Yellow Water In Toilet: Most 3 Reasons & Solutions

Yellow Water In Toilet: Most 3 Reasons & Solutions

Many people regularly keep their toilets clean and well maintained. But even then, sometimes it can be noticed that the water condition in their toilet looks a lot like a public toilet. Many people think that maybe after using the toilet, someone did not flush properly. But if you see that the water in the toilet bowl has become yellow even after flushing, that means there must be any difficulty.

If you do not solve the yellow water after seeing it, your toilet will turn yellow day by day, possibly damaging the flush system. So it is essential to know what causes yellow water in toilet and how to get rid of yellow water in the toilet. In this article, we will guide you complete step by step on the causes and solutions of this problem.

Is Yellow Water in Toilet Dangerous?

Yellow water is not dangerous for you. However, though it will not harm your health, but the yellow water can cause your toilet to fade as a result of continued progress. Also, when you use the bathroom or any guest will use your bathroom, it will be uncomfortable for anyone.

No matter how much you try to clean the toilet, with the help of this kind of yellow water, it will waste your water, but you will not get the desired result.

Why is My Toilet Water Yellow?

There are many reasons why the water in your toilet becomes yellow, but we have outlined a few common reasons in this section.

Reason 1: Minerals in Water

We think that the water in our house is pure, but the real thing is that the water is not pure all the time. These waters often contain magnesium and chloride along with minerals. However, the great thing is that there are not various minerals in the water; the water containing minerals does not harm our body.

But, if the water flow continues for a long time, it can be seen to grow on the walls of the pipe. At one stage, as a result of excessive growth, they start coming with the water. And later, this mineral appears in yellow form in your toilet bowl.

Reason 2: Rusted Bolts

If your toilet system is a long time old, and if you see yellow water in the toilet bowl, it means that this problem has occurred because the nuts and bolts in your toilet system have rusted. In your toilet tank, you can see some bolts, which are made of iron.

These iron bolts become rusted for a while due to continuous contact with water. After that, these rusted things are mixed with the water in the tank and turn yellow. 

Reason 3: Iron Water

Professional plumbers think that iron water to be the biggest reason behind the yellow in toilet water. The main reason for this is that many people use iron pipes in their homes, which results in rust on the iron pipes due to continued use. Then when the water flows come to the bathroom through the pipe, there also comes tiny iron with water, which later turns your toilet from pale yellow to brown, red yellow. 

How to Fix Yellow Water in Toilets?

We have told you about the main causes of yellow water so far, but in this part, we will share with you some of the most effective ways to fix them.

Solution 1: Clean the Mineral

You must first check your toilet’s water tank; if you notice that the tank’s sidewall has mineral deposits, that means it is the main culprit. Anyway, you need to clean the minerals properly to get your water back to its previous clean state.

In this case, you need to use a regular scrubber to clean the sidewalls of the tank. After cleaning the tank, pour some water and completely clean the tank.

After completing the water tank cleaning, you need to clean also the toilet sidewalls and bowl. In this case, you take the help of a toilet brush. You can use toilet cleaner liquid to remove yellow spots. Then, flush 3 to 4 times at the end of cleaning, and check if any yellow water is accumulating in your toilet bowl now. In my opinion, there is no chance of having any more yellow water.

Solution 2: Clean the Rust

If the water in your bathroom turns yellow even after applying the above process, then you must follow this method. Another big reason for the yellow water to come here is the rusted bolts in your toilet’s water tank. So to get rid of yellow water, you must clean or replace them.

First, remove the lid of your toilet water tank, then clean the rust bolts with the help of a hard scrubber. If you notice that they are decaying while cleaning them, and cleaning is complicated for you. Then we have the recommendation to replace the bolts, which will help you to be more assured.

Solution 3: Get a New Pipe Fitting

The other biggest reason for yellow water is your water pipe fittings. As a result of using iron fittings for a long time, it becomes rusted. However, it is hard to clean properly inside the fittings.

Though it is very costly and difficult to replace the pipe fittings, but I think it is a better option, on the one hand, in this way you will get rid of yellow water, on the other hand, there will be no chance of later fittings corrosion and leakage. It may not be possible for you alone to replace the full pipe fittings properly, so in our opinion, you must take the help of a professional plumber for this work.

Final Verdict

You may be worried after seeing yellow water in toilet bowl, but there is nothing to worry about it, because the rust water or mineral water is the main reason for this. And to get rid of it, you always have to pay proper attention to the outside cleaning of the toilet as well as the occasionally inside.

We have highlighted a few solutions above. Hopefully, if you apply them, you will easily get rid of this strange problem of your toilet.

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