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Kohler Converge Shower Head Review

Kohler Converge Shower Head in 2022

Choosing a modern shower head for your bathing is a smart decision to realize. Size, service, material, and looking; all matter when Guideing a bathroom shower head. But everyone wants to get their shower tools that last long, right?

So, valuing your demand and need, here you will get Kohler Converge Shower Head Guide. Kohler Converge Showerhead is exuberantly famous for its multi-water falling system. Moreover, it offers serenity while bathing under this particular showerhead. In our further discussion, we will provide more info about Kohler.  

Why Kohler Converge Shower Head?

Yes, Kohler Converge Shower Head is exceptional for its spraying pattern from numerous showerheads. It has 5 spray options with a combo showerhead system. Considering individual choice Kohler offers Silk plus, full coverage, infinity plus, silk, and infinity spray facility. However, the outlook of this showerhead seems gorgeous for nickel finishing. So, altogether it is a power combo package item.

Benefits of Kohler Converge Shower Head

Kohler Converge Shower Head Guide

It has a lot of benefits regarding bathing and installing. Let’s have a walk with them.

Enjoyable: Kohler showerhead is enjoyable for its three bathing encounters. Bathing is not always enjoyable, especially for kids. But this has a great service for enjoyment.

Multi-bathing: This multi-sprayed tool will experience a great deal of multi-bathing. Firstly, you have options to choose what watering feelings you want to take. So, the choice is yours rest will do the Kohler.

Speed Shifting: It has a one-click spray control system with five different settings. So you can control or change the level of water speed by clicking.

Kohler Converge Shower Head: Considering factors of Kohler Shower Head

If you want to buy a showerhead system, you should consider some factors. So, for Kohler Shower Head, you need to idealize-

  • Streaming: This combined showerhead provides maximum comfort and flexibility, so you need to decide on streaming and spraying. Since it is a tool for daily shower tasks, you can easily wash kids, pets, and seniors.
  • Height and weight: It has a metallic finish with nickel polishing. So, the factor of size and weight of purchasable products overcome this.
  • Portability: To shift or change home is a natural process. So it is essential for an easily portable product for bathroom or home. This showerhead is giving you that availability.

Kohler Converge Shower Head: Features of Kohler Shower Head

  • A Nice Nickel Finish: Its metallic finish, which is nicely polished with nickel, makes it look attractive and can fit in any modern bathroom.
  • 2-In-1 Combo: Kohler showerheads feature a hand shower and showerhead combination. This combination is best because you can decide what you need at that particular time.
  • Single Click Spray Settings: Kohler is a time-tested design. That is why Kohler has a one-click spray control that rotates through the five spray settings with one click.
  • Magnetic Docking: These showerheads have a magnetic docking shower holder bracket that usually directs the handheld towards the shower holder to snap it into place. However, it is easy to install, and they also look very attractive.
  • Affordable Pricing: In the market, Kohler showerheads provide the showering experience you look forward to minus costing you a fortune. Even though they are pocket-friendly, they offer the same refreshing bath as any other expensive shower head.

Kohler Converge Dual 5 Spray Hand Held Shower Head Combo With Magnetic Holder

KOHLER R77634-BN Converge Dual 5 Spray Hand Held Shower Head Combo With Magnetic Holder, Vibrant Brushed Nickel

From my experience, additionally, the Kohler Converge, 5-spray, 2-in-1 showerhead offers a perfect hand shower. So, it meets all your bathing needs by giving a new level of control. These are some of the features that make this shower head unique, like 5 different sprays- Silk plus, full coverage, infinity plus, silk, and infinity. It also features a Nickel finish which makes it look shiny and elegant.

Furthermore, this showerhead brings with it three bathing encounters. They are delicate rinse, refreshing massage, and cleanse.

  • Hand shower combination and a shower head that is uniquely integrated.
  • The advanced spray engine provides five different showering experiences.
  • Encompassing spray is made possible by the full coverage spray.
  • Some of its components are made of plastic which many people don’t prefer.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs?)

How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Kohler Shower Head?

On most occasions, the company does not recommend removing the flow restrictor simply because the restrictor is part of the aerator process. When you remove the restrictor, you may break the showerhead, and by doing so, you avoid the Kohler warranty. If you have decided to get away with it, proceed with caution as you do the following.

The flow restrictor is the plastic disc covering the shower head inlet, which is behind a metal piece that is star-shaped located in the showerhead. Under one section of the restrictor, hook the paper clip and then twist it to pry up and detach the flow restrictor.

How To Install Kohler Converge Shower Head?

First, remove debris by thoroughly flushing the water supply pipes. Remember to use an inline water filter with the product. Inside the shower head inlet, there is a flow controller that needs you to be cautious so as not to damage it by the shower arm thread during installation.

Secondly, remove the already installed shower head from the shower arm. Then, using the right sealant or thread tape, seals the shower arm and install the new shower head.

Then lastly, connect the hose to the hand shower and showerhead. Don’t forget to make sure that the hose is supplied with a rubber washer on both ends.

How To Use Kohler Converge Shower Head?

Converge technology is the most current when it comes to bathroom technology. This technology combines a hand shower with a showerhead. This combined functionality provides maximum comfort and flexibility. You can decide to only have the handheld sprayer streaming from the shower head or have water from both the hand sprayer and showerhead.


Kohler showerheads and hand showers provide a showering experience like no other. There is a wide range of designs in the market that you only need to choose the one that fits and matches the already installed accessories in your shower room. You can turn your bathroom into a spa by adding more elegance by purchasing nozzles that match your bathroom theme.


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