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Moen Vs Kohler Faucet

Moen Vs Kohler: Head 2 Head Detailed Comparison

Having a functional and attractive kitchen is an essential thing since you will spend the highest percent of your time in front of the sink. Therefore, Moen vs Kohler faucet is the best. They are the right equipment that will satisfy your kitchen needs.

Therefore the two brands are the best that will enable you to prepare your food and wash your dishes comfortably and efficiently without straining. In this article, we will be looking at the comparison between the two products with their features that will help you to choose the best.

Background Information on Moen Vs Kohler

For proper comparison between the two brands, it is good to have their facts and history on how they came into existence. So, let’s go.


Moen brand has been there in the market for several years but is not as old as Kohler. The brand mainly focuses on faucets as opposed to Kohler and offers several other products that men like most. Furthermore, the product has exceptional prestige but is not the largest in the entire world.


Of all the plumbing industries, Kohler is the oldest firm known for the production of the kitchen faucet. The brand has been in the market for over 140 years, making it the best to consider when buying. However, with the many years, it becomes the most prestigious in the market than Kohler.

Comparison Between Moen Vs Kohler Faucet

moen vs kohler

Now the background history of the two brands is known. It is good enough to enable us to look at the individual differences of their faucet, as discussed below.

1. Technology Sensor

Of late, most of the faucet tools come with a touchless system or sensor that enables smooth operation without necessarily touching the knob or metal. Therefore, the nature of the sensor differs between the two brands.


This brand uses a technology called response that detects when an object or a hand is placed below it. Once your hand retires instantly from the spout, the valve shuts automatically off after five seconds. However, when the faucet opens manually, the valve takes only four minutes to shut off.


This brand has a touchless sensor known as Motionsense with two sensors that enhances effective operation. Its operation is similar to that of Kohler; however, Moen is faster and more precise. The sensor becomes activated by merely putting the hand below the spout.

In Moen, it takes about two seconds for the water to run out instantly. When the operator waves the hand on the lower part of the sensor, it closes the faucet and shut off the valve automatically if water was running out.

2. Design And Finishes

When choosing the best brand, it is vital to look at their nature designs and finishing technique.


For quality finishing and design, Kohler is the best. It focuses strictly on the durability and functionality of the brand than anything else. The company aims at producing shiny finishes, lovely faucets, and high-quality finish with various decorations capable of withstanding corrosion and discoloration.

In terms of style, you are at liberty of choosing different styles from Kohler Company. Plus, the brands with modern options are unique from other products found in the market.


On the other hand, Moen mostly focuses free spot finishes with a variety of models to select. Moen brand is the best, especially when you want to equip your bathroom or kitchen with awesome faucets. This faucet is very reliable and not fragile so you can get them more easily.

The Moen Company has products with a wide range of styles and designs that suits the user’s demand and needs. Usually, they tend to favor mostly traditional designs that are slightly twisted to make them appear up to date.

3. Spray Features

The spray feature is another essential part you consider in the faucet. Generally, the brand you choose should be capable of spraying in more than one way. Naturally, it should feature convenience, efficiency, and versatility, as shown below.


Kohler brand tends to have a fantastic and excellent mode of spraying. The brand offers different kinds of spray modes such as Boost, Sweep, Ring Spray, and Berrysoft, among others. However, not all of Kohler’s model has several spraying modes unless they are modern.

Also, Kohler’s spraying options are essential for effective cleaning, rinsing food whenever required, and saving water for future use.


On the contrary side, Moen brand is capable of delivering excellent methods of spraying like the Boosted Spray, Boosted Stream, and the Power Clean, among many others from the company. Besides, the firm offers top-notch washing with the highest power of cleaning.

Other included top-notch from Moen Company include; decent spraying that has Boosted Spray and excellent filling consisting of the Boosted Stream. However, you must be careful with the type of spray since some Moen brands offer slightly gentle spray while others do not offer it at all.

4. Price range

Generally, Kohler faucet products tend to be relatively expensive as compared with Moen faucet brand because of its bit longer history and stay at the market. Another outstanding reason why it is costly is because of its durable designs as compared to Moen which focuses only on attractive designs.

Moen Vs Kohler: Head To Head Comparison Table

Moen is not as old as Kohler but has several decades in the entire market.Kohler is the oldest with more than 140 years in the market.
Moen comes with a sensor technology called Motionsense that uses two sensors.Consists of the sensor technology known as Response with a built-in sensor.
The band consists of excellent spraying modes such as the Boosted Stream, Boosted Spray, and Power Clean.Kohler has a fantastic spraying mode such as Berrysoft, Boost, Sweep, and Ring Spray.
It focuses on sport-free finishes with modern design.Mainly focuses on durability and functionality with traditional design.
Relatively cheap in terms of priceVery expensive because of its extended stay in the market.

Moen Vs Kohler: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Kohler or Moen?

Kohler is a better brand because it comes with a design that focuses both on the durability and functionality of the faucet.

Which brand of kitchen faucet is best?

Well, the best brand for a kitchen faucet is Delta faucet since it has the highest rating among the overall brands.

Which finish is the best for bathroom faucet?

Generally, the best finish used mostly is polished brass because of its more significant attraction compared to the rest.

How do you remove the Bonnet from a Kohler faucet?

For proper removal of the Bonnet from the faucet:

Turn off the water supply: Before removing the bonnet, the first thing is to turn off the valve on the water supply that you are renovating. You should ensure that the valve on the handle shuts off by turning it clockwise for the water to turn off.

Remove the handle by loosening the screw: Find the screw that secures the handle on the faucet and remove the screw using an Allen wrench as you pull out the handle off the valve.

Remove the bonnet using a flat-blade screwdriver: Using a flat-blade screwdriver or pliers, place a rubber lid remover on the bonnet and turn it counter-clockwise using your hand. And the valve becomes ready for servicing.

How do you remove the handle on a Kohler bathroom faucet?

To remove the handle successfully from a Kohler bathroom:

1. Using one hand, hold the handle as the other hand turns the decorative piece and the skirt counterclockwise below the handle.

2. Set all other parts aside for later use as you remove the remaining components to expose the valve handle.

3. Now you can comfortably remove the valve or repair it.


In general, after going through our Guide on Moen Vs Kohler, you are now equipped with the knowledge that will enable you to choose the best from the two brands. Both the brands are excellent, but to obtain your best requires you to select the best that is durable and with fantastic spraying modes.

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