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Toto Drake Vs Drake II

Toto Drake Vs Drake II: Which One Should I Choose?

Some people decide rightly about a toilet, hesitated with Toto Drake Vs Drake II. But most of the people take the toilet as light as torn fabrics, that’s how a toilet introduced.  But do you believe that nowadays doctors are emphasized toilet!

Why? Because of its use by leveling of ages. In the market, you will find many popular models and brands to purchase for use. Many of them will fulfill most of your requirements but still, it is enough to quit for a single reason.

All the products are designed and manufactured by considering many aspects. That is why looking for a toilet by fulfilling your desired requirements is not easy work.

From the many brands, Toto drake and Toto drake ii toilet are leading now in the market. Many of the brands will fulfill most of your requirements but still, it is enough to quit for a single reason. But Toto’s uniqueness and quality reasoning help to decide people in purchasing beyond any doubt.

So choosing the best one by your demand and budget is a comparatively tough task, but Toto drake ii and drake version will assist you to get rid of this panic situation. Today we will try to comprehend, especially between Toto drake and Toto drake ii. So let’s start.

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Features of Toto Drake:

  • Double extended bowl and reservoir oriented set.
  • Ranging 3.0 inches flush valve.
  • Exciting trap way and siphon jet cleaning.
  • Includes stick-resistant cefiontect.
  • G-max technology with 1.6 gallons in every flush power.
  • Free of noisy function.
  • Seats are unavailable.
  • Not on ADA height.

Features of Toto Drake II:

  • World-class Sana gloss layer with branded glaze appearance with cefiontect.
  • Stormy technology flush system.
  • One-fifth of water savings with 1.28 gallons per flush capacity.
  • Upgrade and unique performances.
  • Noise free flushing.
  • Handsome colors are available.
  • Exciting design.
  • No seats included.

Features Comparison: Toto Drake Vs Drake II

 Toto Drake IIToto Drake
Dimensions28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
 Flush score
Flush score800+ map1000+ map
 Saves water
Saves water20%No
 Colors available
Colors available41
 Flush type
Flush typeDouble cycloneG-max
 Sana gloss
Sana glossYesYes
CertificationADAYes(water sense)
PriceBuy On AmazonBuy On Amazon

Toto Drake Vs Drake II: Similarities and Differences

toto drake vs drake ii

Water utilization:

Water utilization is the thing that we whole are trying for a toilet. Even most of the consumers give importance to water bill savings and further use as well. Since some states have legislation of utilizing toilet with GPF less or capable 1.28, it has the best optimization. There has some excellent news for you that Toto drake and drake ii are totally for your requirement. They are truly water sparing. Featuring 1.6 gallons of water per flushing, Toto drakes are manufactured. Toto Drake ii is more advance and it performs 1.28 gallons per flush. So if you have got to decide for the best one to pick for water sparing, you can guess now it brilliantly.

Toto drake is definitely on the next position of every fewer GPF.

Flushing system:

There are very few people, who are not experienced with clogs and fewer performance issues. The decision for a new toilet, those are the primary factor where most of the customers are stumbling. But Toto products are apart from this controversy. Maintaining the best quality flushing technology and generating exceptional ideas, it is different from others.

Toto drakes introduce the g-max flushing system. Whereas drake ii is more compact and advance with double cyclone flushing. Toto drake will experiences you a noise-free flush in using. On the other hand, the presentation of drake ii is an ideal example of a 5-star hotel’s service at home where flushing is up to the mark.  

So the latest version of drake ii is best.


Usually, the toilet is using over the years and decades. So, durability and conceivable infrastructure is a priority. Toto encourages a different type of toilets for a smooth experience of toileting, and that’s the key reason why most customers prefer Toto instead of others. Chinese raw materials and bringing best of it Toto drake and drake ii are made of. Besides, producers present a one year warranty. Warranty may not even be needed because the built-in construction is rarely unique and timely adjusting of raw materials. But this not a contradictory part rather a strong part of services. Only a few customers have objected to fault about it.

Both of the products are equally best in that part of the business. 


Toto toilet models are incredibly easy to scrub as they are available with a Sana gloss finish. It doesn’t support the expansion of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Therefore, the bathroom is kept cleaner for extended. Toto always prefers to their clients to avoid cleansers, using acidic detergents and polishing with any pounce. Instead, they advise that the user should use non-abrasive toilet cleaners and soft-bristled brushes. These don’t seem to be coarse and cannot mess with the bathroom texture or composition.

Bowl orientation:

Designing of both models is rounded extended type.  Drake ii is a little slim shaped then drake. It not needed to consider for using purpose. But generally, it varies with different dimensions. The round shape modern bowl is easy to clean and water flushing happens very smoothly towards the passing board. Both of them are perfect for all ages. Anyone can easily sit and even stand with the bowl. From that version, Toto drake ii is slightly better than the drake version.


Most of the toilet produces extra stigmatic flavor after flushing though. Generally, it happens due to faulty mechanisms and designing. But Toto drake & drake ii are constructed not to herewith. Especially drake ii has its mechanism in demolishing odors that don’t let them arise in next. Drake version is also constructed with some elements of protection that is why both of them are compatible in this case.

Here My Recommendation Will Go To Both Drake And Drake II

Color orientation:

There is a proverb, handsome is what handsome does. Toto’s color orientation is also handsome and attractive to look at. Toto drake ii has four unique colors with a bewildering presentation. Although the drake version has not many like drake ii, the handsome color easily differentiate those from other brands.

Toto Drake II orientation is lucrative than the drake version.


Toto drake and drake ii are not designed with complication, there are no major issues in setting up. These makers did a great job in manufacturing while the other brands trembling to customize for entire customers need. It is very simple and not need any professional assistance. You can easily set up by giving some time to it. Although the Toto drake version is a little heavier than the drake ii, ease customization did the rest. Still, both of the products meets the ultimate premium of luxuriating.


Every product of manmade has some shortcomings. Toto drake and drake ii are not out of it, it has his own set of limitations. In the market, all the brands include Toto always research on customers needs and product’s betterment. But still, there have some limitations to further using. And this type of drawback motivates manufacturers’ product improvement and encourages innovations. The massive observable point is, on both them there are no seats.

It may increases costs but you need to look out quality that is paid off except this unavailability. But I can assure you that you will be satisfied to have with it.

Toto Drake Vs Drake II: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any certifications?

Yes. Toto drake & drake 2 both have EPA Water Sense standards effectivity. While especially drake ii come with an ADA accreditation.

Is there any warranty included?

Yes, they are. Drake ii has the built-in one year warranty with it. Where Toto drake offers warranty option which needs to perform with manufacturers before making a purchase. So surely that is an amazing option.

Toto Drake Vs Drake II: Which One to Choose?

A consumer’s buying decision process heavily goes on considering information search and evaluation of alternatives. From that angle, Toto drake and drake ii is outstanding in making. But of course, it has to be acknowledged that drake ii has better technology. The construction and leveling of Toto products are genuinely attainable and drake versions are amazingly purchasable. All the exciting features and innovations bringing towards drake to choose.

But another point to be noted, if your concern with the cost then the drake version is genuine and acceptable. Except for the technological up-gradation, there are very few dissimilarities between drake and drake ii. But you never know the choice of yours until u get one of it. So the drake version is a clever choice in cost minimization and exceptionally better from other brands.

Eventually, the decisions should be yours. I have applied my responsibility to coach you concerning most highlights about both the model and now you’ve got a superior thought regarding every toilet. Let me ask you. What would you wish to select between the Toto Drake Vs Drake II?

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