosening Of The Screw

The old handle faucet comes with nuts mounted with it and the walls of the shower. Therefore, it is good to loosen them so that it is removed quickly. The screws may be anywhere below the pipe of the faucet. They can be easily removed using the hex nut wrench or allen wrench.

Sometimes, the faucet may be screwless. In this case, you can put the wrench inside the pipe while twisting the entire valve to loosen it, and you can pull it out comfortably. It is good to put a paper towel over the faucet to avoid any scratch when holding it.

Determine The Size Of The Faucet Pipe

Once the screw has been loosened, it is crucial to take the measurements of the pipe used to ensure correct dimensions that will fit correctly. Therefore, using a tape measure, the exact size is obtained accurately. It thus helps to minimize the available resources instead of wasting more.

4. Steps Were Taken For Installing The New Shower Faucet Handle

The longevity and durability of the shower tub faucet depend on the method used to connect the faucet handle. If the installation is poorly done, then expect to replace the system regularly. However, for the effective installation of the handle, let’s follow steps systematically below.

  • First, on the far end of the faucet pipe, ensure to wrap with one 0r, two layers of the plumber pipe before the installation of the new faucet begins. It helps in preventing any leakages from the faucet pipe.
  • After careful wrapping of the plumber, freely put the newly purchased faucet inside the pipe and examine the number of nuts available.
  • In case the faucet has screws or nuts, place it inside slowly and tighten the nuts using the screwdriver or a screw wrench to ensure that it is stable.
  • If the faucet has no nuts, you can equally twist the shower faucet and tighten it completely to fix and fit on the place.
  • However, you should avoid tightening it hard as this may cause cutting of the twist on the screw,  which may not re-install again.
  • After the successful installation of the faucet set, you are at liberty of turning the water supply on from either the switch or main basement and check to see your faucet shower tub.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs?)

Do You Need To Replace The Valve When Replacing The Shower Faucet?

Not mandatory. Because the shower handles are sometimes held with one screw to the valve. Therefore, the screw and handle is the one that should be replaced with time.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Shower Tub Faucet?

Roughly, for an expert plumber, replacing the shower tub faucet may take one to two hours. Simply the process involves removing the cover, cleaning the faucet top, cleaning where the basin area pops up, and finally installing the brand new faucet.

Is Our Shower Tub Faucet Interchangeable?

Absolutely no. Shower faucet usually contains many valves that are not interchangeable. Additionally, the sets are not sold separately; instead, they come in a complete set.

How Do You Replace Tub A Tub Faucet With No Wall Access?

It is straightforward. First of all, turn off the water from the main water pipe. Then, remove the cap from the faucet use the Allen wrench screw to loosen the nut underneath. Ply out the clip and install a brand new cartridge with pliers.


In general, having gone through our systematic steps for replacement of the shower tub faucet, you now have enough skills that will enhance your capability for personal installations and replacement without necessarily any need of a plumber.

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