Why Does My Bathroom Smells Like Poop? Reason and Solution

Why Does My Bathroom Smells Like Poop? Reason and Solution

Everybody dislikes smelly toilets. Especially when a guest comes to your house, and you hear complaints of bad toilet smell, it is really very embarrassing. Due to which it is essential to keep the bathroom clean and fresh all the time.

At this point, it may really be a matter of concern to you; why does my bathroom smells like poop? How do I get rid of the bad smell in bathroom? Don’t be frustrated anyway; in this guide, we will discuss in detail the reasons for the bad smell in your bathroom and how you can get rid of it easily.

Why Does My Bathroom Smells Like Poop

There are many reasons why your toilet smells like poop. We have highlighted below some of the main reasons.

1. Dry P-Trap

In most cases, bad smells are noticed in unused toilets. The main reason is that if there is a bathroom in your house that is not commonly used, sometimes it is used for some reason, then the water fixes and dries in the P trap of that toilet for a long time and produces various gases from there. And that gas basically causes for smells like poop, rotten egg and spreads terrible smell. 

The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to clean and properly flush the bathroom you do not use for a long time. So that the dirty water escapes from the trap, and later, even if it is not used for a long time, the dirty water should not accumulate.

2. Drain Obstruction

Drain obstruction is one of the most common reasons for bad smells. When the water in the bathroom goes out, a block of drain often terminates water flow. That’s why some water and other substances get stuck. And as a result of being stuck for a long time, they start to spoil slowly. At one stage, the smell begins to be released like poop from the leftovers.

3. Crack toilet

Look at the toilet bowl, and if you see that the water level is much lower than the average water level, it means that there is a crack in your toilet, which creates a bad odor by creating gas.

4. Worn Out Wax Ring

After a long time of usage, the wax ring at the foot of your toilet begins to erode, which causes your toilet gas to leak out of the erosion area, and it is a very foul odor. However, to remove the poop smell, you need to replace the wax ring.

If you have regular plumbing tools in your home, you can save your plumber costs by purchasing a new wax and replacing it yourself. However, if you do not have any idea about plumbing work. Then I would highly recommend taking the help of a professional plumber.

5. Bacteria

Often, it is seen that even after keeping the bathroom clean, there is still a little error somewhere. Due to which the bacteria slowly started to accumulate in those places. As a result, a bad smell started to be assumed from there. Getting bacteria in the same way for a long time can also harm your health.

6. Dead Animal

Many times of poop; even after cleaning the bathroom a lot, we notice that the odor is not going away. As a result, we are very worried, and we think that is where the smell comes from? Another cause of this odor may be coming from dead animals. In this case, you can find the source of the odor from the cracked, broken areas around the bathroom walls, cabinets, etc. Then chances to find out the small dead animals.

How to Remove Poop Like Odor From the Bathroom?

So far, we have given many reasons for the odor in your toilet. Now in this section, we will discuss how to remove the odor from the bathroom.

Method 1: Check the Roof Vent and Give the Proper Ventilation

Generally, every bathroom has a ventilation system in the roof, which helps to get rid of the methane gas in the bathroom. If you still have an odor after repeated toilet cleaning, check the ventilation of your bathroom roof. If the ventilation is blocked, the smell of poop will be trapped in the bathroom, and the smell will start.

First, go to the roof of the bathroom, then if there is any blocked issue in ventilation, remove it. Then flush the toilet a few times. And a few hours later, come to the bathroom and check again. It is a high chance of getting rid of these smell issues.

You can also use a ventilation fan in your bathroom or use a modern ventilation system. On the one hand, it will increase the beauty of the bathroom; on the other hand, there will be no more odors like poop in your toilet.

Method 2: Follow Different Cleaning Routine

Try to clean it at least once a week to keep your bathroom always clean. And if you have children in your home, then, of course, try to pay more attention to the bathroom. During bathroom cleaning, pay proper consideration to hard to reach areas. If the site is like a small hole, clean it as much as possible and seal it using a sealant.

Also, clean the inside of your toilet seat because we often do not pay attention to those aspects during bathroom cleaning. Also, sometimes remove the toilet from its place and clean the wax ring and the surrounding areas. It will greatly reduce the chances of odor in the future.

Method 3: Use Strong Odor Killer

The above methods will help you to get rid of toilet odor completely. But if you want to avoid odor immediately and always keep a fresh smell in the bathroom, of course, you can use a good brand odor killer.

You can see hundreds of bathroom odor killers in the market. However, you can also use homemade tips to get rid of bad toilet smells.

Final Words

We have tried to highlight the solid reasons for your issue; why does my bathroom smells like poop? Besides, we have also come up with simple solutions. However, you do not have to apply all the methods to remove odor.

First, you apply one by one, then check if you see that the method has worked. Then you have to understand that you have successfully removed the smell. In this case, even you do not need to apply the following method. But if you want, you can apply it to improve the environment of the bathroom.

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