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Kohler Archer Tub Review

Kohler Archer Tub Guide And Ultimate Guide

Kohler is a renowned brand recognized by almost everybody. Kohler archer tub specifically is turning into a notable household name. The quality and standards that this bathtub has set for its customers.

Kohler archer bathtub will give you satisfactory durability over years. Additionally, you will get the functionality with beauty as well. You can easily afford this brand as it’s cheaper than any brand out there.

We offer you a detailed Kohler Archer Tub Guide for your consideration. Let’s have a look.

A Glimpse of Kohler Archer Tub

60″Lenght x 32″Wide x 19″Height60″Lenght x 32″Wide x 19″Height
DesignSlotted overflow with comfort depth
Color optionsNine
DrainRight handed
BottomTextured surface
Weight82 pounds
Capacity50 to 60 gallons
PriceCheck price

More Key Features Of Kohler Archer Tub That You Need To Know.

Kohler archer bathtubs have been around for some time. They have proved to be among the best in the market. These tubs are incredible space-savers. It can be fitted on to a medium-sized washroom without congesting the space.

Here are some of the described facts about Kohler Archer Tub.

Practical Size

Kohler Archer 1123 bathtub features a convenient dimension. This bathtub, though cheap, is incredibly designed. Due to its affordability, most homeowners will always find it suitable. It comes with a five-foot length. So, it is ideal for adults as well as teens.

It is 19- inch tall and 32-inch wide, and offers spacious encounters to its customers. With this bathtub, you have a lot of room in it to sit easily. It’s best for people who like spending some time taking a glass of champagne in their bathrooms.

It is suitable for mothers who like to have their children all together for a quick shower. This extensive bathtub will give you enjoyable depth for a profound soaking encounter. It’s an excellent option for small families as well as big ones. Kohler offers you a perfect size water tub that would be appreciated by your entire family.

They don’t require any shower connections and can stand appropriately all alone. You can have a warming office inside them with the help of an additional radiator.

Quality Construction

With this Kohler archer bathtub Guide, quality is a guarantee. It features an acrylic construction. Even though most people argue that steel is the best for built-in, it doesn’t offer long durability as acrylic bathtubs.

The acrylic material of this bathtub gives water a good warmth. Acrylic bliss will help you anticipate with warm water in your bathing experience. This feeling will for sure make you refreshed after a tiresome day.

Acrylic isn’t generally a solid material that will last long. However, for 700 dollars you are sure of a bathtub that will serve you for ten to around fifteen years. That is not such bad for durability for sure. Kohler 1123 has a superior texture and coating for the base surface as well. Therefore, it should last significantly more than that period with no staining or such issues.

Additionally, you can adapt up to a normal tidy up. Simply make sure that after every use you do proper cleaning and maintenance. Ensure that hard water doesn’t form on it by always keeping it dry.

Comfortable Arm Rest with Back Support

Imagine you are coming back home following a tiresome and tedious day. Your head is spinning, muscles are aching and your joints sore, and your head is turning. What might be better than heading into the bathroom and soaking for a while in a pleasant hot tub? Just one thing: soaking for a while in one of the most recent, decent hot Kohler baths!

Bathtubs with an uncomfortable shape are a waste of money. But this is not the case with Kohler Archer tubs. Kohler tubs feature an arched design. It ensures an excellent shape. Thus can comfortably hold people and give them the feeling they need.

This bathtub also comes with an excellent armrest. You can spend some time in your bathroom with this bathtub. The armrest will enable you to listen to your favorite music. You can have one or two glasses of wine with the comfort you need. The armrest will provide you with a comfortable position to place your hands while enjoying your soaking. This bathtub additionally is ideal for aged people also.

Customized According to Your Bathroom Décor

A new bathtub installation can greatly affect not only your bathroom but your entire house. A new bathtub should conform with your bathroom decor and sometimes to your master bedroom. The new bathtub should match the textures and colors of your bathroom decor.

Kohler Archer bathtub apart from having excellent features it is also beautifully designed. This bathtub is available in nine different classy colors. This gives customers room to choose the color that matches their bathroom decor. Make sure you choose a color that suits your tiles and general home decor.

Kohler Archer tubs are carefully designed to fit almost any bathroom size. You can have free-standing whirlpools and separate shower stalls. Whirlpools are for large bathrooms. Corner bathtubs work best for small bathrooms because they save space. Candle holders, flat-screen TVs, heated towel rack built-in stereo and vanity combine to make your bathroom great and appealing.

The Downsides of Kohler Archer Bathtub

Even though this bathtub has a lot of features to like it also has its downsides. It is obvious that however much a product can be good it must also have its dark side. Some of its cons include:

  • This bathtub can rarely last for more than 15 years.
  • Because of its profound depth, this bathtub is not suitable for short people.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs? )

What is the best material for bathtubs?

Plastic made of either acrylic or fiberglass are the best. They can easily be molded into different shapes thus offering flexibility. Enameled steel is also suitable and is one of the cheapest.

Do acrylic tubs stain easily?

Acrylic bathtubs stain easily. They require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold and stain build-up. Remember to also always keep them dry.

Will baking soda scratch the acrylic tub?

No, this is one of the best scrubbers for stains that are hard to remove. After sprinkling your wet bathtub with sod, spray it with water and give it some time. After that wipe gently with either a sponge or a piece of cloth.


Kohler Archer bathtubs feature all the technologies that are available just as the best quality materials. With Kohler tubs, you realize you are getting precisely what you paid for.

We try to give a fruitful Kohler archer Tub Guide, by which you can easily get to know about all the facts relate to that.

Kohler tubs will help you structure the sort of washroom that you need. Before purchasing one remember to consider your bathroom so that you pick one that matches your bathroom decor.

We hope you can get the best matched bathtub for your bathroom. Best wishes!

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