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benefits of bathing twice a day

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day: Take 2 Showers a Day

Showering every day is a necessary thing for most people. Most people tend to have showers twice a day, most of them don’t like to have baths as well. Should you take shower twice a day? What do you think? Have any benefits of showering twice a day?

Everyone doesn’t like to take shower twice a day. This needs more energy and enthusiasm as well. Showering twice a day can increase your productivity in daily life.

Let’s have a look at the discussion about the productivity of showering twice a day.

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day

Frankly speaking, you and I both know that showering twice a day is beneficial. The question is how? Some people like to take shower at the start of the day. Some tend to take baths in the evening also. Then there are some people, who like to enjoy taking shower both times.

Some frequent reasons are responsible for the temptation of showering. Let’s get to the discussion of these reasons below.

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day

Taking Shower Twice a Day

It’s not easy to keep one always clean. And that does not mean you need to take shower frequently. Your lifestyle determines how hygienic you are. Some people are frequent shower people, some are not. Some people tend to have showers twice a week as well. That does not mean everybody only takes a shower only twice a week. You must need to shower as per your cleanliness requirement.

People tend to take showers for aesthetic purposes. You don’t think much about hygiene rather than feeling good while showering. Experts suggest that we don’t need to take frequent showers to have a healthy lifestyle. To maintain proper hygiene, it’s enough to take shower 5 times a week.

You can have a smooth body operation even if you don’t shower regularly. Too much showering can cause deprivation of essential oils in your body. So take as much shower as you need to be healthy and clean.

Showering will not only clean your body but provide mental satisfaction and refreshment as well. You can have a refreshed mindset by taking shower regularly.

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day

Removal of dirt & impurities

Two showers a day will help you to remove the dirt from your body. You can ensure removing impurities as well. Normally we have to take some physical labor every day. Thus, we sweat a lot. Taking shower twice a day will help you to have a refreshed body. You won’t be bothered with stinky odor and can have a fresh mindset too.

Instead of feeling tired due to hard labor, you will feel much refreshed by taking shower twice a day. Frequent cleaning will give you beautiful skin as well.

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day

Liberating the heat

Summer heat is not tolerable to everybody. Some have to face difficult situations in the summertime. Your body temperature will rise in the summer. That causes various health diseases including- migraine pain, health disorder, heatstroke, nose bleeding, etc.

High temperature triggers anxiety. It can make you angry and irritated. You will face different kinds of loss in your daily life due to anxiety and anger. You can simply control your anger and anxiety by controlling the heat produced on your body.

By reducing extra heat from your body, you can easily improve your immune system. In the summertime, you need to improve your immune system in order to cope. Excessive heat can be reduced by taking shower twice a day. You will not face anxiety as well by taking shower twice a day.

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day

Stress management

We have to deal with various kinds of stress in our daily life. For educational, workplace, and family pressure, we face stresses all the time. You can easily reduce various stresses by bathing twice a day.

You need to freshen up after returning home from work. And You will need proper rest and motivation to get back to work again. So, Stress has to be reduced. By taking shower after coming home from work, you can reduce your stress.

For a sound sleep, a productive shower experience is very helpful. Before having a sound sleep, take a shower 1hr- 1.5hr before you go to bed.

For educational purposes, you need to boost yourself up sometimes. For starting your day, a morning shower can help you to have a fresh mind and positivity.

Morning shower Case

Benefits of Showering Twice a Day
Source: Nytimes

It is true that morning showers are the best way to start the day. You can rinse away bed hair and crust from sleep, or even wash off after a workout if you are particularly ambitious.

Nate Martins, a writer from San Francisco, said, “We all shower in the morning.” He described the mornings as being like dominoes when the water heated up.

Despite his wife’s steadfast insistence on showering at night, he still washes off the sleep. It has happened before that she has asked me to shower before going to sleep, especially if I’ve been on public transit for a long time.

The New York sleep expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Janet K. Kennedy advises those who have a difficult time waking up to take a morning shower. It can enhance your alertness, she says, but you should take a cool shower, not a cold one, so you don’t raise your body temperature too much.

The good and the bad for Team Night

Dr. Kennedy suggested that those suffering from insomnia take a shower at night, 90 minutes before bedtime. In accordance with the circadian rhythm, the body naturally cools off near bedtime. In the shower, the body temperature is artificially raised again, resulting in a faster cool down, which is thought to aid sleep.

Taking a shower also relieves muscle tension and relaxes the mind, according to her.

Don’t go overboard, though. After you unpack and drain the water heater at the end of the day, those long, steamy showers could ruin your skin.

Dermatologist Gary Goldenberg says most people should limit their showers to 5- to 10-minutes in lukewarm water. In addition to removing your skin’s oil, very hot showers tend to irritate your skin. It is more likely to dry your skin if you stay in the water for a long time.

He said the same applies to baths. The bath people should not be mentioned.


Taking shower twice a day can provide good health and manners. If showering twice is matched with your lifestyle, you can have the benefits. You can manage your stress as well. You can remove dirt and can also let out excessive heat from your body. This will make you even fresh!

 Sometimes, excessive showering is harmful to the human body. You may deprive yourself of some natural benefits due to excessive showering. Make sure you have some productive showering experience.

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