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Nitecore D4 Vs I4

Nitecore D4 Vs I4: Comparison And Buying Guide

Do you want to know more about Nitecore D4 Vs I4 battery chargers? Then here you are in the right place. Over a long period of searching, there has been a crisis in obtaining the best charger for you. But, with this article, I know your problem will definitely turn to be your happiness since you will find a long lasting solution between the two.

However, sometimes putting these rechargeable batteries into a good working condition may be problematic without compatible and high-quality chargers. Many people attest that NItecore D4 and Nitecore I4 are the best leading chargers in the market.

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Nitecore D4 Vs I4: Comparison Table

 Nitecore D4Nitecore I4
Power inputN/AMicro-B USB
Warranty lengthN/A1-year
DC Input Power12V5V

Similarity Table on Nitecore D4 Vs I4

 Nitecore D4Nitecore I4
Capacity testNoNo
Storage modeNoNo
Internal resistence testNoNo
Battery type 3.0/3.2VYesYes

Nitecore D4 Vs I4, Which One is The Best For You?

Nitecore D4

Nitecore D4 smart Charger 2015 version with LCD Display with 12V DC Cable & 2X EdisonBright AA to D Battery Converter Spacers

It has a reasonably large LCD Display

Nitecore D4 comes with a great LCD that is relatively large; this feature can turn necks in the market. With this display, you will have a clear view of your charging batteries’ critical details, such as current, charging time, and voltage, without a hassle.

Besides, the crystalline display will present the nature and status of the batteries to you.

Since the D4 only displays a particular battery, you should hold the yellow button to scroll through your storms. This feature is fantastic!

 Supports various charging modes

Nitecore D4 is automatic with a modern microprocessor that can automatically identify different types of batteries and choose the right charging modes for them. With this battery charger, you will find charging modes such as VC, Dv/Dt, and CC.

Flame-resistant, high-quality components

Nitecore D4 comes with blends of materials with classy fire-retardant materials that keep it safe from daily wear and tear. More so, this type of battery charger features an inbuilt temperature controller that prevents overheating.

Besides, its design guarantees maximum heat dissipation, meaning that the Nitecore D4 battery charger can get warm, but you will never feel the heat.

Spring-loaded, pure copper plates

Nitecore D4 comes with spring-loaded, pure copper plates that make sure there are secure connections while charging. The battery charger can offer a no-nonsense and straightforward experience to you without any difficulty due to these features.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

If you are a fan of traveling, then Nitecore D4 can give you a great company. The model is adaptable to any environmental setting, and you will find it easy to set it up in any place at any time.

Also, this battery charger is compatible with 12Vdc and 100-140Vac. I like this compatibility!

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Nitecore I4:

Fast charging speed

This model has a very high speed of charging batteries with its optimal 1500mA output. If a particular battery is fully charged, I4 always divert current from fully charged battery’s slots to others.

Shifting current to other batteries increase the charging process and reduce the time. Therefore, if you would wish to charge your battery faster, use the Nitecore I4 model.

Customizable voltages

If you wish to recharge a mixture of batteries with different voltages, then Nitecore 14 can be helpful to you. This battery charger enables you to set charging voltages for specific slots independently.

Therefore, with this model, you will be able to charge several batteries with varying voltages simultaneously.

Setting the right voltage to a particular battery will extend your battery’s lifespan efficiently and effectively. I know sometimes you may unknowingly expose your batteries to high currents.

Nitecore I4 will correct such mistakes and ensure that your batteries get the exact draft.

Can charge delicate batteries optimally

unlike shoddy chargers, Nitecore I4 will never overcharge your batteries. There is a possibility of shoddy chargers to overcharge batteries and expose them to complications.

This battery charge offers a maximum charging process to your batteries; you don’t have to worry anymore.

Furthermore, Nitecore I4 comes with a unique automatic feature that stops the charging process after twenty hours. I don’t think a battery can charge for above 20 hours; unless it has some complications.

This model will terminate the charging process. This is a classy feature responsible for preventing batteries’ catastrophic malfunctions, mostly if they operate with low-quality ones unknowingly.

Capable of restoring depleted batteries.

Some types of batteries tend to resist charging, making them useless. But with Nitecore I4, you can restore such batteries through its recovery function.

To revive a storm, you need to press and hold the V and C button in the battery charger for initiating the revival process of your depleted batteries.

Nitecore I4 may revive not less than 90 percent IMR batteries; it will restore their lives and save you some cash, which you could spend on new ones.

However, I suggest you try as much as possible not to deplete IMR batteries completely.

Where else can you get a battery charger that can offer such a useful feature than Nitecore I4? This is a model that considering it can result in an extended lifespan of your batteries.

Can notify you on reverse polarity

Nowadays, many chargers in the market fail to notify you about incorrect battery insertions.

It is annoying to check your batteries after some hours and realize that you wrongly inserted the batteries. Therefore, Nitecore I4 can easily detect such mistakes and notify you through a warning LED light.

With this type of battery charger, there will be no more frustrations. Thanks to the manufacturer for developing a model with such a useful feature. Error is to man but, Nitecore I4 here to correct.

Therefore, if you see any blinking LED light immediately after inserting your batteries into the model, check the issue and correctly insert the battery or batteries.

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Nitecore D4 Vs I4 Buying Guide

LCD screen

There are different types of battery chargers with a varying LCD screen. The larger the screen, the clearer the detail of your charging batteries.

Therefore, it is advisable to go for a battery charger that can enable you to view whatever information is on the screen easily; Nitecore I4 can be a perfect choice.


Before making a final choice, it is advisable to check the material responsible for manufacturing a battery charger. It would help if you went for a model with sturdy materials that can resist flame.

Temperature controller

You should not feel any heat while holding the charger. There are some of these chargers that can overheat while others not. Of course, no one would wish to buy something that will generate a lot of heat while charging.

Charging speed

Not all models have similar charging speeds; they differ slightly. If you have many rechargeable batteries, go for the Nitecore I4 charger. It can charge your batteries quickly if you are in a hurry. Therefore choose wisely.

Frequently asked question

How do I know when my Nitecor D4 or I4 is fully charged?

You can use a D4 and I4 to charge not less than four batteries. Sometimes plugging them directly into the electricity may need much attention.

Charging empty four batteries with Nitecore I4 charger can take up to 6 hours and stops to take current when your batteries are full.

However, some of us are not good timekeepers in such situations; there are no less than 3 LED lights. If the charger displays all the three LED lights, your batteries are full.

How To fix Nitecore battery charger problems?

Nitecore battery chargers may develop complications if you temper with its MODE switch. Holding the button may turn the charger into LiFeO4 mode, which may confine it to stop charging at 3.5V.

If you experience such issues, try to unplug the charger and plug it back to the electricity; it will automatically go back to its standard settings.

If you don’t see any change, then your battery charger might have some other issues. I suggest you seek the expert’s help.


From the above discussion, I know that you have your different opinion concerning Nitecore D4 vs I4 debate. When choosing, you should consider your preferences; don’t buy something without engaging in more profound research.

Fortunately, this article has all that it takes to have a Battery charger of your choice. Therefore, if you have many rechargeable batteries, you need a Nitecore I4 potent charger that can help you charge them quickly. On the other hand, Nitecore D4 can be suitable for those who may need a robust battery charger to update you on the charging progress.

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