Kohler VS Sterling Shower Doors

Kohler VS Sterling Shower Doors

A durable and comfortable shower door is desirable by homeowners for their bathrooms. Kohler VS Sterling shower doors are remarkable shower door models that offer quality and comfort. These two shower door brands are exceptional with one another. Individuals always have a hard time choosing between the two shower doors. It is difficult to decide between the two because they all come with unique features.

We offers you detailed review of Kohler VS Sterling Shower Doors.  This review will enable you to know the different unique features of Kohler and Sterling doors.

Let’s have a look.

Kohler VS Sterling Shower Doors Comparison Table

Sterling Shower DoorsKohler Shower Doors
Type of materialOffers privacy with patterned material.Provides clear materials for offering natural feel.
ValueRelatively cheap as compared to Kohler.Slightly expensive but it has superb features.
Style of decorCan confine within small area of your bathroom.Provide curved room design on your bathroom.
WarrantySterling offers 3 to 10 years of limited warranty for shower doors.Normally Kohler shower doors provide one years of warranty service max.

Everything You Need To Know About Kohler Shower Door

For those people who want to become familiar with the Kohler shower features, we have researched on the features.

We combined some information regarding Kohler shower door for you. In this way, before finding the Kohler VS Sterling shower doors victor, below are the Kohler shower door salient features:

Quiet Sliding Process

Kohler shower doors offer incredible door sliding advantages. These doors feature a unique structure of the Centre-guided door. With this door sliding benefit, any user is able to smoothly and quietly slide the door to have a smooth bathing experience.

 Crystal Clear Glass

Another stunning feature of these shower doors is their crystal clear glass that provides clear visibility. Additionally, when showering they offer perfect protection by keeping away water. Their frameless thicker shower glass also gives a comfortable feeling.

Modern Knob & Bar Design

Kohler shower doors have a uniquely designed modern knob and bar. These doors give cargo space for bathing freely. Their premium design also helps find full space for easier showering. Don’t forget that their bars and handles can also manage your towels without any problem.

Service Contract Benefits 

The Kohler Company provides its clients with one year guarantee of service. You can have guarantees on shower doors for finding a quick alternative. This option will help clients have an easy time to repair and maintain their shower doors. You can have options even in case of broken products or wrong delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Are Frameless Shower Doors Worth It?

With framed shower doors, there are high chances of water building up under the door seal. It can permit mildew to form and mold to grow. On the other hand, frameless doors do not have these risky areas where mold or mildew will form. Frameless is also easy to keep clean.

Which Is Better Between Framed And Frameless Shower Doors?

Framed shower doors are pocket friendly and are available in different styles to match your bathroom décor. When you install a framed shower door you pay up to 10% less than the frameless one. Framed shower doors also use thinner glass which saves you some bucks.

Are Clear Shower Doors Hard To Keep Clean?

Clear glass is quite easy to clean because it is easy to notice spots and is one of the most preferred for showers. Any marks or prints on clear glass can be cleaned with any standard window cleaner.


Both shower door models on different aspects have different benefits. When it comes to warrant and price, then Sterling shower doors win. On the other hand, if we look at quality and durability, Kohler shower doors win. What is important is to consider your budget and the features you want. Good Luck!

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