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Where And How To Install Bathroom Grab Bars

Where and How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars (DIY)

Proper support always helps elders and kids to perform their best activities. Many elderly make use of their furniture around the house to cruise from one place to another. However, household furniture is not safely mounted on the floor; hence fall derived is very common. So grab bars minimizes those risks. This article contains detailed research on how the grab bars can be installed and used. Long horizontal grab bar allows users to use it like a railing to support them. Short vertical grab bars aid users in standing up from sitting posture or to overcome obstacles like kerb.

Where to install grab bars on the wall around the bathtub and shower stall

Although there are no exact rules, the grab bar may get priorities to patients or the children. However, you can fix it on the wall studs vertically, horizontally, or in angle. 

So, you can install grab bars wherever you want. Like, in the bathroom, shower side, toilet, bathtub. But the attachment in bathtub position and shower stall location is vital.

  • Vertically at the frontier side of the bathtub or shower side.
  • Another planar to the wall of the bathtub or kiosk.
  • You can attach it vertically beside the faucet handle and showerhead area.
  • If you have got a shower sitting, you’ll be grab bars there.

Where should toilet grab bars be placed?

We can feel that the grab bar is great support for senior citizens while in the toilet. So, this installation is vital. Experts & caregivers recommend two garb bars on the side and back wall in a toilet.

Here are some guidelines of grab bars for installation or replacement in a toilet:

  • For ensuring flexibility, it is better to have a 32-inch grab bar behind the toilet wall.
  • On the sidewall, a 42-inch bar could be a huge support for the users.
  • However, Toilet bars of 33 to 36 inches are effective above the floor.

N.B. All the guidelines are assisting a user sitting on the toilet or in standing easily.

How high should grab bars be installed?

The best utilization of the bar depends on the right position. So, after ensuring the position, you can think about the height. Therefore, many consumers bespeak the comment box, however high ought to bars be installedWell, there is no perimeter of it. For better clarification, we can take the ADA requirement. They say the best position of a grab bar is 33-inch to 36-inch above the floor.  However, the thing is to fix up by your comfortability and safety.

How do you install grab bars without studs?

You can install grab bars without studs on the wall. Nowadays, suction cup grab bars encourage these advantages to users.

So, you can take:

  1. Use Moen branded mounting system.
  2. Select suction cap.

Factors that determine where to install grab bars in bathtub, shower, or toilet

There have some focus areas wherever you wish to put in a grab bar. it’s vital to repair this within the right place. However, here area unit the 2 facts to understand concerning rest room Grab Bars.

  • Height and physical factor
  • Aesthetic preference factor

Since grab bar is a supportive tool, height is the ultimate point. So choosing the right place for the right person is the main need. The wrong place provides rapid fall or no supports. Another question comes with this, where elder people fall the most frequently? Well, you know the answer is the toilet. So, the grab bar should be properly accorded to age. You can take help from professionals. Moreover, a sink with an aesthetic style also enhances the bathroom outlook.

What are the ADA requirements for grab bars’ installation in the bathroom?

Installing a grab bar in the bathroom, ADA standard maintains is mandatory. Moreover, their requirement of vertical, horizontal, or angle positioning ensures comfortability for any person.

When installing grab bars, ADA recommends 18 to 27 inches for kids up to 12 years. However, many users want to know what size grab bar is best for the bathroom? It depends. Like, 18 inches long vertical placement bars on the entry side are useful. Then, when you choose an angle position, 24 inches is a popular size. Likewise, on horizontal, you can go with 32 inches of the grab bar in your bathroom.  

Additionally, ADA recommends that items below the bars need to place less than 2 inches away and others 12 inches higher. However, the fittings of grab bars should support at least 250 lbs.

Since this is all about safety & supports so, you may take help from professionals.

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Finally, installing a bathtub or shower grab bar is easy. Just you need to follow some guidance step by step. It will make your bathroom more accessible to those with limited mobility. However, you can use a stud locator and drill pilot holes. So you can screw up the top and bottom by three each on the wall for the grab bar. 

Lastly, fix the grab bar with screws. Thank you for being with us.

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