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5 Worst Hot Tub Brands To Avoid – Best Alternative Included

Hot bath tabs are known to bring the best shower experience that leaves you well refreshed and relaxed. For this reason, most people around the globe have opted for them to taste the feeling. Surprisingly, most options they fall in love with hoping to get the best experience of a hot and pulsating shower to end up to be the worst thing they ever bought. In this article, we have chosen 5 worst hot tub brands to avoid and include best alternatives hot tub brands that can help you to your peace instead.

Most of these brands are manufactured by companies with a better reputation on the market while others are not. They tend to have features which are incorrectly placed, poor operational, some come with missing features, or warranted on just papers. They are usually designed with attractive but inferior quality materials or features and priced lowly just to get your attention.

As a result, customers will always show their dissatisfaction on either companies or sellers websites. We have done much research and took a peek on the market as well as customer reviews and identified the Worst Hot Tub Brands To Avoid. Besides, we have provided you with the best alternative hot tubs you can pick instead.

Worst Hot Tub Brands To Avoid And Best Alternatives Are…

Worse Hot Tub BrandsBest Alternative Brands
Sundance SpasGOPLUS SPAS

01. Hot Springs Spas

Starting on our worst hot tubs to avoid, is the Hot Springs Spas. Shockingly, this famous brand with great features falls on our list. It’s no doubt that our research has proved so. Most customers who purchased the Hot Springs Spas hot tubs both from online and physical stores have experienced their high levels of dissatisfaction, especially on the customer service part.

There is nothing that disappoints customers like receiving inadequate or no help whenever they need it most from the concerned customer care personnel. Buyers have given lots of complaints about their problems that are never solved. Whether clarification purposes, product defaults, or other issues faced while using this brand.

It’s claimed that it can take for over two good months for your expressed problems to be solved. Other issues are never fixed, leaving the customers with the challenging part of using this brand. Besides, many buyers find their customer support personnel inexperienced and of no ethical conduct with buyers.

Best Alternative Brand To Choose

Intex Pure Spa Bubble Massage

This brand allows you to pamper yourself in the most relaxing warm water surrounded on the interior parts of the spa by powerful jets of bubbles. Plus, the in- build hardware cure structure which causes water to feel tender and smooth to the skin. This gives a wonderful and refreshing feeling of a massaging shower that helps to relieve your body from sores or pain.

With the simplest to operate control panel, the Intex Pure Spa gives you the most invigorating and warm shower with just a touch of a button. This fantastic spa is designed with a backbone technological creation and a three-ply laminated material that guarantees exceptional support, durability, plus comfort.

The Pure Spa has a comfortable seating capacity for four people with a water capacity of 210 gallons of water makes it best for your family members, including children with an age range of six years and above. Their customer support system is super-fast and solves your problems effectively and timely basis.

  • Its insulated cover top and lock feature minimizes heat loss
  • Easy to preserve it using double easy to change mesh cartridges
  • Floating pool chlorine dispenser helps to purify water
  • Deflated for portability with the carrying bag pack
  • Cons
  • The water heats slowly and loses heat much faster
  • Control panel may fail to work efficiently over time
  • 02. Life Spas

    This hot tub brand has averagely designed appealing features that are somehow better performing. While it can be seen on the websites with nice designs, this hot spa has the most terrible heating problems that many buyers yearn for a solution to this problem without any success.

    With our continuous research on the customer’s response sections of this brand across different online platforms, we noted that the rate at which customers were expressing their disappointments on their poor quality and many problems with the heater’s burner, which is harder to turn it off.

    This brand seemingly fails to satisfy its user’s long term performance needs. As a result, most of them leave comments regretting buying and using this brand. They recommend other new customers not to purchase it. Besides, other users find their customer support system, not operational.

     Best Alternative Brand to Choose

    Bestway Heat Tub, Miami

    Have you ever closed your eyes and all you can see is immersing yourself into a pool of hot water tub from anywhere you want? The Bestway Hot Tub brand will make your dreams come real. It’s highly portable and inflatable that can be conveniently and effortlessly set either indoor or outdoor without using any tools or expertise.

    The soothing water temperature of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit plus a massaging jet offers the best soaking of sore body muscles experience after a long and busy working day. Besides, it gives a luxurious and lovely treat for the enjoyment of up to four users at a go and comfortable.

    This brand comes with a digitally controlled pane that allows you to regulate the water temperature without necessarily stepping out of the bathtub. With the cover cloth, maximum water temperature is maintained. Moreover, the puncture-resistant three-ply tech material and I-beam construction ensures longevity and maintain the shape of the spa.

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Portable to use indoor or outdoor
  • Cover cloth maintains water temperature and safety
  • Great performance suited for the price
  • Cons
  • It may start leaking over time
  • The thin cover may not last longer
  • 03. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

    A more popular hot tub brand on the market with better performance and wonderful features but greater challenges when it comes to the brand warranty services peeling problems. After doing the digging around every possible area in the market, we found out most buyers giving bad reviews concerning poor warranty services.

     We noted that they don’t offer a warranty on most spa parts, and if they do so, they always tend to avoid giving the replacement parts for the damaged or defaulted ones. Some users claim that they experience the issue of cracking in a shorter time.

     This leaves them with all the struggles and difficulties of finding replacements or refunds from the manufacturer through their warranty support system. Other than being known for a good reputation in the market, their warranty system has failed and broken the trust of most buyers.

    Best Alternative Brand to Choose

    LIFESMART Plug and Play Square Hot Tub Spa

    This is the best bathtub you can add to your backyard with relative convenience. It features thirteen hydro-therapy jets that give you the amazing massaging experience that leaves your body fully refreshed and relaxed. This spa is made with high-grade ingredients which gives ultimate durability and stability of the entire bathing life.

    It lets you get the utmost relaxation and comfort with just a touch of a button. While the control dial pad that helps in the balancing of air and water volume, its digital topside thermostat regulates the water temperature in the spa. All of these ensures that you get the best bathtub experience you desire.

    The locking cover not only prevents debris and leaves from falling into the spa but also acts as a safety measure for your small kids at home. It has a seating capacity of four people with a water holding capacity of up to 195 gallons.

  • Hydro-therapy jets gives ultimate massaging experience
  • Easy to assemble and use with no tools required
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cons
  • Tends to be relatively costly
  • 04. Caldera Spas

    The Caldera Spas has popularity in the market, but most users find it hard and dislike using it in their homes. As it is expressed by many, the features it incorporates does not give satisfaction at all. Its shower jets are non-user friendly, leaving users struggling a lot in operating this bathtub brand.

    This spa requires much repair and maintenance, and the worst part is that this brand does not provide its users with reliable warranty benefits. As a result, they are forced to spend lots of money on conducting such repairs.

    Its customer care support system is rated as inefficient, and most user’s challenges they face while using this brand remains unsolved. Most of the new users go regretting why they ever made the error of purchasing this brand. No wonder most reviews made by buyer’s stresses more on its negativity than benefits.

    Best Alternative Tub Brand to Choose

    Coleman Salu Spa Inflatable Hot Spa

    This tub has amazing hydro-massaging jets that release bubbles of air on the bottom part of the spa providing you a warm bubbling hot tube environment. With the soothing bubbles produced by the powerful jets help you to relax and chill out with much comfort.

    Its inflatable walls are constructed with strong materials which are not only durable but resistant to puncture. Also, they have Tritech materials that protect your tub from being damaged by ultra-violent as well as retaining the shape of the tub no matter how many times it is deflated and inflated.

    With the reinforced cover safety clips, this spa receives additional insulation at the same time protecting leaves and debris material from falling in it, keeping it clean and safe. It comes with a pump that helps to inflate and deflate the spa for portability. Besides, the pump heats it, conducts the filtration, and controls the massaging system plus with the Chemconnect chemical dispenser.

  • Easy to deflate for portability and convenient for storing
  • Power saving timer that automates water temperature
  • Strong materials for durability
  • Chemconnect chemical dispenser keeps bathtub water safe and clean
  • Cons
  • It’s expensive
  • The pump may fail to operate well
  • 05. Sundance Spas

    Last on our list of the worst hot tub is the Sundance Spas. It’s very shocking to find out that this famous brand has been rated lower and with lots of reviews from buyers expressing their dissatisfaction. In fact, from the experiences of most buyers, we learned that this brand has its features and performance greatly exaggerated.

    They only attract your attention with decent images, but in reality, things are very opposite. Though it is among the best-selling brands in hot bathtubs, most users regret using it for their colors, quality, and smaller size.  A few of them confirmed that the colors fade within no time of use, making the tub look like hell!

    Besides, complaints about this brand offering the poorest after-sales services by their support system have worsened things with this brand. As they claim in their reviews, right and satisfying solutions to their user’s challenges with the spa are not offered. That, to some extent, no total help is given.

    Best Alternative Brand to Choose

    Goplus Outdoor Spa

    Need the best hot spa bathtub with the highest seating capacity, incredibly portable, and unique features. The Goplus Spa awaits you! It is perfectly sized with a large water capacity enough to accommodate a maximum number of six persons. With the inflatable pump, this handy hot tub can be conveniently deflated and inflated, allowing you to move from indoor to outdoor activities on vacations.

    The hard water treatment system provides a comfortable and sensational warm feel on the skin. Plus, its jets gives an invigorating and relaxed experience while on the bathtub. It has a bubbling design with 360 degrees all-round, giving you the most relaxing massage relieving body aches and sores after the whole day ups and downs.

  • Easy maintenance with replaceable filter cartridges
  • Tub cover help retain water temperatures and keep it clean
  • Digital panel control is easy to operate and customize water temperatures
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Cons
  • No reliable power back up system
  • What Features Are The Most Important Things To Look In A Hot Tub When Making Purchases?


    Hot tubs come with different price tags depending on factors like the quality of materials used to make it, the design incorporated as well as manufacturers. Hot tub brands with the latest technologies and unique features and offers you the best performance have reasonable to costly prices.

    While hot tub brands with the best quality being manufactured by companies with a good reputation provide hot tub brands at relatively affordable prices, others that are barely known or want to counter competition in the market often charge low prices. Besides, you should pick the best hot tub brand who’s pricing won’t strain your budget.


    Unique properties added to a hot bathtub matters a lot on how effective the equipment will operate. A good bathtub should have features like the number of massage jets, control digital panel, inflate and deflate properties with an inclusive pump, capacity of water, and users it can accommodate.

    Besides, you should check for safety features of the cover plus water purification system. A hot tub with only a few of the stated features should be avoided by all means. Because they will never get to give you the best tub experience you desire.


    The quality of materials build determines how stable, sturdy, and longevity of the hot tub you intend to buy. As always, it is good to buy a hot tub that is made of high-quality materials like the 3-ply laminated material, PVC, and I-Beam materials construction.

    Such hot tub brands will last for a longer period, giving you the best performance you ever wanted. Also, the tub material should be resistant to puncture to avoid unnecessary leaks. Hot tub brands constructed with only plastic material need to be avoided since they will get damaged in no time.


    Always check the warranty information of the hot tub brand you wish to purchase. A good hot tub should have three years of the warranty covering you from spending any extra expenses that may arise as a result of malfunctioning, missing parts, or any other defects.

    Take a peek into the buyer’s reviews to determine whether the warranty offered is genuine or not. From the list of the worst hot tub brands to avoid, the warranty offered by their producers contributed to the poor rating of these spas greatly. With no replacement and restrictions on giving a warranty, a hot tub becomes useless.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?)

    What are the different kinds of Hot Tub?

    There are two main types of spas basing on their installation and portability. The first kind is the in-ground hot tubs, which are installed in a fixed position on the ground. This means that they are permanently located either indoor or outdoor, depending on your desire. The second one is the portable hot tub brands, which can be inflated or deflated for moving with them wherever you like.

    Which are the good brands?

    A good hot tub brand is always characterized by the good reviews and comments buyers leave on their review section. They are usually developed with high quality and robust materials that are UV and puncture resistant sure to last and withstand all the sitting and bathing. The Latest highly operational features that ensure customizable shower experience, reliable warranty, and their customer care system are available to respond to user’s questions as fast as possible. Besides, they are always priced reasonably.

    What should I look for when comparing different Hot Tub brands?

    You should for the construction materials used to make the brands you have selected and note the period each can be able to last. Look at the special features like the hydro-massage bubble jets, control panel, water temperature regulator, just to name a few each of the brand possesses. Besides, you should compare the warranties and customer care services the brand producers give their customers.

    How long does a Hot Tub Last?

    The maintenance and quality of materials used in the construction of a hot tub define its longevity. Cheaper spas are made of poor quality materials and will always last for less than five years. Best spas are constructed from high quality and reliable materials for longer periods of use. Roughly, a good hot tub brand should last for five to twenty years or more.

    Are Hot Tubs worthy of the money?

    If you get the best quality and well-performing hot tub, then, of course, you will say it is worth the money you paid for. Not all hot tubs will give you the best value, but with the reviews above plus the factors to consider before buying a hot tub, you will surely never regret having it. It should be easy and flexible to use, giving you the best bathtub experience for longer periods.


    Hot tub brands can be the best and excellent equipment for providing you with the best bathtub experience for extended periods if the selection you make is right. But in the case of poor researching techniques and rushed decisions, they can as well haunt you as long as you use the worst hot tub brand. If you have read our reviews from the beginning to this point, then you are well educated and understood the worst hot tub brands to avoid. Besides, our key factors to look for when choosing the best alternative hot tub brand will greatly be of importance to you.

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