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Vikrell Vs Acrylic

Vikrell Vs Acrylic: What Are The Main Differences Between Them?

Nothing is disgusting in the bathroom than old-fashioned and lackluster tub fixtures. You will never get to enjoy a hot and invigorating bath experience or relax without the appropriate materials of your tub. You may be wondering, What is the perfect bathroom fixers to use? Well, we have made a complete comparison between Vikrell vs Acrylic.

Vikrell and Acrylic bathroom fixtures are the best brands that are currently rocking everywhere in the market. Despite them serving a similar role and having common similarities, they are still significantly different from each other.

If you require a new bathtub and are undecided about which one to choose, just relax! This article will give you every bit of the main differences between Vikrell vs Acrylic tub fixtures. Also, expect to get superb tub fixtures that will satisfy your bathroom desires. Let’s jump in and get the differences between these two most popular bathroom materials.

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Vikrell Vs Acrylic: Comparison

vikrell vs acrylic

DurabilitySomewhat durableIncredibly durable than any other bathroom fixture
 Design and Appearance
Design and AppearanceWhite color, exclusive and comfy appearance giving it an elegant designSleek, fashionable and a normal appearance with varied colors
 Cleaning Benefits
Cleaning BenefitsEffortless to clean due to softer surfaces.Difficult to clean as its surfaces are rough, catching dirt easier
WorthLow-pricedRelatively highly-priced but affordable

Vikrell Bathtub Fixtures

The vikrell is an original brand from the kohler manufactures which is known to be of high quality and exceptional performance in bathrooms. Each set of this brand comprises of fiberglass, fillers, and resins. This bathroom fixture does not have similar material construction like metal or ceramic.

If you need an inexpensive bathroom fixture that will fit your limited budget without compromising performance, vikrell tub fixtures await for your pick. Besides, it is beautifully crafted with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface while at the same time durable enough to pass the test of time.


The Vikrell tub fixtures are popularly known to have brilliant and sturdy craftsmanship suitable to withstand daily maneuverability and usage. They are made using not only fiberglass but also resins plus other fillers. These materials are robust, resistant to stains, or any form of corrosion giving Vikrell fixtures a long-lasting excellent bathroom performance.

Besides, Vikrell fixtures are more resistant to most chemicals without getting their body construction decolorized or stained. This assures you to continue enjoying your bathtub for longer periods. They are also designed with a robust base plus lighter weight but still, its durability is never compromised.


Vikrell bathroom fixtures have the most awesome design which is eye-catching. It has a high-class shiny finish with a uniform white color that rarely get stained or accumulate any form of dirt particulates. In most instances, the Vikrell fittings have an outstanding stylized design than any other brand in the market.

Its surface is non-porous and ultimately smooth to touch and relax on it. With all these, these bathroom fixtures will always give you a more stylish and excellent design that reflects onto your tub surroundings. If you in love with white-colored items, this bathroom will be the best one to choose from.

Cleaning Benefits

Boasting an extremely soft and brilliant white-colored surface, the Vikrell bathroom fittings are super easy to clean with a soft piece of cloth unlike most bathroom fixture brands in the market. Its high class shining fiberglass and fillers which restricts dirt accumulation or stains, thus easy to clean.

Its super resilience to all kinds of chemicals gives a big plus on its cleaning ability. Since detergents and soaps are made of chemicals, well, with Vikrell fixtures you don’t have to worry about your beautiful bathtub fading or catching awkward stains. Besides, it barely gets dirt hence requires no efforts to wipe it clean.

Worth Point

Amazingly, this bathroom fittings are priced cheaply as compared to other brands in the market. As most people say cheap is expensive, but that is not the case when it comes to Vikrell bathroom fixtures. The reason behind the low price majorly bases on its strong and lightweight design.

Without compromising the excellent bathroom performance, this brand is completely designed with users of limited budgets in mind. It is elegant, affordable but exceptional performance makes it one of the few brands in the market which continues to lead in sales. It’s the one brand whose performance will be worth the price paid.

Editorial Peer Recommendations of the Best Vikrell Fixtures

Are you looking for the best Vikrell bathroom fixture that will fulfill your desires at an affordable price? Well, you are in the right place. Here, we have the following best picks with most recommendations for use to fix your bathtub.

01. Sterling 76100110-0 Ensemble Vikrell 60.25-inch Alcove Bathtub

An amazing bathtub fixture with not only an elegant appearance, but also multiple bathing options including shower, bath, and whirlpool. It is designed with a 16-inch apron and wholly constructed on a robust Vikrell material that gives it incredible strength, durability, and an outstanding beautiful surface.

With its modular design, you can comfortably move this bathtub fixture around the corners and through doorways. Not forgetting, its 6 by 6-inch tile wall surrounds it with adequate storage compartments from which you can keep your items before immersing yourself in that hot and invigorating pool of water. Besides, its six adjustable flow control jets are beautifully matched with the fixtures.

  • it has a unique design which allows for efficient portability
  • crafted with strong Vikrell materials for durability
  • finished with a high gloss finish which gives it a soft surface that is easy to clean
  • a ten-year warranty covers for any defects or missing parts
  • ample bathing options allows customization
  • it may easily crack when substantial amounts of force are applied
  • some users may find it hard to install

02. Sterling Plumbing 71244123-96 Accord Bathtub Wall Surround

This Vikrell bathroom fixture has included a 1.5-inch OD stainless steel grab bars to enhance easy maneuverability while bathing. Of course, solid vikrell materials have been used to construct it guaranteeing you extended periods of great performance. With a smooth wall design, you get four integrated and recessed corner shelves that offer sufficient storage space for your stuff.

Its modular design allows both easy portability around your home and faster installation within any phase of construction. It has a beautiful and shining surface that is resistant to any form of stains and easy to clean thanks to the high gloss finish used. With this bathtub fixture, you don’t need caulking in the seams.

  • Strong Vikrell materials offer their ultimate strength and longevity
  • Stainless steel grab bars provide additional support while in the bathtub
  • Designed to offer four compartments for adequate storage space
  • Allows easy installation at any phase of construction
  • Easy to clean the beautiful high gloss finish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Limited warranty of just one year is not enough
  • It is not certified for safe use by the relevant authority

03. Sterling 7122R-5405NC-0 Ensemble Vikrell Right-Hand Drain Bathtub Shower Kit

Have you been searching for the best Vikrell bathroom fitting that gives you exceptional levels of comfort? Search no more because the Sterling Ensemble Vikrell kit is designed best to meet your bathtub desires. This kit includes a wall set, bathtub, end walls, drain, shower/bath door, installation kit, and a strainer. This makes it a perfect kit you can use to renovate your old bathroom fittings.

It is designed with extra-deep bathing well to give users additional comfort. Other than being constructed from durable and stain-resistant solid Vikrell materials, a 0.25-inch thick clear tempered glass filters gives light to your bathroom space while giving you an open and airy feel.

  • Frameless bathtub doors are brushed with nickel finish giving it a smooth, sleek and shiny look
  • The long-lasting high gloss finish gives it a soft, elegant, and easy to clean surface
  • Modular design allows for easy portability
  • its towel bar helps to keep bathtub well-organized
  • extra deep bathing well gives additional comfort
  • no warranty specifications
  • so many included makes it to be priced  a little bit higher

Acrylic Bathroom Fixtures

Similar to Vikrell, Acrylic bathroom fixture comes as one of the best kits you can replace or add in your bathroom. It is sturdily designed with high-quality materials making it more robust and durable sure to last years of daily usage. This makes it to stand a significant point high on the market.

It is for this reason as to why the Acrylic bathtub fixtures are often priced higher than any other brands in the market. It may have a rough surface that catches dirt and stains faster but it does not mean this bathtub fixture is elegant as well. Let’s have a look at the features Acrylic bathroom fixture has.


The Acrylic bathroom fixtures are constructed with fiberglass as well but it is strongly covered with the acrylic plastic material. Thus, additional strength and stability are provided to this brand that results in its longevity in performance. 

While Acrylic is much stronger to even break, it is not resistant to chemicals. This means that it reacts negatively with chemicals or normal soaps or shampoos. As a result, this bathroom fixture brand will not last long enough.


Acrylic still is made of elegant looking materials that add decor to your bathroom. Though they don’t have a shiny surface they are availed an array of colors that make it very attractive and appealing to the eyes. The user can comfortably select the best color that will match or mix & match with the one in your bathroom.

 This bathroom fixture has a super glossy looking surface that makes it also wonderful. Besides, it has been designed perfectly with a modern style that will greatly transform your classic bathroom. In such a bathroom, you can always enjoy and feel comfortable whether you are having a shower or relaxing.

Cleaning Benefits

Acrylic bathtub fixtures have a hard to clean surface. Its surface is not as smooth as that of Vikrell. Therefore, it easily gets dirty and allows the accumulation of stains from water and soaps. This means that for you to clean it, you need to put in a lot of effort.

The Acrylic materials used in the construction of this wonderful kit are unfortunately not resistant to chemicals. Therefore it is easily affected by even normal soap or shampoo. In this case, cleaning this bathroom fixture requires special detergents and a brush to clean it. In short, cleaning is the weakest point of this kit.

Worth Point

Acrylic has been designed in special ways like the modernist style that makes it quite expensive as compared to Vikrell fixtures and other brands currently in the market. With the robust construction that is highly resilient to breaking, this excellent bathroom renovation kit will last longer.

Plus, it is availed in multiple elegant colors that portray great style and comfort in your bathroom. The super glossy appearance yet adds more quality to this kit. It is therefore due to the general outlook, style, and sturdy construction that makes this kit expensive, thus, unsuitable to those with fixed budgets.

Editorial Peer Recommendations of the Best Acrylic Fixtures

We have identified and selected the best Acrylic bathroom fixtures that are the most rated and recommended as the best fitting kits. They may be a little bit costly but you expect the best of it in terms of incredible strength, quality design, and excellent performance you will always adore.

01. American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Deep Soaking Tub with Reversible Drain

American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Acrylic 60-Inch X 32-Inch Drop-In Deep Soak Bathing Pool, Gal, White

This brand has been designed to give you the utmost comfort levels any other bathroom fixture can ever give you. It soothes your body after every long and tiresome day. Also, it comes with a deep soaking tub/pool of 18.5-inches depth allowing you to comfortably immerse yourself in it while giving you a more luxurious feel.

With dual molded-in armrests, lumbar support feature, plus a safe anti-slip floor surface, this American Standard Evolution fixture entirely transforms each day’s bathing to a relaxed spa experience. Above all, it is constructed from glossy acrylic plus strong fiberglass reinforcement guaranteeing you a long-lasting bathroom performance.

  • It has a deep and spacious tub allowing for a complete body immersion plus comfort
  • Has two different mounting options; under-mount or drop-in options for faster installation
  • Crafted with a glossy acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement to offer incredible strength and durability
  • Wide contoured lumbar support and molded armrests allow a comfortable tub experience
  • The anti-slip floor surface ensures top-notch safety
  • It does not have a reliable brass deep-soak maximum drain thus the user is forced to spend more
  • Limited lifetime warranty is offered

02. Design Element DEC0745 Citrus Single Vanity with Acrylic Vanity Top and Mirror

Design Element DEC074S Citrus Single Vanity with Acrylic Vanity Top and Mirror, 48-Inch, Brown

The Design Element Vanity bathroom fixture is designed and constructed with a sturdy hardwood material that makes it much stronger to pass the test of time. With the robust edge, this fantastic fixture is bound to bring a crisp clean, and modern look to any bathroom. Additionally, the unique rolling and curved white rectangular sink match gorgeously with the sharp lines of espresso cabinetry.

This bathroom kit features a double center drawer and a large open shelf at the bottom offers an ample storage space suitable for safekeeping your belongings. Plus, two swift closing cabinet doors are included. All of these essential parts are completely decorated with satin nickel finish hardware.

  • Solid hardwood construction and dark espresso finish makes it strong and durable
  • Adequate storage space is provided by the two center drawers plus bottom shelf
  • The rectangular white Acrylic single vessel sink provides a contemporary style
  • Flattering mirror plus matching shelf makes it center-piece of attraction
  • Somewhat expensive

03. Ove Decors Breeze 31 with Walls Premium 31-Inch Shower Kit with Acrylic Base

Ove Decors Breeze 38 in. Tempered Sliding Glass Shower Door Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls, Inch, Chrome

This premium shower fixture stands as the best kit for small to mid-sized bathrooms. It comprises of the rounded acrylic base, clear glass sliding door plus the acrylic walls that give a perfect solution for a shower space makeover. This three-piece kit enhances a complete and painless installation process.

Its shower kit handle is finished with chrome that gives an elegant look. Besides, with its robust construction with a tempered 6mm thick-glass assures the long term period of excellent shower experience. This fitting kit is certified by CSA for safety use while conserving the environment.

  • Availed in two styles allowing you to select the best
  • An excellent choice for small and medium-sized bathrooms
  • Reliable metal handlebar
  • Built on strong materials for durability
  • Backed by a one year warranty on hardware plus five years for the shower and acrylic base
  • It is expensive

Vikrell Vs Acrylic: Frequently Asked Questions

Vikrell or Acrylic which one to go for?

Actually, declaring the winner between Vikrell and Acrylic bathroom fixture brands is not easy. But based on your desires, you can make a great decision between the two brands. If you want a brand that has an easy-clean smooth and shiny surface at a cheaper price, then the Vikrell brand will be the best for you. And, Acrylic is meant for stronger and long term durability offered at a relatively higher cost than Vikrell. 

Which is stronger Vikrell vs. Fiberglass?

Vikrell material is formed by combining fiberglass, resins, and other filters. Fiberglass is a component material that can be used in the construction of a bathtub fixture. Therefore, Vikrell tends to be stronger than fiberglass.

Is Vikrell easy to clean?

Yes. Vikrell is entirely decided and finished with a smooth and shiny surface that is resistant to dirt and stains. As a result, cleaning it is pretty easy and faster.


As we have seen, there is no doubt as to why the Vikrell vs Acrylic bathroom fixtures are the best brands to select whether you are renovating or setting up your bathroom. With very few dissimilarities including pricing and cleaning benefits, they all perform exceptionally well giving you the best shower experience.

Making purchase decisions will solely depend on your desires while at the same time using our richly and well-researched Guides above. We have compared the Vikrell vs Acrylic bathroom fixtures basing on durability, worth, cleaning benefits as well as appearance. Without forgetting, our top picks are highly rated bathroom fixtures from which you can select the best that suits your demands.

You can easily find the best products according to consumer reviews and ratings. Our AI technology finds the best product and describes it according to customer reviews and ratings. Not all information on this blog is 100 percent accurate.